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151 Into the Lonely Streets of the Dead

 Day 7: 12:00 P.M

Road to Shinsaibashi

The time before the Night Rage: 6 hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 16 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Satsuki is the one driving this time. Although she is wounded by the attack of those people in the Humvee, it is not a lethal one and she can still move her hand without a problem. The rain poured down at 8:40 A.M and until now, it is still falling down the sky and not a single undead are on the streets.

"Ugh, now that there are no infected to run over in the streets, I can feel that it is becoming lonelier. What has more, how come that the rain doesn't come at night? So frustrating!" Satsuki pouted.

"What can you do, this is nature's way. You can't expectantly control the skies' weather where you can decide whether it rains or not," Kaito said as he took a bite on a bread.

I looked outside while drinking cola and took a bite on the bread in my hand. The bustling streets are turning wet from the rain. The cars and the rubble are just too eye-catching and the dead bodies littered the ground.

I frowned in this situation. I just wanted to have it rain every night but everything is just temporary. I stare into the sky's dark clouds. It's been hours and the rain is still pouring down in intense intensity. I have been wondering why the dead seems afraid whenever it rains. Chie has no idea either and she studies the properties of the rain so that we can use it to counter the horde every night. At least, it will keep the night peaceful if the dead stays away.

The atmosphere of the car is awkward and silent. However, it is an ideal place for me. The more people stayed silent, the more I loved it.

"Do you think your family is still alive Satsuki?" Kaito asked.

"I hope so. Although I have a small glimmer of hope, I hope he is still alive," Satsuki said.

"Your father?" I asked.

"No, my older brother. Mother and father died in a car crash so we ended up orphans. My brother became my father, mother, and sibling at the same time. He supported me and keep on sustaining everything.

"When the Apocalypse started, he goes to Shinsaibashi to work into a refitting shop. I was supportive of him before the outbreak began. Due to that, my connection to my only family was cut off. I don't know what happened to him until now. That is why I am happy that I will be arriving in Shinsaibashi. At least, I have a chance to find my brother, he is my only family left," Satsuki said.

I stayed silent at what she was talking about. I am not well versed in talking kinds of stuff like this on other people so I decided to just nod once in a while. Kaito looks at me with a curious expression on his face.

"Do you still have a family to return to Kyosei?" Kaito asked.

"None," I quickly said and swallowed the remaining bread in my hand.

"Eh?" Kaito did not expect me to quickly answer.

"I am an orphan since the beginning of middle school. Therefore, I had no such things as a family to return," I said to him.

"I am sorry for asking such a rude question," Kaito said to me.

"Nah, it doesn't matter to me, I don't even remember my relatives and family friends so I don't have any care on it," I said and drink the remaining cola.

"Oh right, now that reminds me, I heard from my brother that there was a high school student who is very famous in the area," Satsuki said.

"Famous student?" Kaito looked curious so he tags along.

"I heard that he is a kid that wears a blue uniform with a red necktie, his hair is brown but he keeps it on a beanie. He also has horns similar to you Kyosei," Satsuki said.

I suddenly thought for a few instances. From what Satsuki described, the only famous student who wears a beanie and a headphone are no other than myself. Therefore, it must be me.

"Are you talking to me?" I asked.

"What? No! Although he wears the same way as you, he is not the same as you you know! He is said to beat up others quickly and destroys gangs, alone," Satsuki describes.

"That is me," I said.


"Stop talking about it, or I will forcefully staple your mouth together. I already said that it is me," I looked at her in an annoyed expression.

"Oof..." Satsuki immediately stopped talking.



Our car shook and the car stopped in a snag.

"What the f*ck happened Satsuki!" Kaito rubbed his forehead. Looks like Kaito bumped somewhere.

"I don't know! The car seemed to burst a tire!" Satsuki panicked. She tried going out but Kaito stopped her.

"No, don't go out. I have seen this thing before.

This is a trap," Kaito quickly pulled out his dagger and gun.

"A trap?" Looks like Satsuki is unaware of the trap.

"Yes, do not go out whatever happens. Kyosei, I know that you are a skillful guy. Please protect this airhead while I go check things out and don't go out unless I go back," Kaito said.

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I looked at Kaito and just stare at him in an unfazed look.

"Are you going? Are you certain you can survive? Just so you know that you can't retry once you died," I said to him in a serious tone.

"Kyosei!" Satsuki frowned by Kaito smirked.

"Heh, in terms of combat and stealth, unless it is my bane, no one can truly kill me, so I am quite sure that I can kill anyone who dates to block my way," Kaito grinned.



"Take this. However, return that after you finish them off," I pulled out Leo' s Balisong and throws it to him.

He catches the balisong and looks into it. He pulls out the blade and noticed its sharp pointed blade.

"Why are you giving this to me?" Kaito asked.

"Did you just not hear? I am just lending that to you, return that later. It is my memento from someone," I said to him.

Kaito was taken aback at first before he laughed.

"Hahaha, alright, then, let me take care of the enemy then," Kaito said and pulls over his hood and puts on his mask. From what I can see, he is ready to go.

That serious look on his face is something that only professional hitmen possess. From what I can see, I might witness a professional assassin work and deal with the enemies. I closed my eyes and crossed my arms. Satsuki is nervous but she pulls out the hatchet on her side and kept it close. I kept my ears active, despite the upbeat song in my headphones, I can quietly hear someone approach.

The trap has been triggered!


The Undead corner is here! Let's introduce another undead type here then! This undead appeared first on Kyosei before he was kidnapped and now it was another threat that Souichi and the others faces.

This undead type first appeared in Chapter 118.

<Rabid Dogs>

Danger Level

Single: Level 4

Horde: Level 8

Night Rage Single: Level 5

Night Rage Horde: Level 9

Note: They appear at any time of the day

Individuals before they became this creature: Any breed of Dogs. Even Chihuahuas.

Description: These dogs are no longer the same man's best friend that we are talking about. They are even more dangerous than dogs that have rabies, they eat you. These dogs in the morning are similar to a normal crazed dog and will chase down any human. These guys are living in a horde; you can rarely see it alone. They are different in many levels on normal dogs. They possess the deadly jaws and the virus developed their muscles in their hind legs, causing them to run like a cheetah. Once you see one approaching your way, don't bother facing it head-on unless you have a minigun with you or any explosives. Only one thing to do, just like how you react to any rabid dog, just run!