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152 An Assassins Deadly Infiltration Part 1

 Day 7: 12:23 P.M

Road to Shinsaibashi

The time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 37 minutes' left


Melee: Dagger, Balisong(Kyosei's Item)

Gun: M1911 Pistol(1)(Suppressor attached)

Clips left: 10


(Kaito's View)

I did not use the right side of the door in the car to get out. I am sitting duck once I go out using that passage. I pull out my dagger and slowly closed the door of the car. With the heavy rain pouring in the sky, it serves as a cover for movements and at the same time, a big hindrance in my vision.

The heavy rain can keep me hidden from the eyes of the enemy for quite a while in a few distances. I checked first the car's wheel and just like what Satsuki said earlier, the wheel s of the car in the front ran into a trap that meant to burst the tires of it. It is a pretty primitive tactic but also effective. They used several garbage to cover the trap they set up in the streets. All I can say is that these people who set up the trap are quite clever.

Although they can't see me with the rain's foliage, the rain itself makes me unable to see the enemies' movements. However, I did not lose heart on this. In my previous missions in the past, I had to infiltrate a fully guarded building just to assassinate a single person and escape without triggering an alarm. It was a hell harder and dangerous than this.

My whole shirt is somewhat good against rain. It was like it can't get wet at all as the raindrops themselves just slides down away from my shirt. The only wet thing is my pants. Unlike my hoodie shirt, these pants are not made by a special cloth which is not safe but the water. However, what matters now from me is the enemy.

I did not go easy on this one. They might have some special tool to see in the rain. I don't know if they have those types of equipment but it would be bad if they do.

The good thing about the battleground is the streets itself. Since the streets are devoid of the undead, I am free to use the whole place as my shield. I moved quickly into the toppled car and hid. After assessing the surroundings, the right side of the street is indeed the only place the enemy is hiding. However, I applaud these guys' tactics. They used the rain as the main cover of the trap and used the garbage to cover the trap in the road. Once a car passes by, the tire would immediately burst, therefore, the owner will go and check, and that would be the perfect chance to strike...

However, that trick is useless against an expert assassin who has already encountered different kinds of tactics for ambush and escapes. And this one is the ambush type. Too bad that they are a beginner type.

I quickly made a move to the next toppled car. I continue doing it and in a few times of passing by, I managed to take an approach to the right side. I grin and pull out the dagger and the balisong. I can see that this "Balisong" that Kyosei passed me is a folding knife. However, it seems it is a multi-tool too. It has tweezers and can opener one too. It also has a little saw too. But the main thing here is the blade itself. It is perfect for attacking the unsuspecting enemy. This would help a lot in restraining these people.

Time to get to work.


Day 7 :12: 23 A.M

Outside the Subway Midosoji Line

The time before the Night Rage: 11 hours' left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

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.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 16 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

It is already a few minutes since Kaito has gotten outside the car. I made no movements but I am quietly sensing the surroundings. With my body no longer similar to a human due to me being infected and at the same time immune, my sense of hearing and feeling seems to be enhanced more than a human's.

I promptly opened my eyes when I sensed someone approaching on the left side. This person is only one so I am quite sure that this is the only threat and the other threat is being taken care of by Kaito. I signaled Satsuki to stay low and out of sight from the car's steering wheel or the other enemy might freak out.

Since the windshield of the car is tinted on the outside, only us from the inside can see the people outside. However, movements and silhouettes will be visible if someone tried peering inside.

The person outside is in a raincoat and the gender of this individual is not something that I can. determine just by looking at the guy's covered face. This guy is busy picking the lock of the door in the passenger's seat's door. Of course, I am sitting beside that seat. I pull out my Beretta M9 Pistol and my other hand with the hidden blade readies itself to strike.


Hmm, this person is quite good. The lock is just a measly thing for this guy. This guy managed to unlock it without making too much ruckus. Well, I applaud you on that. You are a master in terms of opening locks huh?

The door opened and before that person can even react, I quickly grab the person in the raincoat and pointed the gun to the guy's temple.

"Try moving funny and this gun will automatically release a bullet to your brain. How does that sound?"

"Keh!" the person spat out. Based on the voice, it was a clear woman's voice.

I drag the woman inside the car and Satsuki is already prepared. She pulls out a rope on her side and masking tape in her pocket.

"Hold her tight! " Satsuki said and quickly made her work of binding up the woman with the rope. In the end, she did not manage to escape and got tightly bound by the rope itself.

"You all will pay for this!" she growled.

Satsuki pulls out the hood that covers her head and her mask. Then, her features are revealed. It made me a bit shocked but I quickly calmed down.

A girl with blonde hair like Cindy's but this hair is bleached one unlike the natural hair color of Cindy. I can't forget her face since she is one of the "school belle" of Kirishima High School. However, although I can remember her face clearly, I forgot her name. Well, it is not important. It was quite a surprise though that a person managed to escape Kirishima High School without getting face to face with the Behemoth.

"You evildoers will surely be beaten up by Tamaki-sama! Especially you, Kyosei Ichinose!" this bloody woman growled as she kept on working hard to release her bindings. I keep my unfazed look and give her the middle finger.

"Do you think I f*cking care? We are busy traveling the road and you all will disrupt our trip. Now that we managed to catch you all, you still dare call us evildoers? Quite a spectacle indeed. I fell like laughing but somehow, my face just doesn't follow, instead, I clap my hands and glared at her.


And this is another Undead Profile available for you all!

This fellow first appeared in Chapter 133 and has a hidden threat that will be going to play a vital role that will further endanger our cast.


Danger level:

Single: Level 5

Horde: Level 10

Night Rage Single: Same as Above

Night Rage Horde: Same as Above

Note: They only appear in Night Rage

Individuals before they became this creature: People with cough, most of all with Tuberculosis

Description: This lanky, coughing creature is not to be underestimated. Although they are very slow despite their frail nature, they are one of the deadliest and can destroy a whole nation given a time. They don't bite but they attack people once they see one. Their phlegm's in their lungs are now corrosive and can melt concrete and metal. During Night Rage, it is recommended to kill them first via shooting them from a distance to avoid your defenses from plummeting.



1. The M1911, also known as the "Government" or "Colt Government", is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986.