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171 Negotiation of the Dead

 Day 8: 6:39 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 21 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached) Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol, Flamethrower

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 16 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

Grenades: 14 prices

Gas: 7 liters


(Kyosei's View)

I don't have the trust on someone who previously tried to harm us. These guys might be girls but I am not lenient to anyone especially if they try to harm me or anyone in my group.

"Spit it out woman. We are not someone who has all the time in the world. Although you are older than me, I don't have any kind of respect to people who tried to hurt my comrades. As the leader, I am asking you what is your business."

I can see Shiemi trembled but Tamaki seems to be not affected to my intimidation. Perhaps my level in intimidation isn't high enough for me to affect her?

Before Tamaki can react, I saw Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki goes out on the truck and moved towards us.

"Leader. May we accompany you in here?" Mr. Tanaka asked.

Tamaki's face were in surprise seeing Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki's face. She quickly made a salute to them with a straight body.

"It's good to see you alive, Commander Tanaka, Commander Suzuki!" Tamaki said.

Mr. Tanaka signed and shook his head.

"Stop calling us Commander. That title is no longer a title since the Tokyo SDF had abandoned Osaka for good. What was left to us SDF are unknown,"Mr. Suzuki said.

I looked at these two men with a confused look.

"So you lot are acquaintances? Much better, I can get your help to negotiate with them," I said and released my grip on the handle of the katana.

"Yes, we are acquaintances. She is the commander of the Special Task Force in SDF that provides reliefs and assistance to other SDF. Captain Tamaki Inuzaki," Tanaka introduced.

I looked at her and her companions with a slight glare. Despite the fact that they did not come here for any kind of hostile situation, I don't have any kind of proof that they won't be hostile again and back stab us.

"Commander, you two are sure that this guy is the leader of this group? How come I still feel that you two are more likely the leader of this ragtag group?" Tamaki asked and looked at me with curious look.

"Yes, he is the leader so please speak lightly and don't offend him. He might be a teenager but he is much more stronger and leader material of the group. And his temper is quite on the wild side so its actually not a good idea to mess with him. He is not someone you can easily taunt with so your tactics are worthless in him," Mr. Tanaka said.

I looked at Mr. Tanaka with a frown and I swear I saw Mr. Tanaka broke out in sweat.

Tamaki looked at me with surprised look. I did not bother with any of them and we didn't even kill them despite becoming one of the enemies that tried to loot us. But it seems she followed us together with her group. And from the looks of it, looks like she and her own group abandoned the area where we found them camping.

Shiemi looked at Tamaki with a worried look.

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"Tamaki-sama. I think this is a bad idea. We should just retreat for now and abandon this plan. That guy over there cannot be reasoned with!" Shiemi points at me with frustration and anger.

Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Tanaka quickly go on attack stance seeing the hostile behavior of Shiemi. I was surprised by their reactions. As expected of the commanders of the SDF.

"Tamaki, although we are polite enough to you, we can't tolerate bad attitude here. We don't want trouble so please restraint that girl companion over there," Mr. Suzuki said.

Tamaki bowed down.

"I am sorry, I will reprimand her on her actions," Tamaki said.


"Tamaki, go back to the van. We will meet later," Tamaki said.

Shiemi frowned but due to the fact that Tamaki ordered her, she won't be bothering on talking with a guy like. Well, the feelings is the same. I really hate those princess complex attitude of hers. She still haven't changed. She reluctantly moved back to the van.

"I am sorry for the behavior of my subordinate. Please forgive me," Tamaki said.

"Save the pleasantries. I am not here to talk and to waste time with you. If you have anything to discuss with me, then talk and spit it out. I don't have a day to keep on entertaining you on that talks," I said bluntly.

Tamaki looked at me with surprise but she sighed and decided to lower her head.

"Understood. Then, I will be straight to the point. I wish to merge my group to your group," Tamaki said.

