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136 Railway of the Dead

 Day 7 5:47 A.M

Osaka Streets: Yodoyabashi Sta.

Duration of the Night Rage: 13 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 18 pieces


(Kyosei's View)


The car that I just sniped released a noisy sound causing the undead around the subway to stop and growl as they rush towards the noisy car.

I quickly put away the AR15 back into my shoulders and run back to the next floor. Since the car is wailing noisily, the undead earlier that I lured away using the phone is already attracted to the noise. On the way, I saw the phone is already broken. Looks like the undead are so brutal even with an object. I didn't waste my time and sprinted down the building. Since most undead are all rushing to the car, the whole place is deserted by the undead.

When I arrived on the car, Satsuki is already awake. She must have awaken after I shot down the car. She was clearly panicking while Kaito seems fine and calm. He is not even showing any signs of panic at all.

I opened the door to the passenger's seat and ready the AR15 out.

"Let's go! While the undead are still occupied we need to move out! We can't stay here any longer!" I nagged Kaito.

"Alright," Kaito turned on the engine, revved it up, before stepping the pedal for the gas.

The noise was enough for a few undead to notice us. But since its almost morning, the running speed the undead has with are sluggish, still they are still running.

Kaito was quick and the car drifted along the area.

"Brace yourselves!" Kaito roared as he step the pedal of the gas more, making a noisy engine roar to escape.

With the seatbelts on, Satsuki and I were all holding our breaths. There are countless of horde on the tail of us and although they are not as fast as the time in the evening, they are still running.

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The car crashes around several undead and a few items that was left behind. Kaito is now heading towards the rail of the train. If we want to return to Shinsaibashi, we need to use the railings to move. It was already impossible for the train to keep on moving so we are not worried. Moreover, when we reached through the subway more, we saw the train was already derailed. A few people who died from the derailing were visible sticking out of the train. The train was also blocking the rail so the other way around is our choice.

On the subway tunnel, the place was dark and the car is gibing us a bumpy ride due to the rail but that is not what made me frown, there are just too many undead in the subway, if we are walking, this amount is not considered as a joke. Try imagining the crowd that usually cross everyday on Shibuya Crossing. Around half of those people seems on this subway tunnel. With the help of the car lights, we are able to see the surroundings, however, the windshield is getting stained with blood and Kaito already activated the wipers to wipe off the blood and flesh sticking on the exterior.

Satsuki is giving a bad expression looking outside. I frowned seeing the severity of the situation. The events were very weird and the government seems to lack response. In times like this, they usually deal with giving deployments to SDF and secure survivors to safety, but in this case, not only they abandoned the stationed SDF, they even abandoned the remaining people, leaving them to be food of the undead.

The car makes an occasional 'thud' and 'squish' sound everytime we bumped into an undead and what makes it creepier is the fact that it keeps on going even if we are already a not far from where we entered the tunnel.

I had no idea how long has it been since we are inside the car. The windshield is already a mess and I can't seem to like seeing red with some weird colored splotches as I shine my phone in the windshield.

"What time is it already?"Kaito asked, still calm and composed.

Before I can answer, Satsuki answered quickly. Her watch might be digital.

"Its already 6:21 A.M. Oh! We survived the night!" Satsuki smiled.

Indeed we survived the night but I am unsure if it still worth celebrating. The undead are getting numerous and now they are getting different kinds of mutation. What is more, the Behemoth that is more dangerous than anything. Killing it was said to be not a simple matter since even the SDF who holds a large variety of firearms are having a hard time and are recruiting civilians' help on suppressing the Behemoth.

Soon enough, the car reached the destination and made a good way that made me sigh in relief. The windshield that is still stained with blood is already exuding a scarlet red tinge with a bit of light allowing us to see that we already have escaped the tunnel. Still, the occasional 'thud' and 'squish' are still on with some accompanying 'ugh' sound seems to continue on.

"Aren't the dead seems to be getting more and more plenty? From what we can see, having this many infected is clearly not something good," Satsuki shook as she looked behind the car since its the only part of the car that has a small amount of blood and remaining flesh from the undead.

"Yeah, from what you just said, they are indeed getting so many. Also, from when I was in Shinsaibashi, the infected are unusually so numerous," Kaito added.

I did not voice out my opinion to them, they have not known the experiments underground Japan or wherever it was. If they found out that something like that is going under, they might go confused and might be fearful in their future. Although I know that the future is still grim, there is still hope left.

The blood and flesh slowly got rid out from the main windshield on the front due to the water and wipers that the Ford Ranger car has. We are indeed following the rails and the undead around are not that many and can only be counted by fingers.

"Still, its been a week right? But evacuation announcements are not occurring at all. We are waiting for that thing but there seems to be no choppers announcing those things to us at all," Satsuki scratched her head as she mention it.

"Oh yeah, now that you mention it, whenever when there is a disaster nationwide, they should be informing us and will conduct search and rescue operation," Kaito had a look of frown in his face but he still focused into the road.

"I think they are trying to ask for America's assistance, that might be the case," Satsuki said. However, her statement made me irk.

"No, that is not something that will happen, and I am certain of it," I firmly said. Kaito seems to have known it already but he keep a quiet pose and just observed our conversation.

"What makes you say that?!" Satsuki is enraged. In her face, she was angry for rebutting her hopes of being rescued away from the infected infested place.

"If Japan was really asking for help from America, then how come the US president ordered a forced evacuation to the white house?"

"Forced Evacuation?" Satsuki's face turned into a confused one after mentioning it.

"Yes, the America and the Navy Seals are down, and before that, the president ordered a forced evacuation to his family. America is already ruined 89% and only a small amount of area is remaining safe," I revealed.

"Do you have proof? Those might be baseless claims!" Satsuki really is stubborn.

"Baseless Claims? Ha! The US President's children is together with my group, looking for a way to contact their father who was left behind in the wrecked White House. Their Helo crashed, killing the pilot and since they can't get back yet, they are forced here. Now, those things I said earlier are all the things that they said to me after asking what happened before that. If you are proficient with English and can understand them, you might as well ask them. They can speak Japanese already but not too much. If we arrived there safely, I can let you talk to them."