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135 Office of the Dead

 Day 7 5:10 A.M

Osaka Streets: Yodoyabashi Sta.

Duration of the Night Rage: 1 hours and 50 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15, Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 18 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

I killed the guy but I lost my knife. Its blade melted as soon as it pierced through the neck and only its hilt is left. My kukri is fine so I am calmed down. I already stayed away from its location since I was afraid that the area around this guy would collapse and would make a sinkhole but luckily, the saliva did not last too long but it melted a large amount of the ground making a bit hollow but not too deep hole. The body did not fell into it but seems to dangle on the edge of the floor it was in.

I observe the guy slowly to look and take note of its features. I see that this guy seems to look similar to a guy with tuberculosis or a cough. His ribs can be seen underneath his skin. He looks so malnourished that I frowned on it. This is not what I expected. I wanted to get a few samples for Chie to study but all of the items to take samples are not with me. In the end, I did not took the samples. Handling infected tissues without proper handling might result to dangerous situations.

With the Puker dead, I flick the Kukri with force to take the green blood on it off. This is the first time I encountered an undead that has green blood. All of the undead that I have killed before all produce dark red blood and this is the first time seeing a green blood out of one. I took my phone up and snaps a few photos on it and I plan to show it to Chie.

With everything done, I proceeded to my original motive that I entered this building. From what I can see, the whole building was deserted and except for that sole Puker that I killed, looks like nothing else are in there...or not.

I entered the second floor and realized that it was an office, however, the tables seems to be on wreck like some sort of panic made them to move the tables and wreck most of the items on them.

Not too far from me is a group of undead. They seemed to be sleeping? They are not moving, they just stood there and are nor moving. If you have seen it personally, you might think that they are posing for a painting session but that would be not going to occur here since its the apocalypse.

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I counted 15 on them and most of them seems to be workers since their clothes are set of suits for men or office clothes for ladies. They are clumped together and they would be hard to distract away from each other. I left my slingshot in the base so I don't have anything that can help me distract them.

I looked around and saw a few things like a few paper stack but I don't think those will work. I scanned the whole area for anything that would help me and then and noticed a small object below a toppled table. It looked shiny and when I get close, I saw that it was a smartphone. I opened it and saw that the smartphone is not locked with password and only a sliding lock.

I was hesitant to scan its files since I remembered that one time I rescued Cindy using a porno to distract a bunch of hungry cannibals. My whole body shivered thinking on it.

Luckily, this smartphone seems to be clean. It didn't have any kind of bad videos. In fact, I saw tons of photos of a pretty woman around 25 years old on the gallery. My speculation is that, the former owner of this is this woman. From he outbreak panic, she left the phone. Or maybe she is no longer alive and got to be one of those undead.

She had lots of The Carpenters song in her playlist. She seems to like listening on old songs. I observed the undead and seeing no movement, I set an alarm on the phone. It only has a 2% bar on its battery but I hope it can last on it. I set the alarm to ring after one minute with snooze that repeats 5 times. Making sure that the volume is in max, I secured and made it properly before. finishing.

With preparations done, I slide the phone towards the location I intended them to gather so that I can safely pass. Like a hunter, I waited for the alarm to ring and after a few while, the alarm rings causing the standing undead to go ballistic and rush towards the source. The ringing sound is pretty effective to attract them.

While they were occupied, I swiftly made my move. With nimble but silent steps, I traverse the building. There were no undead besides the group I baited with the phone and I safely arrived the rooftop. The door was locked but it was not a problem for my lockpicking skills. The padlock did not seem to be really difficult and soon enough, the door opened.

I blocked the door with boxes and other items to avoid the dead to wander and get inside the rooftop while I was doing recon. I activated Kaito's radio.

"Kyosei here, over."

"Kaito here, have you arrived? over."

"Yes, I will now begin recon. Over and out" I quickly stopped the transmission on the radio and pull out the binoculars. Indeed, this place is quite a good vantage point but the whole place lost its charm after the dead invaded.

With the binoculars, I checked the area and soon saw a lot of undead moving on the station. There are indeed lots of them and they are the main cause of the grunting and moaning sounds from them. There are also lots of broken cars and a few good cars that should still be looking.

"Kyosei here, affirmative here, it was a very damnable place and should distract them while they are still busy, over," I said to the other line of the radio.

"What are you planning? Over."

"I will shoot down a car below that is still good to run so that it will produce a siren. That way, most of the undead on that area gets to go away there, over."

"I see, affirmative, be safe. Over."

"Alright, over and out."

I too off the AR15 out, attached the scope and positioned myself on a good vantage point where I can see the target car. I am not so sure of it though to work since being a sniper is not an easy thing. I set the gun to singular shot. I huffed my breath as I stare inside the scope. My mind slowly focused on the target. For the sake that we can return to my companions, I will do this even though this is my first time.

When the muzzle was aimed pretty good, I released my breath alongside with me pulling the trigger.