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168 Facing the Blob of Undead

 Day 7: 6:05 P.M

Osaka Streets: ??? Building

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Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 55 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol, Flamethrower

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 16 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 14 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

I was damned hearing that they are blob of undead attacking and not those normal undead. What is more, according to Nanami, it was an undead that cannot be killed via headshots therefore, they can't do a single thing. Eve is down and she said she can't deal with it so she is out of the question to help against the dead.

I stood into the cobweb of slime. From the looks of it, the undead are not as sensitive as the normal undead that will run and chase any human on smell and sight. I was already on the area but they seemed to never noticed my presence at all. This made me disappointed a little and choose to pull out the flamethrower.

Nanami stated that they are slow, then lets try this weapon for a change this time. I check the fuel and the tubes connecting to the trigger. I pulled the trigger a bit to test it out and a tongue of flames appeared on its muzzle. After knowing that its working properly, I nodded and aims it to the cobweb of corrosive slime. I pushed the trigger and a long tongue of flames appeared, scorching the cobweb with it. I stood in place while sensing the movements in the surroundings. Aside from the undead on the very front, no other movements can be detected by me, therefore, I focused on it.

It didn't take too long for the cobweb of corrosive slime to slowly "melt" like a plastic and slowly burned. It didn't take a few more seconds before the whole cobweb was engulfed in flames. I stopped flamethrower, leaving the flames to burn the barrier.

The big cobweb slowly disappeared from my sight and a swarm of orange bastards are knocking into the bus and the truck where everyone are on the top, stranded.

"Kyosei!" Miyuki and the rest looked at me full of smiles.

My face remained poker faced. The blobs of undead looked at me like they spotted a free meal. Although they lacked the facial features, they still have the mouth and the head of a human. They walked to me slowly. Since the flamethrower managed to burned the cobweb of corrosive slime, then this might be a good time to kill these blob of undead.

"Eat the flames!" I pushed the trigger again and released burning tongues of flame to them. For some reason, they screamed when the flames brushed through them and it didn't take them long to be devoured by flames and instead of being reduced to ashes, they are reduced to liquid of orange unknown liquid matter that smells putrid.

I slowly attract the horde of slimy blobs of dead people away from the others and with a slow process, I managed to lure them away. Unlike the endless horde that last for a whole night until dawn during Night Rage, these horde of blob undead did not really count so many so I was not afraid. Besides, they are so slow that I doubt they can be a real threat. Since the jelly dead are slowly turning into liquid of orange putrid matter, dead bodies never littered the ground, only the orange stuff that made it a bit of surreal to paint the dark, concrete road into lively orange.

The horde of orange strange blobs were ended up dead and now nowhere to be found, only a few spot of flaming putrid liquid remaining. The others were relieved and surrounded me. Chie did not rush to me to congratulate me on vanquishing the slimy undead and just go straight to liquid remains. She extracted it via plastic syringe and contains it on a special bottle.

"Specimen get!" Chie happily said as she skipped happily. I still don't understand Chie at all. She is very weird still..

"Leader! You were badass out there earlier!" Steven grinned and put his arm into my shoulder like a buddy-buddy way of greeting.

"Leader is really amazing!" Shu grinned as he shoulders the Springfield.

"Onii-chan is really awesome! I really want to have a brother like him!" Yumi said and looked at his father, Pastor Shin.

"Indeed, Kyosei. You are the blessing that God has given to us to remains safe in this hostile world. You have given us another hope to live for another day, and for that, I bless you in the name of God for helping us," Pastor Shin happily said.

"Thank you Pastor," I said and bowed.

"Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader!"

The group shouted in unison which made me shocked, this guys were indeed very gung-ho on this. However, I just shook my head. This guys still really look up at me as a leader despite the fact that I suck at this job.

The situation became like a celebration for the day. The jelly blob horde were already extinguished and not another horde followed despite our sound of celebration earlier.

Since the cobweb is burned down, there is nothing else to stop us from taking the supplies left on the armory. Nanami, Miyuki, Cindy and I were on the room again where I found the letter. I handed the research paper to Chie and let her examine it for a while. As for the letter, I already told everyone on it. They were stunned to hear the truth and agreed together to protect Eve for she seemed to be the main key that might stop this whole chaos forever.

With the truck turning into a small armory of weapons, no one is left to ride on the truck except Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki who are riding on the front seat. The other boys and also me decided to ride the bus instead. We decided to stay here for the night and let the dawn arrive for the undead were never here. And as soon as the first morning light appears, we will soon depart to go and find the SDF remained stationed in Osaka.