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141 Deadly Dilemma

 Day 7: 5:39 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 21 minutes left.


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: AK47(Scope and Suppressor attached), Glock17(Suppressor Attached)

9mm Ammunition: 5 box left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left

Grenade: 5 pcs.

Current Team: Shu, Okabe, Nejima, Izayoi


(Souichi's View)

Looks like that numbskull managed to realize something. He is now running madly towards us. Still, I can't believe that this guy was so oblivious to the outside world. The whole world is already in chaos and in disarray while he just got to finish the game he is currently playing. For f*cking sake, this guy is a real piece of work.

I never realized that this guy was a good runner. We have left him behind and we are still running but in a few seconds after realizing that he is in danger, he quickly abandoned what her was thinking and madly sprinted to our direction. He managed to catch up with us but behind is also the clumps of freaks running behind us.

I pull out one of my grenade and pull the pin before throwing it to the horde.


The grenade bounced a bit before exploding. However, it is not the time to stop and celebrate, that is just a small explosion and that explosion is not enough to destroy the whole horde. Besides, the Juggernauts and Hurlers are still alive.

"What the f*ck is going on?! How come they are not normal! This is obviously one of the most difficult setting if this is a game!" Izayoi shouted, still sprinting madly.

"We already told you that relying on your fantasy of zombie Apocalypse paradise is just not worth a shit. Although its true that you can kill ten via headshot, not all of them are easy to kill and they are only easy to kill during the morning around six in the morning," I explained.

Izayoi shrunk back and look at his watch. Seeing that its still a few minutes away to six in the morning, he panicked.

"There are still a few minutes left! Can we survive that long? That is not possible!" Izayoi roared and tears are streaming down his face.

"Just keep on running, we survived a more difficult situation before this. This amount of undead is nothing!" I grinned. Just remembering the time we escaped the school while the Behemoth is rampaging, although we had a casualty, that was already considered a miracle that we escaped.

On the way, there are a few undead that also attacked but we killed them as we pass by on them. Izayoi was clearly a guy who has no idea how dangerous the world has become due to the Apocalypse. Unlike the movies were the protagonist's survival is considered as something that is necessary for the story to continue, this world is not a story which follows a linear path of survival that is mediocre and just relies mostly on their super powers. Its a kill or die world.

I hold my bolo hard, if only I have the same quality and ability that Kyosei have, that calmness of his face despite the ridiculous happenings, I wanted to also have them, however, that is already tempered on Kyosei's personality and it was already something that developed over the years. While me who thought that life is easy, and thinking about my future with my family and my girlfriend, is practically this useless in the apocalypse.

But I can't afford to lose and die here. When a male office worker undead blocked my way, I squinted my eyes.

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'I will survive!'

I swing my bolo hard, striking the side of the head of the undead, slicing it down. Although they developed a soft skull, they also managed to have their own body very strong that made them really terrifying during the night rage.

We continue running when Okabe noticed something ahead of us.

"Souichi! Its a bank! What should we do?" He asked.

I squinted my eyes and although I can't see much since I can't really see that far despite me being a far sighted person, I can faintly distinguish that there seems to be movement ahead.

"What is moving ahead not too far from the bank?" I asked.

"Its... its another horde. However, they only consisted of normal undead. I don't see any special infected with the horde. However, the amount of the infected of the horde seems to be more than the normal. Imagine a crowd in Shibuya crossing?"

I was baffled. That amount is clearly not good. How come a horde is also in that area? My mind tried to rack in strategy to get out of this dilemma. However, only one word goes to answer my question...


Only a few minutes left before the Night Rage ends however, its still on the peak of Night Rage, facing a horde is not a beneficial thing to do here.

But then, I remembered one quote of Kyosei during the time when a few bullies were beaten up by Kyosei in front of me.

"If you are stuck on a place where both choices are painful, then choose the choice that is lesser painful rather than avoid the choice instead."

Yes, in this situation, that quote really hits me. Although our target is already there, I almost shivered because of the undead horde just ahead, what is the most painful path? Behind us, what is the less painful path? Ahead of us of course. The Night Rage is almost done, if we fight here before the night rage ends, we have a huge chance to loot the bank and look for gold bars. A slight sacrifice only. A sacrifice that no one dies. If Kyosei can do it, of course I can do it too. I need to never hesitate about this.

I look at the others who are also running away from the horde. I believe in their abilities even Izayoi's ability to be fearless is worth mentioning, just don't mention his idiocy.

"Push the dead ahead of us! Kill every single piece of shit that moves! We can't fail here! If pull turns into a pull then we don't have to wait for it, retaliate!"