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150 The Dead is Pacified as the Rain Pours Down

 Day 7: 7:51 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area: Rooftops

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours and 33 minutes left


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: Arsenal AK(Scope and Suppressor attached), Glock17(Suppressor Attached)

9mm Ammunition: 5 box left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left

Grenade: None

Current Team: Shu, Okabe, Izayoi

Deceased: Nejima


(Souichi's View)

The three of us poured out all of our energy from pulling Izayoi above the rooftop. Its a hard struggle but we managed to do it after a few pull.

Izayoi sighed in relief but his face is as pale as white and his hands were so cold when we pulled him above. This guy is obviously terrified to the very extent of shivering. His courage and gung-ho attitude earlier disappeared after experiencing the nearly brush of death. If not for the fact that we are not some heartless teammates, he might have continue to dangle in there just like that and die a gruesome and disgusting death.

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"Th...thanks...guys... I really...appreciate it," Izayoi muttered as he still try to recover from his experience earlier where death almost got to get interested on him.

"Let's rest first here. Although the undead below are so many, we can still stay here while resting. There are no threats," I declared.

The others did not object and also rested in the rooftops while sighing. The wriggling undead below the place is just too disgusting to look but we can't do anything on them. If we use our guns on them, we are just wasting enough ammo that might get handy later on. Letting them roam is the only possible thing to do.

What made me frown are the swarm of dogs below. In the past, a single dog can already harm if it gets feral, what now that they are now feral and no longer a creature that can be pacified by their owners, the only way to defeat them is kill them all. We don't have any explosives left. After Nejima sacrificed himself from the bank, we no longer have a single explosives to cover wide range damage.

We rested for twenty minutes. We eat a few snacks and drink a few bottles of water to satisfy our hunger. Sooner or later, we need to take a breakfast but we need to take one in a place where we are undisturbed or else, we are sitting ducks.

"Let's go. We don't have to keep wasting our time in here, let's go," I said and pick up our bags one by one.

We didn't run this time, accidentally slipping might cause another casualty, and I can't afford to have another casualty from my group. I already learned the lesson from the clumsy Izayoi.

There are some high rise building that we can't climb up whatever we do so we just decided to keep on moving by detouring if there are buildings we can't jump on. Some rooftops are infested by the undead so we didn't dare to cross one either. In the end, we are getting further and further from our destination. Looks like we can't get out easily. If we retrace our footsteps and return to the area where we walk into while coming in here, the dogs are just waiting for us. I don't know where they came from but we are clearly trapped in the rooftops if we can't go back to the car.


I looked up in the sky and noticed that the sky is getting darker than usual.

"Is it going to rain?" Izayoi panicked. His items are currently in his bag and if they get wet, they are all done for.

"Let's find a shelter this time. Can't risk our items getting wet in the rain. Before the rain gets to fall, let's go further this time," I suggested and everyone agrees.

The rumbling clouds is clearly going to give out a heavy rain. Although I wish that the rain started to pour down during Night Rage to pacify the undead at night, that is a wishful thinking and we can't even control the weather. That is just impossible.

We keep moving on and from time to time, we had to help each other cross the place due to the slippery rooftops and to avoid getting slipped, we help each other get to cross safely.

What I thought to be a dead free place is actually not a safe place too. It was a clear deadly place to traverse. Irregular hordes are forming left and right and we had limited supplies to deal with them. The streets being free from undead seems to be just a facade and the truth is that the dead are just clever to hide. Or there is a big possibility that the horde heard the explosions we have rigged earlier causing them to repopulate the empty streets.

Soon enough, the rain started pouring down. It was quite a heavy rain since the surroundings are so blurry due to the rain. Its quite a heavy rain and if you try to take the rain on, you can feel the heavy pressure of the rain, hitting your skin. It was quite a heavy one indeed.

We managed to find a shelter this time, an abandoned building. The place is empty and there are no sign of undead when we tried looking for one. The undead in the streets also started to disperse like how I envisioned too. I nodded in satisfaction seeing the changes.

We rested and sighed. Izayoi was amazed by how the dead slowly disappeared on the streets like they were also running away from the rain. The streets soon become empty and no longer bearing the dead. If we don't have any supplies that doesn't need to get wet, we would have taken advantage to the rain and rush towards our car. Unfortunately, we are still carrying items which is quite a troublesome fact. If we let them wet, its just a matter of time before they get damaged and useless.

"Jeez, if we don't have any food that gets perishable when getting wet, we would have to take advantage on the rain and escape," Okabe grumbled.

"What if we hold an umbrella and cross the road? Its raining so we can just use the umbrella so that we don't get wet!" Izayoi suggested.

"Rejected, we are still unsure of the behaviors of the undead. Although they will hide whenever it rains, its not something that will change if they see us defenseless. An umbrella will encumber us from using our weapons and that will lead to further problems," I said to him.

I was aware of Chie's research and this rain can make the undead to be pacified from their ferality. But its not something that she have already proven.

The undead might be gone from the streets but we are quite sure that they don't just stay at indoors. They simply disappear. I am just hoping that they are going to die to the rain but that is just a wishful thinking.

"How come this zombies are quite strange? They are afraid of water! Isn't that going to be an advantage?" Izayoi asked.

"No, we tested that, normal water doesn't work and water that we collected from the rain also don't work. The undead are not affected. They are just plain affected if it really rained, not the other way around. Therefore, we always hoped that the rain is much more better to pour down every time so we can continue roaming the streets,"I said to Izayoi.

"Its so curious," Izayoi scratched his head in confusion.

I looked outside the window and saw that the streets are plain empty without a single undead. It was quite empty that we are tempted to cross it and rush towards the car. I just hoped that the rain will get to becomes drizzle instead so we can go and run to the streets.

"Let's wait for the rain to stop for now," I said as I stare back again in the window. Just by looking at the pitter patter of the rain makes my heart fell into melancholy. Being in an apocalypse makes me remember and treasure the time that we are still living the normal life.