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145 The Deadly Escape Accompanied by The Deadliest Bai

 Day 7: 6: 54 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 6 minutes left


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: Arsenal AK(Scope and Suppressor attached), Glock17(Suppressor Attached)

9mm Ammunition: 5 box left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left

Grenade: 4 pcs.

Current Team: Shu, Okabe, Nejima(Infected), Izayoi


(Souichi's View)

Shu's explanation made me stop on rebutting. I can't say a single thing to counter what he said. If I keep Nejima with us, one of us who will carry him will be encumbered since he needs to carry Nejima and his own weapons with him. Also, he needs to jump building to building if necessary to escape from the dead that surrounds the bank. I don't why they built an auspicious exit on the ceiling but that should be in cases of theft or hostage taking. At least, someone will be able to escape. If we bring Nejima, the one who will carry Nejima is going to have a high risk of being the next victim. And I can't afford to have another sacrifice be made just because of my own decisions.

"So, what are you proposing, just leave him alone to die?" I looked at Shu with questioning eyes.

"Nejima has indeed asked for us to mercy kill him but no one is willing and from the looks of it, Nejima is afraid of doing it by himself. Although death is already in your doorstep as long as you are the one who wants to end it, its not something you will like to do. And for the sake of his pride and dignity, he wants us to be the one to do it on his stead, in which, we are also having trouble doing too," Shu explained.

Nejima smiled forcefully after hearing that. He didn't speak at all which means, speaking is already a huge toll to his own body. I grip the Glock 17 in my hands and looked away, gritting my teeth. Just last time, I was a normal high school student, next, I am a survivor, but I never pictured myself as a murderer. If I shoot Nejima's head, doesn't that mean that killing him is counted as murder right? However, just like what Kyosei said, murder is a long lost term in this world. Either you kill or you will be killed in this man eat man world.

I aimed the Glock 17 on Nejima with a shaking hand. I grip the handle tightly and is currently having trouble breathing. This is not what I like the best, if he is a normal undead, it might not matter but due to the fact that he still have his humanity left that I don't dare to do it.

My fingers shook as I slowly tried to move my finger to pull the trigger. Just as I was about to do it...


The shutters are being pounded in unison. It was like they are trying to destroy the shutters by pounding. Also, I noticed that the glass doors are slowly cracking out and the shutters outside is slowly deforming out of shape. This matter is looking good.

"F*ck, did the undead still retain their strength?" Shu frowned as he ready his AR15.

"What the f*ck is going on pals! Someone care to explain?"Izayoi is having a panicky look on his face.

The pounding sound is also getting stronger than usual, and the cracking glass is no longer limited to the glass doors but also the glass walls. They are also cracking in irregular ways so predicting which part of the glass will break to pieces first is not going to be an easy feat.


The walls and the glass doors are already full of cracks. It would be a joke if someone said that the dead won't be able to pass this defense because they are almost succeeding.

"Guys...I don't like what I am looking at," Izayoi pointed into a very cracked glass that seems to break any second now.

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Before the three of us can react, Nejima stood up, shoved his weapons like the shotguns and he bullets alike into us. He suddenly held his hands on us.

"What are you doing..." Shu was a bit startled.

"Grenades..." Nejima struggled. Although he is already weak, he still stood up and ready himself.

As soon as Nejima said grenades, it didn't take me long to figure out what he was going to do. I closed my eyes and grit my teeth. In the end, everything must come to this. Although reluctant to agree with his plan, I removed all of my remaining grenades and handed it to Nejima. Even Shu also removed his grenades and handed them all to Nejima. Only Izayoi has no tribute to give since he is just a civilian hours ago. He has no weapons like how we did yet.

The glasses door and the glass walls itself are already not able to hold the pressure from the banging. Even the shutters themselves had been deformed which isn't looking good.

Although Nejima is not a soldier. His deed is something that can be given an award to the army. I stood straight and saluted on Nejima. Shu followed suit, followed by the reluctant Izayoi who also did it after being left behind on what is going on. Nejima nodded weakly and raised his hands to salute.


The glass breaks and arms of he undead appeared on the shutters only a small effort left and the undead will get to destroy the shutters too.

"Go! Go! Go!" Shu shouted and pushed Izayoi to the tunnel outside before I followed suit, and next is Shu.

I was surprised since the exit is not as cramped as I imagined it to be.

"Hurry! The explosion will soon occur. We can't afford to et caught by the blast!" Shu said as we rush towards the exit.

I looked back one last time and saw the dignified back of Nejima. Wherever you are my friend, if there is an another world, I hope you get reincarnated without going the same fate you experienced in this timeline. And if it is an afterlife, I wish you a safe journey. I saluted to his back one last time before I followed suit on the escape...


Day 7: 7:27 A.M

(Nejima's View)

My comrades are finally able to get away. My mind is no longer functioning like the usual however, I can still do a bit on what I wanted to do.

The hands of the undead that caused me to be similar to them made me angry to the extent. These little buggers are the cause of my death. However, I am going to use all of you as my prey this time. You think that humans are all prey? Remember that we are the same humans who dominated the whole world.

I take all of the grenades in the table and tied them one by one into my body. Shu brought a lot, giving me 7 of them while Souichi gave me the four remaining grenades. I smirked while looking at those pale hands. Just by looking at those pale hands and my hands, they are looking similar as minutes pass by.

The next thing I knew, the undead that are just clawing into the shutters managed to destroy them, causing them to barge in. I grinned as I look at the swarming undead rushing towards me. As soon as they approached me, they slowly overwhelmed and covered me with their rotten hands. I closed my eyes and in just a split second, my whole life flashed by. The pain that the undead has caused me every bite they made into my body is barely bearable. They are ripping my body down. However, enough of that, these f*ckers are just bomb loving sh*t heads.

As my life reminiscence all my memories for my whole life stopped going and rushing inside my head, only one face of the girl I loved dearly appeared on my mind. My closed eyes released a single tear while I pull off the pin of the grenade in my right hand.

"Sayonara... my beloved..."

And before I knew it, the whole place is engulfed in white light...