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140 A Gamers Surprise After Seeing The Dead

 Day 7: 5:33 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 27 minutes left.


Melee: Game Controller

Gun: None

9mm Ammunition: None

5.56 ammunition: None

Grenade: None

Current Team: None


(Izayoi's View)

I felt heavy but also excited at the same time. This is the apocalypse? Just wow! I never expected this! I only see this in games of zombies, I never expected that this already have occurred in this world! Looks like the world has been in for a reboot!

"Oy, you Numbskull, you think this is a paradise for you since you are a gamer? Nope, your mindset is just too idiotic. You think that you can have a harem? Ha! I am sure that a single night won't give you a chance to live. Face reality. If you have the skills to kill the dead, then you should use it then. Don't get to excited and think this is similar to games," Souichi said with a serious look on his face.

"Oh come on, if the enemies are zombies, then killing them via headshot will do the trick. They are slow and dimwitted so killing them are easy!" I said to them. I don't believe that the zombies in the games and the zombies that appeared right now are different.

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"Heh. That mindset was indeed my mindset when everything started but I suddenly wished that everything just remained as it is than turn like this. Once you experience a single day and night with us, I am sure that the mindset you have built up by yourself will surely be broken," the guy holding a hatchet said and sighed.

"Let's go, we need to have to continue our objective and let's get back. Its almost morning. If we continue to stay here, the dead will start running here. We did a very dangerous move earlier and if there are a few undead in the vicinity, we would be in for a trouble, the Night rage is still on effect," Souichi said.

"Night Rage? What was that?" I asked.

"Stop asking, we don't have to waste time," the guy who was similar to a delinquent said.

"Ah, okay, but first, I need to pack up my supplies first. I hoe plenty of food here and if we are using it for ourselves, we can last for a week," I said and rush back inside and pulls out a big backpack that I usually used whenever I visit Comicon in Akiba and started stuffing my remaining food and water bottles inside. I also started putting a few of my games inside, a laptop, a manual laptop charger that can be used even without electricity and a few of my game controllers. Of course, I can't forget to bring my little hug pillow with my waifu Rem-chan.

"You bringing so much stuff, but I guess you can bring it, as long as we don't have to carry the shit out of your stuff," the younger guy said.

"Don't worry, I won't let you even touch my stuff except the food and water. Others are off limits for me,!I said to them.

"Pah! Who needs your stuff? If anyone want that, that would be Kyosei but he is not here right noe and we can't use those to barter guns so those are useless to us," Souichi retorted before he walked out.

I shrugged and finished putting all of my stuff. I can't take my PC and other games but I can go back here once I get enough good weapons and take this items with me. I changed into a jacket, wears a cap and gloves, covered my face with handkerchief and I pick up the wooden baseball bat on the side. Now I feel like a real survivor in the apocalypse. I can feel that I am destined to be the Main protagonist! (A/N: Nope Izayoi, sorry to say that you are also one of the side characters, not the main protagonist himself, and besides, you still suck)

"You packed enough? Then let's go and leave this accursed place," Souichi said. His face shows that he was so fed up in this place.

Just before we can go out properly, the door on the neighbor's door opened and a woman wearing almost nothing came out. However, she was filled with dry blood on her body and she looks so pale. When she looks towards our direction, she growled.

"Crap! Infected!" Souichi roared and pulls out his bolo.

However, this is my first battle, I need to prove that I am stronger than them!

"Leave this to me!" I said and posed in my swinging stance to swing hard the baseball bat hard to the undead.

Just as I though it would walk slowly, it suddenly sprinted towards me.

"Fast!" I was shocked but its speed is not that fast and I can beat it up!


I swing the bat but for some reason, my attack missed.

"What?!" then I realized that the dead that I just attacked just dodged.

On that moment, I heard Souichi's voice.


With my quick reflex, I quickly duck and before the woman with sharp claws can get near me with her fangs and claws galore, a muffled gunshot made the girl stop.


The running girl fell head first and lay down the floor motionless. I stood up and wiped the dust on my pants. Before I can finish, Souichi approached me and shows a very threatening look on his face.

"You Numbskull. You really think that the undead we are fighting only involves to a normal walking dead? You are mistaken. What I have just killed right now is an undead that not yet developed into a creature that we call as the Stalkers. She is still immune to light so it would take a few times before she becomes one. You are lucky to still live," Souichi said.

"Well, its just a fluke, nothing is wrong on missing," I said, still confident on my ability to kill zombies.

"Haiss, you are really a Numbskull. You can't even kill a single woman who is still not yet full transformed into a Stalker. A monster we consider around only rank one? Pathetic. I wonder if you can really survive," Souichi said with a grim look at his face.

"Who are you calling Numbskull?!" I bellowed but they disregarded me and goes down the apartment.

I have no idea why they are acting like this. Isn't it just zombies? What are they been afraid of? I followed behind them and walked with nonchalance. A challenge to kill the zombies in a carnage would look good on me. Then, have a harem of girls, wow, that would be really great!

While I was still on my imagination, I heard the younger guy bellowed as he spotted something on the horizon.

"I spotted a horde! Two Juggernauts and a few Hurlers! We need to get out of here!"

"F*ck!" Souichi cursed and began running away from the opposite direction.

I frowned. Why are they so afraid of these slow and dimwitted guys? I shrugged and decided to face off with them. This is just like the game. Killing them will make me stronger!

I stood in the middle of the streets. The four guys who holds bigger guns are all far already. They are cowards. With confidence, I stare into the approaching horde. Then my lips started to twitch and I shivered.

These are not the slow and dimwitted guys I envisioned. Two big ass guys with muscular bodies appeared and I saw a few smaller versions of those two big guys carrying a corpse. They are slow walkers but what made me tremble is the walkers themselves.

They are not walking...

They are running...

One thing is for sure, I can't survive this, I am just a normal guy, I didn't care about this anymore, this is no longer a place to show your ability, one thing is needed to do...