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153 An Assassins Deadly Infiltration Part 2

 Day 7: 12:32 P.M

Road to Shinsaibashi

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 28 minutes left


Melee: Dagger, Balisong(Kyosei's Item)

Gun: M1911 Pistol(Suppressor attached)

Clips left: 10


(Kaito's View)

The enemy should be inside one of the buildings here. But with the rain pouring down, its hard to see in which part of the place is the enemy hiding. However, that is fine. I am not an amateur at all. I entered one of the buildings and ready my dagger. Entering on one of the building surprised me. The place is filled with undead. However, they are just normal undead, not those special infected I have seen every night.

"You are in the way!" the dagger in my hand moved and with a swift strike.


Every slash I released is precise, and every stroke of the blade are fatal. Although its a fatal strike, I made sure that its clean and good, not a normal strike. I eventually noticed that most of the undead has a soft head. Hitting it with my dagger is like a hot knife on a butter. They all got destroyed.

I did not realize this at all until now. Just in the beginning, I am just killing undead whenever I like, not noticing the fact that the dead are just somehow different in real people. After a few swift strikes, I realized that everyone are dead. I no longer see any moving undead. I shook my dagger to flick away the blood on the surface. Its time to deal with those guys.


I keep on jumping from building to building. The last building I bashed in is filled with a few people. All of them are girls.

"Ah!" The people inside were stunned when I smashed the window open. They did not get to react so I quickly slid and kick away their legs and hit their knees. The others who is a bit farther from me managed to react and quickly get their hands on their weapons.


The others that are not struck quickly took out their guns. I don't plan to kill. I don't have to kill them without reason. The girls opened fire, and with a quick movement, I rolled away and hid on the wall. There is an incoming attack of another girl who is wielding a knife in my side and from the way she moves, its an amateurish way of movement. I quickly disarm her out and sends a strike in her neck.


Her eyes lost consciousness and fell. I catch her and slowly lay her down into floor and took her knife. I peek out to the people shooting me and saw three girls, one is wielding a rifle and the two are pistol. I angle the knife and throws it to the women shooting me with a pistol.


The gun and the knife collided and she got disarmed by that attack. Of course, I am still not done yet. When the girls were stunned momentarily by my attack, I dashed and kick away the rifle on the nearest woman and give a forceful elbow strike on her abdomen. I quickly performed a somersault and deflects the next gun which is a pistol. Before she can react, a hard strike landed on her neck. I made that attack and she quickly lost consciousness. I wipe off the dust on my clothes and took the guns out of them and pulls out the rope hanging on the pole and use it to tie down the four girls. After that, I checked downstairs but seen nothing, so I proceeded to the next floor.

The next floor has a single door open ajar. Just a single glimpse and saw a woman wearing earmuffs and is currently aiming into the streets using the AR15 on her hands. She is focused on the window that she did not notice my approach and with a swift strike aimed at her neck, the woman released her grip into the gun and fainted.

I don't have any kind of rope to tie her up so I ended up leaving her but I confiscated her gun and disassembled it. I can't risk anyone to strike my back while I am looking for the perpetrator. From the looks of it, they operate with a leader since they are united. I don't believe they are leaderless survivors.

The second floor is not so big and only has two rooms. I checked the first door and no one is inside. Then, the next one will be the one where the boss might be residing. I pull out my M1911 Pistol from its holster and approached the door with a fast pace. I didn't go with the traditional slow pace walking and directly kicked down the door.


The woman inside is stunned. She quickly picks out the gun in her table and aimed it on me. Of course, I am also aiming my gun too.

"Who are you?!" she glared at me.

"I should be the one asking that, woman. Why are your subordinates laying traps in the road? You all f*ckers dare to delay our trip," I still aimed her without faltering, if she shoots, I will immediately roll away and disarm her quickly.

"Oh, so you are one of those people that got snagged in our trap. Well, you think you can leave here without injuries? Sooner or later, Shiemi will return with your supplies, we don't need you to get so wild," the woman said.

"Shiemi? Oh, that woman. I saw her earlier, but I don't really care. She is not something I need to take on. Let's see," I moved my hand and pull over the handheld transceiver and pushed the contact.

"Kyosei, are you there? Over."

"Of course, as fine as it is," Kyosei answered.

"Did a woman tried getting in the car?" I asked.

"Oh, this woman? I already let Satsuki tied her when she opened the car door. She looks pitiful," Kyosei said.

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The woman who is very confident were stunned. The gun on her hand fell back to the table and she stares at me incredulously.

"So, that's what he says...Now, back to business. Why are you all doing this?"