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158 Preparations For The Deadly Raid

 Day 7 3:17 P.M

Osaka: Shinsaibashi; Bang Gunstore

Time before the Night Rage: 2 hours and 43 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 16 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Shoko is indeed very similar to many merchants. Their sinister smile after finishing any transactions gives me the creeps. But her sinister smile did not give the vibe of evil intentions so I did not really stop the transactions.

Shoko and Kota allowed me deeper underground. What made me surprised a bit is the vast expanse of underground the gun store is currently in. On the walls are displays of antique guns. They are no longer functional but their ancient heritage and origins are being displayed on the plaque attached below.

I saw a few of those people that Shoko and Kota has taken with. I still remember that I helped them from the cult last time. From the looks of it, they are happy with their current situation so I did not say anything.

"I am aware that you are about to challenge the biggest and the most dangerous enemy above the ground and although its a suicide mission, for a kid like you, you are willing to kill that guy right?" Shoko smiled.

"..." I did not respond and just kept a poker face.

Shoko did not speak any further and led me deeper into the area where the guns and bullet crates are being held. I also saw a few of those blade weapons and blunt weapons I asked too.

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Sledgehammers, Fire Ax, maces, spiked maces, katanas, trench knives and a few more bladed weapons are being held in there. Even those weapons that can be considered as weapons in hardwares are also held there.

Shoko looked at me and said, "The weapons you are looking for are all located here. The other are on the very end of the corridor. Choose from that place the amount of weapons you needed this time."

I didn't go to the guns and just checked the bullet crates. There are different kinds of bullets in the crates, like the 9mm ammunition and 5.56 ammunition in which is the most common bullets needed in my guns. Then, I noticed a few crates containing flammable sign. I opened it and saw a few bullet boxes. Opening the box revealed a few 9mm bullets, however, they looked a bit different with the red wrap on the end of the bullet.

"What bullets are these? These looks like 9mm ammunition."

Shook smiled and grab one of the boxes in the crate, "You have a good eye, Kyosei. This bullets are indeed 9mm Ammunition but they are not the original one. These bullets are called incendiary 9mm bullets."

"Incendiary? These bullets can burn?"

Shoko nodded," Yes. These bullets are not the normal bullets you used in your pistols. Once you used them, the target will immediately get set in fire. Its a perfect bullet for those that has no good aim."

I suddenly grew interested on this bullet. Since I suck in gun using, having something that could help me kill an undead despite missing the target would be good.

"How good cannot kill the dead?" I asked.

Shoko pulled out one of the bullets and examined it, " These bullets might look a bit similar to a normal 9mm but these packs more punch than those normal 9mm. A single bullet can burn the undead in its whole body immediately after being shot. Depending on the duration of the burn, they can immediately kill the undead or just leave them burning a bit slower. "

I nodded on her explanation. This bullet has a certain chance to insta-kill the undead when shot with the bullets.

"Does this bullets only available on 9mm bullets?"

"Actually, no. We made incendiary bullets on 5.56 ammunitions and Shotgun shells. However, those are the only bullets good enough to be used as incendiary bullets. The others are not good enough and will burst once used so we didn't dare to make it," Kota answered this time.

"I will buy a few crates on all incendiary bullets. Also, a few normal bullets too. The payment will be given to you later," I said to them.

"Alright, deal. I will give the supplies to your group then," Shoko said.

I also picked out a few weapons in melee. These weapons are not for me but for the others. They can't just keep on relying on me. These weapons will help a lot to practice the combat movements of these guys. I don't want another casualty in result to fighting the enemies.

I did not bother buying guns and grenades. We can just craft Molotov Cocktails and the purpose of the raid is to take the guns out on the convenience store.

After the transaction, the preparations are now ready to be used. I will be raiding the Convenience Store and prepare for the battle against the Behemoth.

I return to the group. They are quite nervous with me giving them with weapons. Although there are still people who won't be fighting, they would act as the main helpers in the battle that would help with reloading bullets or handing out different items for them to use.

"This time, we ended up without a base. However, the threat of the Behemoth is also on the loose. We can't go to the other place to seek for your family and we are stuck here in Osaka if we don't eliminate the threat. Even if we don't have to fight and just hide, sooner or later, we will still be going to engage in a fight against the behemoth. What is worse, Souichi and the others are also stranded somewhere in Namba. This time, we are going to there next and save them before we will go to a raid. I want you all to help me with the fight. However, I won't force all of you. Whoever wants to come with me will be coming with me, while those who won't will be staying here. I will be waiting for your answers in five minutes. I will wait outside," I explained before I turn away.

The group fell silent, contemplating on what to do. Their decisions will lead them to cross roads and they had to choose.