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173 The SDFS Contact of the Dead

 Day 8: 8:00 A.M

Tsutenkaku Tower

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours left


(Haru's View) (A/N: For those who forgot, this guy is the SDF commander who previously controls the squadrons Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta.)

We survived another day after the assault against the undead and the Behemoth. It was a hard battle and ended us with lots of losses after the death of many soldiers. Our food supply is diminishing due to the fact that a few of those filthy maggots devoured half of our supply. The crows also started to attack like the undead but its not frequent. What we hated the most are the new orange undead that tried to devour us. We also hated the fact that there are those spitting undead that tried to burn out our defenses. The Tsutenkaku Tower ended up as our last fortress. We don't know how long we will last but we can still survive for at least two days unless the Behemoth will attack.

Right now, we have seen the Behemoth seems to be in deep slumber. Although it continues to manifest the humanoid form, it looks like a melted plastic covering several buildings and we can also see a few of the undead below that are devouring every piece of the Behemoth. It was a very weird looking event since this only manifest at Night Rage. However, from the looks of it, they are not under the Night Rage effect that devours the others like a food once they die.

But seeing these scene, the dead seems to be getting weirder and weirder as time goes by. Of course, we used the drone to monitor the Behemoth's behavior. The helicopters are all taken by the main SDF headquarters and has been the vehicles used to transport the important officials to Tokyo. Of course, we are left with almost nothing.

"Sir, our inventory supply for the bullets and gun maintenance has already gone down to 20% and we are quite in a bad situation already on our food supply which is also down to 10% lower than the safe marks," One of the soldiers came in and reported.

I frowned as I tied up the bandage in my hand to stop the bleeding. Hearing the amount of food left in our inventory is clearly not looking good. Even our guns are lower than the usual.

"What about the surviving soldiers?" I asked.

"Kato and Sergeant Matsubara has already counted around 30% of our original fighting force. 5 soldiers succumbed from the injuries and were mercy killed earlier."

The result was bad and very critical. I don't like the way this is going on. Despite the fact that Sergeant Matsubara has already taken the commander role, the battle is still a bitter one. Surviving is almost close to nothing and if we tried to retaliate, our numbers will plummet immediately to the criticals.

I dismissed the soldier that reported from me and returned to my recuperation. After the night rage last night, we suffered severe losses after the appearance of the slime undead that can only be killed by flames and the spitting infected that melt our defenses. Accompanied by the Juggernaut, Hurlers and the normal undead, alongside with the annoying mosquitoes, our battle almost ended up in defeat.

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The Behemoth's slumber only allowed us to recover exponentially but we are still unsure when to move and kill the Behemoth. We had conducted several research on the Behemoth as we try to pinpoint its weakpoint but we failed to find it. We just end up in a bad state for the experiments.

I squinted in pain after the tinge of the blade from a metal flew in my hand after I throw a grenade last night. I don't like how it stings but I can't just ignore it since hospitals are no longer operating and it was one of the places that hit real hard during the beginning of the apocalypse. I doubt that there would be any professional doctors and nurses alive right now.

I looked at the supply of medicine and sighed in dissatisfaction. Due to the fact that we are always being wounded in battle, medicine is very hard to find and supplies are really low. I took out the painkillers in the medkit and drank a tablet so that the pain disappears a bit, but I know it only has a slight effect that is not permanent.

Slumping back to the swivel chair, I closed my eyes and reminisced all of the time before the Outbreak. I wonder if Haruna is still alive. Although I heard that Kirishima High School has been down after the outbreak, someone survived from there.

I opened my eyes again and turn the laptop on. Although the electricity is still running, I don't know how long will be the electricity goes to continue running. It won't be running forever but I hope that it will last long for us.

When the laptop was turned on, I checked the logs that the girl I contacted last time, Nanami had sent to me. According to her, they are now on the way to help on the battle against the Behemoth. Although I am unsure why they wanted to fight against the big ass monster, I am not picky enough to choose for companions. If they became a valuable asset that can help release a slight burden from our battles and can be the key to kill the Behemoth, I won't be choosing and will try to aid them.

Then, another message appeared from my inbox. Apparently, Nanami and the rest are already on the move towards the Tsutenkaku tower and they are currently dealing with a horde. I was surprised to hear that they still managed to survive a few days of Night Rage. This leader of them must be pretty tenacious and dangerous in battles. I think I have gaining interest in this guy running the group all by himself and remaining alive despite the fact that Nanami mentioned that their group leader is just a second year High School student.