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189 The Deadly Juggernaut: Reloaded Part 2 of 3

 Day 8: 8:00 PM

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower: Barricade

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 Hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced), Wooden spike

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

Grenades: 4 pieces

Gas: 4 liters


(Kyosei's View)

I grip the wooden stake on my hands and push forward. Although the danger is all around me, I have the confidence to survive this sh*tty place. The blobby undead is not fast and their movements are too easy to predict. The only problem with killing them is that I can't use the normal metal weapons that I have. Grabbing one of the grenades on my side, I made a few steps away from the horde before throwing it to the clustered undead.

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The other soldiers who are left behind were also fighting for their lives. It would be a real shame if they did not survive the siege despite completing a very severe training when they were still cadets who never have experienced actual war.


The explosion is great enough to blast the nearby Juggernaut's arm to pieces.

I am not someone who easily gives up from battles. If I survive from the first day of the siege in Kirishima High, why would I die in this situation? Unleashing my combat skills, I grip and lunge the stake to the blobs and strike their vital points. Unlike normal undead that gets messy after dying since they leave dead bodies on their wake and they also splatter blood, the blob undead once dies, they will turn into a mass of orange liquid that quickly evaporates without a trace, even bones and other kind of matter to whatever undead they are possessing. Either way, I don't mind.

The people on the walls are still supporting us by throwing grenades and Molotov Cocktails. Even in the rain, the flames don't have any trouble burning a few of the undead in cinders but they have short life than the usual so it's not useful for long continuous damage.

Soon, I heard a gunshot and the undead that got hit goes ablaze and burned the undead. Soon, it's left and right gunshots. Also, it's left and right burning undead too. Seeing this, I didn't waste my time and pushed forward for the enemies. It's not going to be a very good battle, with the Juggernauts still alive but at least, the battle is now getting a bit easier.

"Burn those undead down!" the soldiers shouted and rally up the soldiers outside to kill.

I was surprised by the efficiency of the army this time. They were fast and extremely agile in attacking and although their faces have scared expressions planted on them, they didn't falter and continue to attack. Even one of the soldiers who were about to get devoured did not back off and continue to fight. Lucky for him, the nearby soldiers helped him annihilate his attackers.

With those things, I doubt the army would be defeated. However, there will always be trouble against these enemies. The undead are unpredictable and it's because of these reasons that they don't emerge victorious against non-human enemies like the undead. Before the smaller once is thinned, the remaining three Juggernaut including the one with torn arm Juggernaut raised their shoulders and rush forward to the soldiers.

"Incoming!" the soldiers panicked seeing the Juggernaut. Unlike me who personally fight a Juggernaut face to face and fist to fist, they have not experienced this slight brush of death with this.

In fact, this version of Undead Juggernauts are more dangerous than the original Juggernauts I have killed in the past.

Like a charging tank, the Juggernauts reap the soldiers who didn't manage to escape its attack in time. I manage to dodge away from the blobby Juggernaut and backtracked from my way before I raised the stake. Should I try using that again? But that severely tires my arm. The last time I used it is when I attack the Juggernaut when Kaito, Satsuki and I were taken and held on to the place I was held on and being used as gladiators against the undead.

"No choice..." I ready the stake on my hands and once the Juggernaut I am targeting faces his back on me, I sprinted and run towards it, jump as high as I could and raised the stake.



The stake pierces the head of the Juggernaut. I made sure to apply lots of force on the stake so when the stake struck the head of the Juggernaut, instead of bouncing back due to the blob covering this giant, it penetrated the blob and destroyed that very membrane. As soon as its head exploded, the whole body crumbled and before I can land on the solid body of the Juggernaut, the whole mass of meat that the Juggernaut has exploded to pieces and like the blobs of normal undead, the mass of meat that fell to the ground disappeared and from the looks of it, it evaporated.

The soldiers were surprised but seeing me able to do that, they also decided to imitate my move. Before I can even warn them what they are doing, they jump and strike towards the Juggernaut. But I was surprised when the Juggernaut that the soldiers attacking raised its hands and grab one of the soldiers. Before anyone can react, the soldier that was grabbed was like being melted to an acidic substance. His screams were muffled but before he can continue his scream, the Juggernaut grabbed his head and twisted it, pulling it away from the body.

The way the Juggernaut killed the soldier is very similar to the way the Predator's movie. Grabbing the head's target and pulling the head along with its spine. I should have warned the soldier about the move I did that I used an outer force that they don't have so that I have avoided his death.