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188 The Deadly Juggernaut: Reloaded Part 1 of 3

 Day 8: 6:37 PM

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower: Barricade

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 Hours and 23 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol, Flamethrower

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

Grenades: 4 pieces

Gas: 4 liters


(Kyosei's View)

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When announced, I was baffled by hearing it. Just what the f*ck is going on? They had just done a sh*tty one right now. It's f*cking raining and now I am forced to face another blob version of the Juggernaut? Can't you see that we are having a hard time here against normal blobs? Now we are having trouble against Juggernauts too?!

I gritted my teeth and grip the sharp stick on my hand. I only have 4 grenades in me and the others are clearly going to have a hard time dealing with all of the blob undead that tries to melt the walls down. I can go there and try to stop the Juggernaut since I am already infected but it won't do good to me since the Juggernaut is covered in the blobby mass of orange slime on its body. To kill it, we would need the Flamethrower, explosives, and Molotov Cocktails. However, the Molotov Cocktails are not a good one at the moment because of the rain and the bottles are limited. It's not something easy to acquire so our supply will diminish soon.

'Should I head out and deal with the dead? If so, I am risking myself to die. However, I can wait for the Incendiary bullets to get done and delivered to us but it was not a certainty to actually finish a large number of bullets in one go. And it's not even a good one that can really defeat the Juggernaut. It's already on the point where it was already an undead with upgraded qualities. The soldiers might be a gung-ho kind of people who will gladly die for the country but dying in this state is not something we wanted right now. The more survivors there are, the higher chance to survive the night rage.'

Now that the rain is just a small facade that is hiding the very dangerous scenario, I am now certain that this virus is really intent on destroying the world and making the humans fall into its grasp. I was stabbing a few undead when all of a sudden, I heard a guy shout on top of his lungs. I look up and saw a guy wearing a vest of dynamites in his body. He is holding a grenade with him too. Don't tell me...

'A suicide bomber?!'

The guy was clearly in his thirties but he seemed to be proud and not a trace of fear is in his face. However, why go to the lengths of suicide? Before I can stop the guy from going, he jumps off the barricade and run somewhere. I can't see where he was going but I can hear his scream a bit far even in the rain. His scream has a unique wave of distinction which made me determine that he is a bit far from the base. The undead that were trying to deal with the barricade all turned towards the guy running. Since the undead right now is slow and does not bite, they are easy to dodge.

Then, just as the undead were all getting far from us, we heard a muffled explosion not too far from us. The ground shook which means the explosion is a strong one.

"One Juggernaut down! The other four are wounded! Killing them is the top priority! Defenders! Keep on killing them all!" the guard who is on the lookout shouted.

I look at Uncle Matsubara's face but he is still focused. I can see that they have no intention of mourning for the suicide bomber. The barricade opened and the frontline soldiers started to go out to chase the undead. As the rain started to slow down, the threat of them started to lower down and the methods of killing them started to increase. Still, it is a high danger still.

I also go out with them and ready the stick on my hands. We are ready to face the horde of blobs when I heard another shout from the lookout.

"Guys! Go back inside! The Juggernauts are charging!"

Before the soldiers can take the words and sink it in their minds, the Juggernaut is already 2 meters away from us. I have quick reflexes so before a Juggernaut can crush me, I managed to roll away from the charging big guy but the guy behind me is less fortunate as he was the one left to get crushed in my place. The other soldiers did not manage to survive as the huge jelly bodies of the Juggernauts crushed them.

I was expecting the bodies of the soldiers to appear but I was horrified to see their bodies were now slowly merging inside the Juggernaut. It was like the crushed meat of the soldier were being fused slowly to the Juggernaut. It was a gruesome sight but it did not last too long. The chunks of meat and flesh broken into pieces slowly merged and became muscles to the Juggernaut.

"Sh*t sh*t sh*t! I don't want to die!"

The soldier near me screamed and charged away from me straight to the barricade. However, it is now closed and off-limits to the people outside the walls which means that includes me.


The soldier was so focused on pounding the gate that he did not notice the raised arm of the Juggernaut. When he noticed it, he was too late and a muffled scream escaped from his mouth before he was swallowed by the blob. I gritted my teeth. All of my weapons are going to be a bad choice to attack the Juggernaut. And aside from that, the undead that are covered in slime are now getting near our location. Only a few soldiers left in our battle, I think, we would have to fight to death. Save the scoldings to the guys responsible for our lockdown in a dangerous place. Let's kill these guys first!



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