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142 The Dead is Here

 Day 7: 5:48 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 minutes left


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: AK47(scope and suppressor attached), Glock17(suppressor attached)

9mm ammunition: 5 boxes left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left

Grenade: 4 pcs

Current Team: Shu, Okabe, Nejima, Izayoi


(Souichi's View)

We rush towards the bank with speed. Its almost time for the Night Rage to end but for some reason, if we want the Night Rage to end, the time seems to be not working to us. The time flows slowly and due to this, a single minute seems like an hour already.

Shu, Okabe, Nejima and Izayoi are also running for their lives. The undead are also running towards us and sooner or later, they might catch up to us. Nejima keeps on firing behind us to suppress a few of the undead that are almost grasping the ends of our clothes.

"Nejima! Stop shooting the dead! Focus on running!" I shouted at Nejima.

We continue running towards the bank. The dead are also closing in. We made a mad dash and jump into the bank. However, the bank is also not empty and there are also undead inside. The undead outside are threatening to get in and are pushing the glass door.

"They are breaching in!" Okabe quickly focused into the glass door. Luckily, the glass doors of the bank is formidable and they don't break easily. However, Okabe alone is having a hard time, so Nejima and Izayoi helped into the door by pushing it.

"There should be an automatic shutter system on the banks to cover the bank from threats. We need to find the switch to activate that!" Shu said as he destroys one of the undead that tried to get close to us while we are inside the bank.

I nodded and decided to look around. I also attacked the undead that tried to attack us. Luckily, the undead count inside the bank are not that numerous unlike the current situation outside. The glass walls are holding good and are not on the verge of breaking, most undead are focused on the door and they are gritting their teeth.

But, worse comes to worse, I did not expect a terrible enemy waiting. Before we can find the shutter switch, Shu was ambushed by a Stalker.

"Shu!" I quickly used my flashlight to shine it to the stalker causing it to shriek and scamper back in darkness. However, it was still hostile and ready to strike on us. Shu roared in anger.

"You motherf*cker dared to attack me! You need to die!" Shu raised his AR15 and pulled the trigger into the fast moving Stalker. I helped Shu by shining the flashlight to the Stalker causing it to get stunned and Shu will start to pummel it with bullets.

Of course, the Stalkers are very formidable. They are so agile and they don't die just by gunshots. They are so tenacious.

"Souichi! We can't hold on any longer! Our arms are getting sore!" Okabe shouted.

"Hurry up!" Nejima is also getting wet from sweat for using his arm to keep the door barred up.

Izayoi already used his baseball bat as a temporary lock but it was clearly not stable and the dead are getting as time passes, which leaves the trio to keep themselves holding into the door.

My hands sweats as we can't proceed. The Stalker won't let us pass and if we tried to get too close, we would be surely ripped off to shreds without mercy. Shu have reloaded for a few times already but the Stalker seems to be getting more and more harder to kill, but we noticed already that the Stalker is getting slower. Giving Shu a chance to go in for the kill.

"You petite monster! Go die!" Shu roared and kicked the Stalker before aiming its mouth and emptied the entire clip of the gun.

The Stalker fell dead after the vicious attack of Shu. After killing the Stalker. We quickly resumed to the main objective which is looking for the shutter switch. After a few more times of looking, I noticed a lever just beside the power switch. It was labeled Shutter.

"Found it!" I smoked and pull the lever down.


The locks stopping the shutter from falling down quickly unlocked and released the shutters down. The shutters of the bank is heavy and before the dead can react, the shutters came falling and dismembering a few limbs that managed to get through the slip of the door.


The loud sound echoes on our ears, which also signifies our safety... for now. But, this temporary victory is also not without a price.

"Souichi! Shu! Nejima is bleeding!" Izayoi shouted.

Hearing this, my heart sank and my face frowned. Shu and I rushed back to the entrance and looked at Nejima. His arm is indeed bleeding.

"What happened!" I gritted my teeth, hoping that Nejima is only wounded in the skirmishes, however, fate is not merciful.

"Heh... I am bitten..." Nejima smiled weakly and goes to the corner and sit down.

The morale of our group fell. Our faces darken hearing it and it seems like it was a heavy hammer that strikes our emotions.

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"Agh! F*ck! F*ck! Aaaaahhhh!" I roared as tears fell into my eyes. This is indeed a suicidal mission but for Nejima to get bitten! I am a failure as a team leader!

Okabe punched he floor as he weakly sat down into the floor. Izayoi checks Nejima's wound a bit and shook his head as he look at us. Shu also checks it and sighed. Nejima might have been in pain, but he still smiled.

"Its alright... Its just a bite..." Nejima said to us. His bitten arm convulses and the skin color of his skin turned paler and paler, alongside with the formation of the blood vessels becoming more visible.

"Nejima! Don't give up hope! We might be able to keep you alive!" I consoled Nejima but in reality, I am consoling only myself for accepting the truth.

Nejima was a clear admirer of my sister, Nanami and although he was a quiet guy, he was a guy that you can easily trust. At first, when he I know him for the first time, I was getting angry for him to get close to my sister. Well, that was a brotherly love for my sister and blocks him from fearing that this guy is similar to those bastards. However, it changed when I knew from Nanami that he tried to rescue them when they were abducted by Kaze during the first day of the outbreak and Kyosei managed to rescue him. Within just a few days of being one with us, I made to say that he is a sincere guy and an easy to get along. He also proved that he is a dependable teammate. Who would have thought that this would make matters worse.

"Brother Sou... its alright, I am okay..." Nejima smiled weakly. However, this caused me to fell into tears.

This world is so unfair. In the end, those guys who are doing good things are the one who gets to be the first to disappear.