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148 Gas Station of the Dead

 Day 7 :7:00 A.M

Outside the Subway Midosoji Line

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 18 pieces

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(Kyosei's View)

I opened my eyes and we are still on the subway lines. We are no longer on the rails but outside of it already and is just following the tracks of the train to return to Shinsaibashi. With all the streets being piled up with too many cars, going into the streets will just cause us to go further and further away from the Shinsaibashi. I really can't sleep too much with all this shaking in the car. I feel carsick with how many hours I am inside the car. I don't feel so good...

"That was quick Kyosei," Kaito said as he still focused on the road but he was quietly looking at me in his peripheral view.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," I said as I want to puke out the snacks I just ate.

"The remaining gas we have in the gas tank is almost empty, a few kilometers later, it will run dry ," Kaito said.

"Is there any gas stations nearby?" Satsuki asked as she looked outside the window.

"I saw a gas station not too far from here, we just need to drive here to get there,"Kaito said.

"Well then... let's go so that my carsickness would alleviate at least," I said to him.

Kaito nodded and followed a small road to take the car to the gas station.


The car finally stopped just around the gas station. The gas tank also produced an empty "thunk" sound when the fuel hit rock bottom.

"Good timing, our gas is officially out," Kaito said as he stares into the pedometer with a glowing red color on it.

I observed outside for a few seconds before opening the door of the car and squared besides it to try and vomit to alleviate my carsickness. Urgh, I really need to go have a proper workout then to stop this sh*t...

Satsuki and Kaito also left the car to look at the surroundings. Aside from the random cars left behind by their owners and a few newspapers and garbage flying around the area, nothing is worth taking. Still, the place is still hit by the dead since its empty.

"Let's hope that the gas in this gas station is not yet siphoned by other people. It would be a big trouble if it was the case," Kaito said and took the gas pump of the gas machine and tried checking his left pocket. After a while, he returned to his right pocket and did the same behavior. However, Kaito frowned.

"Damn, I don't have money," Kaito said and frowned.

I looked into the gas pump and the gas machine and nodded after getting my answer. No wonder Kaito is looking for money, this is a money and manual operated gas pump. If you want to operate it, you need to have money. I no longer have money so I don't care about it. However, now that it is needed, we needed to take care of it immediately.

"... I will go take a look inside the store to look for money. Stay on guard and warn me if there is trouble," I said and pull out my kukri out.

The place is still filled with food and other necessities but most of the shelves are on the floor and broken. It was clear that a fight occurred here. Might be the cashier of the store and an undead struggling.

I did not check the counter first. I need to clear out the place first to ensure my safety. There are two doors in the store and both of them are slightly ajar. I stealthily walked towards the first door with a mark of storage room.

Opening the door, I saw that the place is fine. Not a single sign of a battle and any kind of struggles here. I check the nooks and corners, even the ceiling if anyone are hiding. On the very corner of the room are some spawns of the Mosquitoes. Its been a while since I have seen this cretins. They are still wriggling so before they even mature, I smashed them down by picking up a small sealed box and smashed it down into the spawns. Besides that, the place is free of undead and is currently safe.

I closed the door of the warehouse and proceed to go to he staff room marked door. This time, unlike the first door I entered, the slightly ajar door is emanating a strong and pungent smell of blood. It was so pungent that I have to cover my nose with a handkerchief to proceed. I pushed the door open while remaining on crouch stance. This way, opening the door will not trigger any of the enemies inside the door if ever there is one.

When the slightly ajar door is opened fully, it revealed a bloody scene. The sofas are dyed red in blood and even the walls have some scratch marks with blood, which means, whoever it was, he or she struggled to get away from the assailant to the point of grabbing the any kind of items out just to avoid being dragged by the assailant.

Of course, the assailant and the victim are still present. I saw a slightly fat woman kneeling while chewing on whatever it was, facing the torn body of the worker. From the looks of the body, it looks like a man. I don't like the scene I am seeing so I have to finish the enemy quick.

I stepped forward without a sound and grabbed the sleeve of the fat woman and raised my kukri. The fat woman turned around and growls at me. However, that was a huge mistake from the undead. Before she can even finish growling, I slam down the kukri to her face. The sharp blade, quickly made the work and break her skull as the kukri penetrated her head like melon. I stabbed the head of the woman for another three times before stopping and stood up. The fat woman is dead. The worker on the other hand is no longer going to stand up. Its head is smashed by the refrigerator due to their struggle, making it impossible for the poor guy to become one of the dead.

I check the nooks and corners of the place and found nothing aside from a few rubbish. Seeing no lurking enemies, I returned to the main store and proceed to the counter. The cash register is locked, therefore, I needed to destroy it by brute force. I wanted to do this in the past but I didn't do it. I am not some street thugs that steals money. Although blunt weapons works better on the cash register, I still used the kukri to smash down the cash register with frenzy smashing.

In the end, the cash register did not even get to survive and finally opened. The cash register is filled with money. If the world still needed money, this amount would help us a lot. After retrieving the money, I returned to the car and handed the money to Kaito who is waiting for my return. Satsuki is currently checking the cars on the gas station for any valuables but from the looks of her frowning face, she failed to find any good item.

"Find anything except money?" Kaito asked.

"The cashier is dead. I guess the woman who killed that poor cashier is a customer and killed the poor bastard in a gruesome way, aside from hat, the food and other supplies are untouched. We can take them inside the car if needed," I reported to Kaito.

"Then, let's grab those things while we can. Every can of food will be beneficial to us in any way so we can't waste this opportunity to grab those items. You can ask Satsuki to help you, she is trying to find food and water on the cars she checked and from what I can see, it was a zero harvest," Kaito said.

"Alright then," I said and pulled Satsuki along the store.

In the duration where Kaito is putting the car in full tank, Satsuki enthusiastically put all the junk food and other good food into the car. Even other necessities like shampoo and tissue paper are nor exempted. In the end, we can no longer fit any items on the car any further so even though Satsuki is reluctant to leave the items behind, we really have to do it for the sake of the space.

It didn't take long for Kaito to fill the gas tank full. He also grabbed a few gallons to fill with gas. It might be for the sake of the travel. If we ran out of gas and we are not near to a nearby gas station, we can use it as a reserve.

"Alright, we can resume our journey. Let's go," Kaito said and hopped into the driver's seat.

Then, before Kaito can even start the car out, a revving sound of car roared in the distance alongside with the maniacal laugh of a few people.