I looked at her without any emotion. I have expected that outcome that she would ask for cooperation. But I don't have the slightest idea why she wanted cooperation.

"Why, why bother with this? And besides, I don't have any kind of good feeling in this proposal. I don't trust you at all for the fact that we almost died due to the fact that you wanted to loot our group who are just passing by and not doing anything wrong to your group," I looked at her in the eyes.

She looked at me back straight into the eyes. Looks like she was indeed serious.

"We are desperate. Death is always on the side of us and we also starve. Although we are just a bunch of girls, we can do different of stunts that most male can do. We have seen you ability as a leader and I think it would be great if you also help us. Of course, we won't be lazing around. We would also kill the dead and defend others. We are not going to be a burden here," Tamaki was getting desperate.

I looked at her but still devoid of worrying. Although I can worry others, its much more easier than trying to smile.

I pulled out my radio transceiver and turned it on.

"Nanami, Miyuki, please come down here. Cindy, come down here too and bring an extra radio, over."

"Roger, over," Nanami said in the transceiver.

Soon, Nanami, Miyuki and Cindy goes down the bus.

"What is it Kyosei?" Nanami asked.

"What do you think about this? I don't really have any better ideas to say so and diplomacy is not my forte. Nanami, you are very good at diplomacy. Maybe you can do this," I said to Nanami.

"Ehhh, dumping this boring work to me..." Nanami said grumbling.

"That is why you have Miyuki and Cindy with you," I said to her.

"Ehhh, this is too much work Kyosei, what about just letting her do what she want, if she did anything that has any bad effects to our group then we can banish them out from our group."

I frowned looking at them, then I looked Tamaki again with a frown. Sure enough, they can be useful, the more people to have, the higher the chances in killing the Behemoth we will be facing sooner. I don't want to risk my team to die a pointless death in this mission. As long as we can survive this ordeal, I want to grasp that small chance of survival.

"Fine, although I am reluctant to agree with this, I can accept you. Of course, I am still the leader. If you don't want me to be the leader then f*ck off, we can go by our own," I looked father with contempt. I am not someone who easily trust others.

"Thank you, I have no problems with that," Tamaki said.

"Just so you know, I still do not trust you. If you want me to acknowledge you then you need to work on it," I said and pulled out the radio transceiver on Cindy's hand that I asked her to bring. I give the radio to her.

"A radio?" Tamaki looked at the radio transceiver.

"Its our only way of communication in every car. I will use that to give a command to you or anyone else in the group. If you want to earn your keep, then keep the radio with you," I said to her before I walked back to the Ford while the others also returned to the bus and truck.

Tamaki was taken aback when the radio transceiver buzzed a bit.

"Hey, go back to your car, we will be going. Can't afford to have any other trouble coming here, we will be moving out on the streets. Keep your cars out of the way or we will be crashing down on them."

(Tamaki's View)

I was startled when the boy named Kyosei ordered me however, I did not disobey his words. I did not realize that his words carry a sense of heaviness and authority that I always felt on my superiors whenever I face them during the missions when I was still in service with the SDF.

Although this teen is still a teenager, he managed to win over Commander Tanaka and Commander Suzuki to be his lackeys. I can say that I been have no nerve to order them around since they are much knowledgeable in combat and tactics than me but they were subdued by a kid in his high school years.

I returned back to the van and ordered the others via the radio transceiver that we have before the outbreak. This is not the radio transceiver that the kid has given me but our personal radio that connects with the others.

I will follow his orders around for now and observe it if e is worthy to be a leader to us. If he failed, I won't hesitate to strip off his leadership of the group and take it over.

But then, I was surprised when I hear his voice on the radio again.

"Although I accepted you, I do not trust you completely. I can tell in your body language earlier that you plan to take over my leadership on my group. Just as you know woman, even if we fight in hand to hand combat or in close quarter weapon combat, you won't win. Try and take my leadership... and I will beat your ass without mercy."