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162 The Deadly Raid Part 2

 Day 7 4:40 P.M

Osaka Streets: ???

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 20 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 16 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 14 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

We are almost in the vicinity of the convenience store. And unlike most streets with undead moving around here and there, I don't see a single one of them. Furthermore, the buildings seems covered with some sort of orange slime. The slime is making a cobweb around the buildings making it look dirty.

"What the f*ck happened here? The place looks different with all these slime things covering the buildings," Kaito said as the car continue to stroll on the road.

Before we can arrive into the road where the convenience store is in currently, we were faced with a situation.

"What the heck is that?" Satsuki looked into the road.

The road is blocked. Not literally blocked with cars abandoned by people but some sort of slime. Of course, we can just pass through but we are not taking the chances to get near on it. The road is blocked by that weird slime, who knows if that "thing" is corrosive or not. It might be even infectious. I pull out my radio transceiver and call out to the rest.

"Everyone, lets stop here for now. Everything is safe and clear at the moment so I think we can go down for now. Chie, please come in front, I have something to ask of you," I said and ended the announcement.

Kaito stopped the car. I left the passenger seat before looking around. Not a single buildings on the street are spared from this slime. Also, I don't see any undead around. It was like they disappeared in thin air. Its almost Night Rage so the undead should be numerous around here. The rain already stopped, there are no reason to keep hiding anymore, which is pretty evident in Namba where our arrival triggered the undead horde.

Miyuki, Chie, Snow, Cindy, Mr. Tanaka and Steven approached on the front. They are also curious what is happening after I called Chie in the intercom.

"What is going on Kyosei?" Chie asked and her gaze turns to the massive cobweb of orange slime covering the whole road.

"What the heck is that?" Cindy asked. She was about to touch it when Chie grab her stretched arm.

"Don't touch it Cindy, it might be harmful for human body," Chie said and grab a metal pole from the street and tried poking it out.

The metal pole that Chie used to poke the slime turned rusty all of a sudden and became dust after a few seconds. This effect made us involuntarily step back after that. A metal pipe that looks shiny at first turned rusty then into a dust all of a sudden. Its not a good occurrence either for us. Luckily, I let the others stop before we can pass or else, our fate with the metal pipe might be similar to our fate if we ever pass through.

Chie pats off the rust from her gloves and squinted her eyes on the slime.

"Isn't this slime similar to the body structure of the Behemoth? Its been six days since we last encountered the Behemoth but does that mean it already have a corrosive power enough to melt metals?" Chie pondered.

"If it has already developed a corrosive substance, then why the buildings covered in slime did not melt?" Steven quickly noticed the inconsistency of Chie's deduction.

"You are right," Chie nodded and goes near the slime. Although the slime seems covering the buildings on the street, the road is clean and not a single sign of slime residue are present on the road, allowing us to step in properly on the road.

Chie looked around and saw a broken staff used by blind people on the ground. She grab it and tried poking the slime covered building. Contrary to what we are expecting, the slime just bounced back the stick. It was like it is a jelly covered building unlike the slime blocking the road.

"Snow, can you grab me a test tube and a syringe, its located in my bag in the bus," Chie said as she hold her chin, pondering what is going on.

Snow nodded and trotted away to the bus. A few seconds later, Snow returned carrying the test tube and the syringe in her hands. Eve is following her behind.

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"Eve, why did you go out?" Miyuki asked and pat her head.

"I no longer feel sleepy. Also, I heard that something came up and Snow-onee chan came by so I decided to tag along," Eve said innocently.

"Miyuki, maybe Eve can help with this. She can control the Virus Galea on her own will. Maybe she can try to control the slime to block our way out of this place?" I looked at Eve and she nodded.

"I will try if Daddy said so," Eve said and closed her eyes.

However, Eve suddenly grew pale and her nose started bleeding. I quickly rushed towards Eve and shook her out.

"Eve! Stop it! Don't keep on doing it!" I got worried at her due to the blood flowing out her nose.

"HAAAAA-" Eve opened her eyes and gasped for air and before she can recover, she spurted out a mouthful amount of blood.

"Eve!" Miyuki rushed towards Eve and the others were also stunned.

"The virus on that slime is terrible. For Eve to spurt out blood, this thing is very dangerous," Chie frowned.

Kaito and Satsuki frowned and approached us.

"What's with the deal with that kid?" Satsuki asked.

Miyuki looked at me for confirmation.

"It would be alright since they are now our new comrades. This secret is only limited to us anyway. Kaito, Satsuki, this is Eve, my adopted daughter. She can control the virus a bit," I said to them, introducing Eve.

"C- controls... the virus?" Kaito and Satsuki are baffled.

"Yes, in fact, she just escaped the facility studying the virus that caused this madness," Miyuki added.

"Does that mean, everything is due to a virus? This..." Kaito did not get to expect the revelation.

"I hope you can keep it a secret. Having her with us might help us destroy the virus and survive. Can you keep it?" I looked at them.

"Although its hard to believe, but yeah... I think I can do that," Kaito said.

"Same," Satsuki nodded.

I looked at Eve. She coughed out blood but she is getting fine. She opened her eyes and looked at me with sad eyes.

"Sorry Daddy, I can't do it. The enemy is just too strong..."

I patted her head and calmed her.

"Its alright, dear. You did well, now you need to rest."