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181 The Dead Hordes Defense Final Par

 Day 8: 12:00 PM

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower: Barricade

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppresor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol, Flamethrower

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition : Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

Grenades: 4 pieces

Gas: 4 liters


(Kyosei's View)

The battle intensified and the series of bird attacks also gotten worse that the snipers are having a hard time dealing with all the swarm of different birds. Feathers have already gathered around us and the dead bodies of the birds are also present. Many soldiers are still alive but wounded, apparently, the attacks of the birds are not infectious like the infected do but they hurts like hell for them as I can see a few of the soldiers managed to get away from the swarm of birds but costs them a limb and the like. It was a gory sight and if you add the special infecteds, similar to the one attacking us earlier, its a very brutal sight.

I only have a few remaining bullets left on my AR15 and I am running out of grenades. The horde is already thin enough but we still needed to clear most of the dead since they still try to bring the barricade down which is now totally in shambles with the red blood due to the blood, flesh and guts splattered from the dead bodies.

The sound of gunshots are also ringing like crazy over here but still, we are running out of ammunition.

Click click!

Then I realized that my gun is empty already. I never expected to empty the remaining amount of bullets in my AR15 on a horde and not against the Behemoth itself. I took note to the appearance of the Birds and the special infected. I think I will call those new undead as the decapitator due to the fact that they seemed to keep attacking survivors on the neck, very keen to decapitate a target.

I shivered on the thought of it. I hope they don't appear at Night Rage. This would be too troublesome if they indeed appeared which I don't want to occur since that is one of the worst case scenario in this world right now.

There are only a few more undead left at the moment and most of them are just within the area of the barricade. I pulled out the Beretta M9 Pistol and Colt 45, holding them in both hands and aimed them into the dead. I am not really an expert in pistols and I can only have a sure kill whenever I am in point blank on the enemy. But this time, I had to deal with it.

The soldier beside me show another look of surprise into his face seeing me use two pistols on both hands. Just as you know, dual handling pistols takes a certain amount of expertise to utilize properly and I am sure that only expert marksmen can do that easily. Of course, I am not an expert Marksman. I can barely attack shoot a sniper rifle, let alone this one.


Consecutive gunshots rang out. The bullets hit the undead but they don't hit any target, let alone any heads. I frowned on this result. Indeed I don't excel anything. I can manage a rifle but I can't utilize a proper gunshot using the pistol.

I sighed and put away the guns back to their holsters and pull out my kukri and cleaver. I climbed out of the barricade and jumped into the red zone of the barricade. As soon as my feet landed into the ground, the undead that were attacking the barricade quickly changed targets and walked towards me.

The soldiers wear a surprised shock and a few of my companions who are also assigned on the wall just shook their head.

The undead were so slow that I don't even see them as equal status to me. I swiped my kukri to the nearby undead with quick and precise hits to their heads. I didn't spare any undead on my way, a kid, an elderly, a man or a woman, it didn't matter as long as they are rotten to the outside, they will eventually going to die. Besides, they no longer fear pain anyway.

It took me around an hour to clear the undead attacking. The soldiers also helped me clear the remaining undead and I killed the stragglers left on the ground. After a hard and dangerous battle, we finally finished the horde and eliminated the danger looming over us. The attacks of the birds also stopped so that means, we succeeded on repelling the dead.

"Its finally done, huh," Izayoi groaned as he massaged his shoulders.

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"That was blood pumping event!" Nathalie shouted in English.

"I felt like that was the longest battle I have done ever in my life," Shu said.

"Did you just forget that we almost died in Namba? That was our longest fight ever!" Souichi retorted.

"Shut up, we are just running over and over without sure destination, how can we call that a long battle?" Shu frowned.

The soldiers also sighed in relief. I entered the area and saw that the dead soldiers are being piled up while those soldiers who unfortunately died from the decapitator are covered in a black cloth, it was clear that it was an act of respect but it would be a bit hard for someone to bury a comrade with decapitated head.

"What are we going to do with these dead bodies?" I asked one of the soldiers covering one of the headless corpses.

"We had to burn them, it would be a tiresome and meticulous job if we decided to dig a grave. Besides, they might rise back up, at least, we can avoid the worst case scenario," he answered and continue to cover the other bodies.

In the end, we emerged victorious against the horde but we lost a few men in the event. Still, it was a few amount rather than a whole pile of corpses of soldiers. From the looks of it, the apocalypse has yet to show its dangerous side yet and it is still showing its light side.