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154 Girls of the Dead

 Day 7: 12:48 P.M

Road to Shinsaibashi

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 12 minutes left


Melee: Dagger, Balisong(Kyosei's Item)

Gun: M1911 Pistol(Suppressor attached)

Clips left: 10


(Kaito's View)

The woman before me trembled. Looks like her very "flawless" plan failed majestically. In my point of view, this Shiemi that Kyosei managed to restrain is someone with a good ability for this woman to entrust the mission in solo. However, she is really underestimating Kyosei. This guy is clearly something else and even if I tried to clash with him, I have low chance of winning and my chances to get beaten up is more bigger than the rest.

Anyway, back to the woman. She looks dejected as she stares at me aiming my pistol at her.

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"Fine, I will talk. We are in need of food and supply so we are trying to trap people escaping to get food and water. Besides, most of us here are women. We might be able to fend of the infected but we are not the people who will clearly volunteer to endanger our lives to loot supply. Therefore, we only decided to trap people," the woman said.

"I see. You all plan to seek death like that. Luckily, you all met me and the leader or else, you all will be literally get f*cked up since all of you are girls. I have seen plenty of other survivors looking for a good women to satisfy their cravings. It won't take a long time before all of you get defeated just like how I did today," I said to her and take the gun on her table.

"Where are the girls?! I won't forgive you if something happened to them!" she looked at me with murderous look. However, it has little effect o me.

"Don't worry, I just tied them up after knocking them our. Don't worry, I have no strange habit of killing others without plain reason. You all are just trying to survive. Nothing is wrong with that," I said.

"Please bring Shiemi here. I am not going to calm down if Shiemi did not return safe with me!" she said.

"Hmph, as long as you all will compensate us, we will do it," I said.

"What do you want? If you are asking supplies, I already told you, we don't have any. And if you are talking about bullets, I doubt that would be a good amount to you," the woman said.

"I am not some heartless bastard that would take anything. After all, this world has turned into man eat man world. We just needed a pair of wheels to replace the wheels you just bursted earlier because of the trap. If you all managed to do it, I would be lenient enough to let all of you go safely, we might even plan to give out food, and guns," I said. After all, those guns are just too many. At least, it would get helpful to the others.

The woman kept quiet for a bit before she nodded.

"Alright, just wheels right? I am fine with that," the woman said.

"Good, then let's do it then, Kyosei, bring that woman you captured to me immediately," I said.

"Don't get cocky, Kaito, I am still the leader, don't just casually give out orders like that, over," Kyosei said in a serious tone.

"Ahahaha, sorry, I didn't mean too," I quickly apologized.

"Wait for me, I will go there, Damn, I hate this weather. Anyway, do I have to bring Satsuki to? She is unwilling to go out, over," Kyosei said in the transceiver.

"Nah, just let her their. Put the transceiver to her so that she can inform us for anything, over," I said.

"Alright, just don't keep on saying orders on me, over and out," Kyosei said and dropped the line on his transceiver.

"That is your leader?" the woman asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, don't worry, my leader is not some lecherous man that licks women, he is righteous but seemed to be unable to see between man and woman, he just didn't care and will certainly beat anyone up," I said.

"..." the woman helplessly rolled her eyes and waited patiently.

Around 30 seconds later, Kyosei arrived while dragging a girl with blonde hair on the floor. Both of them are wait from the rain so it was clear that they rushed here from the rain.

"Eh, so this woman joined a women group? Interesting..." Kyosei said and drags the woman into the room and gives the blonde girl to the woman.

"Shiemi!" the woman took a towel on the side and wrapped the wet blonde girl with it and quickly untie her from her bindings.

"Tamaki-sama!"Shiemi quickly goes near as she tried to wriggle out from her bindings. I also noticed the red mark on her mouth line. air quickly looked at Kyosei and noticed the masking tape line on his hand. Looks like they put a tape on her mouth so that she can stop talking. Kyosei were so annoyed maybe.

"The bargain is done, help us take a pair of wheels to repair the two wheels you just busted. We won't look for it in this rain," I said immediately.

"Tamaki-sama! You need to defeat them! These guys are evil! Especially the horned individual! He is the notorious thug and delinquent in my school that beat up other people!" Shiemi quickly hid behind the woman.

"You are so annoying yo know that, even Miyuki is not so annoying as you," Kyosei scratched his head in annoyance.

"Miyuki-senpai has nothing to do with this! Stay her out of this matter! You even abandoned her in the apocalypse!" Shiemi said.

Kyosei's look quickly took a grim one.

"You motherf*cker has no right to say that, if not for the fact that I rescued them to that lecherous Kaze Tsukiyama, they would not be living until now! If not for the fact that you all trapped us here, we would not be delayed in our return," Kyosei glared at her and he was clenching his hands.

"Stop it Shiemi, if not for the fact that we take a bargain agreement, you will still be in their custody so we should at least keep at it," the woman named Tamaki said.

Kyosei crossed his arm and looked at the woman.

"Next time, try to pipe down that woman's voice. She is so irritable and cheeky. If I am still annoyed at her, I would be slapping her face back and forth until he can't talk anymore. That mouth of hers will be the downfall of your group," Kyosei said and looked into the window. The rain is still pouring down, as heavy as earlier.

"Keh..." the woman Shiemi frowned.

"Anyways, my job here is done, best regards to you, I forgot your name so you better shut up ad pipe it down, bleach blonde woman," Kyosei said and returned to the door. Kyosei patted me in the shoulder before he returned back his way.

Tamaki and Shiemi looked at Kyosei's departing back until he disappears on their vision.