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139 The World Turned into A Deadly Place When I Go Ou

 Day 7: 5:31 A.M

Osaka Streets: Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 29 minutes left.


Melee: Game Controller

Gun: None

9mm Ammunition: None

5.56 ammunition: None

Grenade: None

Current Team: None


(Izayoi's View)

I finally cleared the game I had taken several weeks of playing. I disregarded everything from the outside world by blocking the door to avoid the other people from bathing in, even the doors are barred. I stocked up enough food and water for me to last for a month. Finally, one of the games I was playing finally got cleared by me.

However, bizarre happenings began not too long ago. There seems to be a huge earthquake earlier since the place shook a bit. Glad that the game and the PC is fine when that occurred. I can finally post the game achievement later on in my game walkthrough and blog. As I was celebrating, my door was banging hard. I look at the door and it was certain that it was shaking.

Then I realized, maybe the FBI have traced me here since I was keeping VN(1) games composing lolis? Sh*t! They have started destroying my door!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I have seen my door fall down as he hinges got broken. And on the doorway came four people armed with guns.

I quickly raised my hand and I even released the game controller off my hands.

"FBI is that you?" I shivered and paled.

"Huh?" The one holding the hatchet was stunned.

Then, another guy who has an imposing aura holding an AK47 gun push inside and look around the room while still pointing the gun at me.

"Who are you?" the guy wearing glasses holding an AK47 asked to me.

I realized that these guys are teenagers, the same as me! They are not FBI as I presume! Are they cosplaying? Why are they carrying guns?

"What is up with you guys? Why did you barge in my place without knocking? I can open the door you know?" I said to them and stood up nonchalantly.

"Stay your ground and don't move!" the guy with glasses holding the AK47 gun pointed the muzzle straight to my face. The others also raised their guns to me.

"Hey, is this a prank? Is this for an April fools day? Ah, I might be filmed? Wow, I will get famous..." I continued to rumble when the guy holding the hatchet punched me on the stomach. It was clearly hard and I felt my gut was like being wrecked apart.

"Name!" the guy holding an AK47 and wears a glasses growled.

"Ugh... Izayoi Kamakura..." I struggled speaking. These guys are not cosplaying.

"How the hell did you survive the apocalypse? Did you stay here without opening the door to anyone? Are you bitten, or scratched by the undead?"

Huh? What weird things is this guy talking about? Then the guy who seems to be a bit younger than the guy holding the AK47 spoke. However, he was also holding an AR15 rifle.

"This guy was clearly unaware of the happenings outside. He is ignorant that the world has ended," he said.

"What the f*ck?Is that still possible?" the guy who looked like a delinquent was stunned.

"He looks like he didn't know anything at all. A NEET perhaps, a severe NEET who shuts away from the world," the guy holding a Hatchet said.

I can't last anymore to what they are saying so I decided to stand up after feeling my stomach better.

"Hey, guys, care to tell me what is going on? You keep on babbling on things like these and that. Its making me nervous, stop pranking me please," I said to them but they were clearly not being the looks that joking.

"What should we do? We can't just leave this guy here, we already destroyed his door and if we leave him here, those freaks will chomp this lump of meat down to seconds," the guy holding a hatchet said.

"Although I can't handle some civilian, its not really a bad thing, I will first report to my sister this," the guy wearing glasses holding the AK47 said and the others nodded. He then pulls out a sort of item I can't really see and began talking.

"Sister, its me, Souichi. We found a civilian who has no idea the apocalypse has begun..." the guy named Souichi said.

Wait, apocalypse? This doesn't make sense. Last time when I go outside, everything is normal and people still walked around the streets. What is he talking about?

"...he might be the cause from the horde. We can't abandon this guy to death since we destroyed his barricade. If we end up letting him being eaten, then that would put our conscience plummet," Souichi said, then he nods. After a while of talking on whatever he was using, he faced with his companions.

"Okay guys, we need to bring this fellow all along. But first, he needs to be purposely be here," Souichi said.

"Shall we give him a weapon?" the younger guy asked.

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"Not now, he needs to see on his eyes himself the state of the world first," Souichi said.

Souichi then looked at me. From his looks, it was with a curious and pity look.

"You, Izayoi right? You need to check the news sometimes. Being able to survive the world without dying, you are really a piece of work," Souichi said and push me outside the door

Although I was confused, I complied and then, I saw that the whole place is quiet, the streets are scorched black. I also noticed the dead bodies below my apartment, scorched black and their smells still lingers my nose. Red puddles are also around in which I suspect to be blood. Also, these guys who barged in are all armed. For some reason, I felt like I was left out by the whole world. Did I stay at my room for only a few days or did I keep myself isolated to the world for a year? The world turned into a deadly place when I go out...



1.A visual novel (bijuaru noberu)or VN for short, is an interactive game genre, which originated in Japan, featuring text-based story with narrative style of literature and interactivity aided by static or sprite-based visuals, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video footage) As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels.