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155 Return to the Deadly Shinsaibashi

 Day 7 :1:51 A.M

Outside the Subway Midosoji Line

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 9 minutes left left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 16 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

I sighed while looking at the work. Earlier, Kaito managed to take the woman to change the wheels of the busted car. From the looks of it, Kaito had persuaded or intimidated that woman for her to agree. Well, I don't care anyway, I need to get back to Shinsaibashi immediately. I have been gone for too long. The Night Rage is also getting nearer. We can't just escape easily. The others also can't keep on hiding inside the Bang Gunstore too.

Oh yeah, its been a few hours already. Four eyes and his companions should be already back right? I should check then by contacting Nanami. At least, I need to get informed of the state of the group. I pushed the button on my headphones and waited a bit before the sound of connection in my headphones clicked.

"Kyosei, what's up? Are you getting back here?" I was surprised. It was Cindy's voice.

"Oh, its you Cindy. Where is Miyuki or Nanami?"

"Miyuki is accompanying Nanami. After the news about Nejima's death, she decided to keep on by herself for now. Miyuki is staying with her to stop her in case she wanted to suicide," Cindy said.

"Nanami must have a mental breakdown. Anyway, did four eyes and the others returned?"

"Four eyes?"

"Ah, its Souichi and the others, did they returned from the Namba area?"

"Eh? Souichi an the others? They are still not here. We are currently waiting for further details from Souichi himself. He hasn't contacted us yet,"Cindy said. Then, I suddenly heard a rustle and I heard Eve's voice.

"Papa contacted us?" somehow, when I heard her call me papa, I almost shivered in cringeness. It feels so moe.

"Eve, how are you?" I asked on the other line.

"Eve is alright papa, mama is taking care of me along side with onii-sans and onee-chans too. However, papa, I felt the fluctuations of the big monster here."

After hearing the word big monster, my mind quickly moved to the Behemoth. So Eve can also detect the Behemoth's action too.

"Fluctuations? From the behemoth?"

"Yes! The big monster is getting stronger and stronger!" Eve said in her innocent voice.

"I see. Thanks for informing me, Eve. Be a good girl okay?" I said.

"Okay!" and after that, the connection of us stopped and the music in my headphones returned.

After that, I saw Kaito returning. The car's tires also returned to usual as I saw Kaito nod as he inspect the new found wheels. After that, he opened the back seat and grab a few amount of food and also took a few of the guns and a few boxes of the ammunition. I saw that the woman nodded and thanked him before rushing back to the building where Kaito infiltrated.

Kaito entered the car and sighed in relief after that.

"So that's it?" I asked Kaito.

"Yeah, I can't ask anything anymore from them. I can't extort them anymore since they are so poor with supply," Kaito said and sighed.

"I never expected that you just made the people in there unconscious, I thought you would be on a killing spree," Satsuki commented.

"Although I am an assassin, I don't kill if they don't deserve or court death. Those women quickly admitted to their mistakes so I just decided to keep it down and forgive them. If we are in the same situation, it will also look bad. Good thing that we are not resorted to go into that lengths," Kaito said.

I nodded. I quickly added a mental note to have Kaito deal with any verbal agreement and any kind of things that needed persuasion or intimidation processes in the future. From the looks of it, he would quickly fill out the negotiation from me.

The car is already fixed so Kaito took over once again into the wheel and started the engine out. The engine reeved a lot, meaning it is ready to go. With the brand new wheels, it can go continue a few more miles.

After heating up the cold engine, Kaito stepped on the has and drive. This time, to reach Shinsaibashi immediately.


(Shiemi's View)

After my frightening experience in the hands of Kyosei Ichinose, I can't stop myself from trembling. That kid, although he is the a year old than me, he is already emitting the aura of a mature and adult person. His aura is so dark that might cower in fear. As expected, that guy is nothing but just trouble.

Tamaki-sama looked at the window and stares into the car that is revving its engines out.

"Shiemi, talk to the others and prepare the van," Tamaki-sana ordered.

"What is the reason for, Tamaki-sama?"I asked.

"What that guy earlier made sense. If we continue to live like that, sooner or later, we would run into trouble like what we did today. Let's take that as a lesson then," Tamaki-sama explained.

"I see, but should you be trusting the words of that guy? He seems to be a bad person especially since he accompanied that delinquent,"I commented.

"Shiemi, in actuality, I don't see the bad thing on that kid you keep on mentioning. He is not as terrifying as he looked but he has a vicious tongue and mature air in him," Tamaki-sma said.

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"Just like me, he seems to be a leader on a group too. And from the looks of it, he is someone who cares for his group. They are on a rush to go to Shinsaibashi so my guess is that, his group is in Shinsaibashi and he needed to get there as soon as possible, that is why they get angry for being delayed on their trip," Tamaki-sama said.

"..." I can't retort on her words. All of them are logical.

"I think, following them would be a good idea. Things will be exciting with them," Tamaki-sama smiled. This time, I am not sure what is going on her head.