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166 The Deadly Raid Part 6

 Day 7: 5:32 P.M

Osaka Streets: ??? Building

Time before the Night Rage: 28 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 16 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 14 pieces


The letter was not that long but I realized that it contain a very crucial info about the Virus Galea. The revelation that I just read is something that I did not expect. My parents are the one who discovered this virus? Maybe I have known it in the past but I have forgotten about it. Might be the biggest reason I also forgot about the matter that feels familiar to me.

I also didn't expect that the reason I can live alone by myself is due to the secret supporter that my father has entrusted me with. No wonder the house I lived in when I returned to hospital is no longer familiar. It was due to the fact that somebody else has taken care of me without me knowing. And that someone is the step father of my friend, Kato. No wonder Kato is already aware of these things happening. I wonder how is Kato right now though?

I decided to keep the letter for safekeeping. This would really be something else to show to the others and for Chie's research to keep on going. After pocketing the letter, I checked the photo that I did not checked earlier and saw that it was a family photo of a man and a woman, along with a young boy and a young girl on a wheel chair. I very know who is the young boy in the photo. That was me. And the girl in the wheel chair is my younger sister who died, while the two people are my parents...

My heart ached with this overwhelming emotions of mine. However, I decided to hold it in for now. I had to finish this matter of raiding the convenience store and bring the weapons on with me. I pocketed the photo carefully and I also took the papers with me, maybe Chie and the others can understand these papers' terms and come up with a cure or a vaccine to formulate and counter the virus' disruptive power.

After making sure that everything is done for the time being, I left the room and proceeded into the hatch to make sure that the guns are on our hands. More weapons in hand, more chances of defeating the Behemoth and getting away from here to look for a safer place.

I descended into the ladder and once again, I arrived into the secret armory that Kato had shown me before. I still remember that the place looks the same despite the few days of no movements. Which means that this place has never been raided before which is a good news.

I checked the guns and noticed that they are high caliber guns that is basically illegal in Japan. I also found the grenade launcher that we needed for shooting explosions against enemies. I stuffed two of them into the duffel bag. Although its already heavy, I can be sure that I can still carry it without problem. Looks like my physique has changed a lot including the limit of the weight I can carry by myself.

I checked on the few shelves that this place is not limited to guns, there are also flamethrowers here. Even the world war 2 flamethrower, the type 93 flamethrower(1) which is unfortunately no longer functioning is also available. There are other flamethrower types too and all of them are loaded with gas for usage. I decided to equip one too and put it the gas container on the back.

There are also a few other guns around here which I put into the duffel bag quickly. I did not bother with the other guns like the AR15 and the others types since we are not limited on those guns at the moment after raiding the place that kidnapped me, Kaito and Satsuki. There are also different kinds of bullets available that I put into the duffel bag. I essentially filled the duffel bag with bullet boxes and guns that its already bulky to look.

I shoulder the bag and I can feel the heaviness on it. If only the cobweb thing can be destroyed, I wouldn't bother with this at all. I climbed slowly up to the ladder to avoid falling. Good thing I managed to climb out safely.

Ding ding!

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I checked my watch and saw that its already 6. That means the Night Rage has begun. However, unlike the usual Night Rage where the dogs howls, the surroundings are quiet. Not a single howl or bark from dogs can be heard. That was strange...


I was already back into the surface of the convenience store when I heard the full burst sounds of the guns outside. I quickly pushed the Headphone's contact to Nanami. A few seconds later, it connects.

"Nanami! What is going on there? Why is there gunshots?" I asked. I cannot see beyond the cobwebs at all that is why I have to ask Nanami about the current situation.

"Bad news, Kyosei! We spotted a few slow moving undead but they are not the same undead we usually see!" Nanami said, with a tinge of fear on her voice.

"Huh? What do you mean by the "not the same undead we usually see" Nanami?!" I frowned.

"It is what I said. This undead are still the same corpses but they are already covered with orange blob. When we tried to shoot it to its head, the undead did not die, and we noticed that the blob of slime acts as a shield. Its not looking good for us since they are getting many, and we are seeing wriggling blobs of them. We are currently standing into the top of the prison bus due to them crowding below the bus!"

I frowned. A jelly blob version of the undead?!