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147 Rooftops of the Dead

 Day 7: 7:27 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area: Rooftops

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours and 33 minutes left


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: Arsenal AK(Scope and Suppressor attached), Glock17(Suppressor Attached)

9mm Ammunition: 5 box left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left

Grenade: None

Current Team: Shu, Okabe, Izayoi

Deceased: Nejima


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(Souichi's View)


The rooftops shook. We already managed to get away from the bank but when the explosion occurred, the first thing I did is to look back and watch in horror the explosion of the bank. The others also stopped.

Okabe kneeled down into the roof. Shu shook his head, while Izayoi remained calm, well its already expected to him since its been only hours since we teamed up with him. I grot my teeth, as expected on Nejima. To uphold himself true to himself, I almost trembled. However, Nejima's death will always be remembered. I clasped my hands together and said a silent prayer. After doing so, I stood up firmly and look into the distance.

"We can't waste Nejima's sacrifice, let's get to it and finish what we came here for," I said to them. Shu and Okabe smiled but it was forced. It was expected that it was a huge blow to have a comrade die. Izayoi remained the same. However, he slightly smiled so that is still a reaction.

Before we get to move on, my phone buzzed and I found out that Nanami is calling.

"Hello sis?"

"...Brother, Kyosei said that all of you are needed to return. The mission was forcefully aborted by Kyosei," Nanami said. Based on her voice, she just have recovered after crying.

"Huh? Why? What is the reason?" I asked. What now?

"Kyosei did not divulge the info but he said that we are far too reckless. I reported to him about Nejima's situation and he scolded me," hearing Nanami's explanation caused me to tremble a bit.

"Reckless? Nejima sacrificed himself just so we can get away and even if he got infected, he still managed to help us until the end! We are on the quest to gather gold bars so that we can exchange it for guns!" I gritted my teeth. Does Kyosei meant that our experiences here and our presence here is unnecessary?

"He said that there was no need to even gather gold bars. He said that we should have stayed put in the gun store and just bought ammunition rather than venturing out in the danger," Nanami explained.

I was speechless. Looks like Kyosei has already planned the battle against the behemoth already and during his ventures, he must have gained access to guns. Looks like we are indeed far too reckless. I drove Nejima to death due to our search...

"Brother, return to the gun store. According to Kyosei, if all of you can't return immediately and are trapped, you need to stay put and wait for him to arrive," Nanami explained.

"...I see," I trembled. So in the end, we still rely on Kyosei? F*ck. I am indeed useless. This endeavors we have done in Namba are all in naught, still, what can I do? I sighed.

The call ended and the three looked at me.

"Orders from leader, we need to return," I said to them.

"Uh... I hate to break it but, can we still get away from here?" Izayoi asked and pointed below.

Everyone else looked below and was stunned. Despite the explosion, the undead are still all around below, furthermore, what made me tremble more is the new thing that I noticed below.


Indeed, its dogs. Unlike the dogs in the game Resident Evil, they are not black. They are from different kinds. I can see a Siberian Husky, a chihuahua, a Bulldog, a German Shepherd, a Labrador... Many kind of dogs are gathering, not just the dead. And from the looks of them, they are not the same man's best friend like how Laika do, they are infected too. Their mouths are bared and were full of saliva. A few of them even have blood in their mouths.

"Sh*t, these dogs, how can we even get out of here if they are below the ground? We planned to just run into the rooftops and look for a new bank, but seeing these guys, it would be a bad idea to descend and risk it!" Okabe said as he observed the dogs.

"Right, we can't possibly pass on them without engaging into a deadly fight. Aside from them, the amount of human undead are also getting thicker as time pass by," Shu said.

"Right, then, how about we use these rooftops and race away from the dogs? Although a few roofs has no rooftop and they don't seem stable, we can still reach the area right?" I said to them as a suggestion.

"You mean, do you want us to parkour?" Izayoi's eyes glowed. He was ecstatic on the fact that we are going to parkour on the rooftops.

"Izayoi, remember that we are in a dangerous situation and we are not playing here! Take this matter seriously!" Okabe scolded Nejima.

I gestured them to stay silent.

"Let's keep quiet. Although the undead are all below, we are not sure on this. We might encounter a problem if we are not careful. I can't let anyone become the next infected person in our group. However, I hope we can do this.

"Let's go everyone, we can't just dawdle here. We can't keep on waiting till the Night Rage begins again. Move!" I ordered and the three nodded.

Although I am not someone as good as Kyosei who can climb any buildings without any harness and climb down without falling, I am not going to be left behind. Going in parkour will be a necessary skill in the future.

"Let's derail those dogs away. We will go on a detour!" I shouted.

"Okay! Let's go then!" Shu nodded and we continue moving around to confuse those dogs following us. And if we are hoping to escape from their pursuit, we had to derail them from the road and corner them into a street where they can't follow us if we passed by.

Then, we saw a few undead in the next rooftop.

"Three undead spotted ahead!" Okabe said as he was the one on the very lead. As a delinquent, parkour skills are in dire need to escape enemies in pursuit, therefore, Okabe is not in the side of having trouble scaling rooftops.

"Let me prove you all that I can kill them!" Izayoi pulled out the knife in his backpack. He might have noticed that we keep on using bladed weapons to strike and no one from us is using a blunt weapon. In reality, Kyosei and a few able bodied guys like Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki are strong enough to strike the undead in one hit by using baseball bats. For ordinary people who don't excel in combat, bladed weapons will be their very best friend in the apocalypse.

Although Izayoi is extremely clumsy at first, he managed to properly grasp the attack he needed to use the knife and in the few rooftops, those weapons helped a lot in the battles.

Some rooftops are infested by the dead but we made a quick clearing on them. We don't have to keep on loitering around and continue to move. I observed the dogs and indeed they are dangerous, they are still on our trail.

The rooftops turned a bit dangerous to scale when we saw a few in which are on a clear slippery side. We need to timing our landing or a wrong move will cause any of us to slip and fall to the waiting undead. What made my eyebrows twitch is the fact that the stores we are about to scale are on the slippery side.

"Ah!" Izayoi almost fell but Shu managed to grab his hand. However, Shu seems to underestimate the fall since, instead of making Izayoi stop from falling, the two of them are slowly slipping on the roof, falling down.

"Grab our hands!" I quickly tried to grab Shu's hand. Okabe keep on pulling the two.

"Hurry!" Izayoi has a terrified look on his face as the soles of his shoes are on the verge of being dragged by the undead below. Even the dogs are also leaping one by one like fishes trying to take a bite on Izayoi's flesh.

"F*ck! Hurry! Hurry! I still don't want to die!