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134 Deadly Phlegm

 Day 7: 4:56 A.M

Osaka Streets: Yodoyabashi Sta.

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours and 4 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15, Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 18 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Sh*t! What the f*ck was that?! Did it just melt the concrete and tiles? Before that questions in my mind could be answered, the thin lanky man began to cough hardly like it was about to die but I know that it won't be dying in the cough anytime so soon. This f*ckers ability is to cough and to spit like someone who has a cough. However, the way he spit is similar to puking since he is more on throwing lots of that green stuff and most of the time, he just puke it out. The only time that guy spits out that green liquid is during the time that it got to see me. Getting hit by that green slime out will spell death to me. If it melts concrete and tiles that are much harder than me, what will flesh and bones do?

I did not rashly try to attack it using my AR15 even though I have suppressor on the gun. Its because even with suppressor, there are chances that the undead will hear it. They are not humans and has much more stronger hearing than humans so it would be a bad idea if I can't kill this guy using the AR15 and then being crowded by the undead. I might be dealing of multiple threats and then, got spitted out by this lanky guy which will spell my death.

The lanky guy continued his coughing session. I was unsure to call him cougher and spitter. They might be appropriate names for this new guy but I am not sure that would be a great name.

"Let's call you puker then," I grinned and escaped from my hiding spot so that I could get close to the lanky guy.



It suddenly puke out large amounts of green liquid and after the puking, it began to spit out of me.


I barely got to dodge it and a bit of my sleeve burned. My skin almost got burned too and it felt like it just got scalded. I glance on the pillar that I just his earlier, it was melted beyond recognition, hollowed like some sort of worm or beetle burrowed inside and eat all the contents leaving a hollow and empty pillar. And sh*t, there 12 pillars on the ground floor and if all of these pillars got to melt by its attacks, this building will collapse, burying me alive if I failed to escape in time from it!

I sweat profusely due to the danger I am facing. Even if I hide, I will die if I don't kill this guy not due to the spits or teeth of the undead, but due to the collapsing building. I will get squashed alongside with this guy.

Then, my eyes wanders around and saw a big plastic cover on the side of the pillar, it looks like it fell during the panic in the first day of the outbreak. I quickly grab it and use it as the shield and rush towards the lanky puker.


A green liquid shot out its mouth, shooting the plastic I am using to cover myself and the plastic quickly melted before I can even get too close.

"Oh f*ck," I cursed and rolled away from the Puker. It didn't get to puke away and coughs for a while.

I was conflicted. This guy can melt defenses easily. Barrages and walls are easily breach if this Puker do puke out. Wonder if they also go on hordes but seeing this guy, I think its not an undead that goes with a horde but they might be going to follow normal hordes during Night Rage and melt walls. That would be really dangerous.

If not for the fact that I am avoiding to produce sound that can attract a horde, then I might have already give a bullet down into its brain.

"Hey, Kyosei, Over," Kaito buzzed on the radio.

"What is it? Over."

"Are you not yet able to climb up? The undead around the station seems to thicken as we speak, over."

"I am in trouble since a new specie of undead is blocking my way, spitting acids and destroying my cover. Over."

"New Specie? Acid? Isn't that too dangerous? Over."

"If not for the sake of not attracting the horde, I would shot this guy out. I can't get too close since once I get too close, it starts to puke out acid, over."

"Then you should just stay away there and use another building to scope the station, don't just rashly charge with that guy, over," Kaito was also conflicted.

"I can't. The other buildings are also not that safe to enter and this place is the most suitable vantage point. Besides, killing this might reduce our problems soon,over." I said to him.

"Hais, alright. I can't just change your decision since you are the one charging in. Then good luck, over."

"Alright, over and out," I turn off the radio transceiver and focus my view on that guy.

The puker was clearly coughing so does that mean those green acid are the mutated version of phlegm? As I stare at this guy more, it looks more similar to those people who have tuberculosis. They keep on coughing and has a hoarse growl.

So, if I kill this guy, I need to avoid the 'phlegm' that it pukes out. So, should I use my gun? No, its pretty hard. Also, I feel like I am in need of crossbow now since they are silent long range weapon. Staying here will pose more danger to me and killing that guy is the only thing I can do to pass.

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I stare on my kukri, will this weapon work? I guess I need to give it a shot. I stare around the area. This puker seems to only continue coughing, staying in the same position. It didn't move but earlier, it clearly moved especially when I appeared, so does that mean, it won't move if nothing moves? To have my speculation answered, I pull a piece of rock that got chipped off from the pillar after it melted and broke apart. The rock is brittle but solid. This would help as a temporary rock.

I throw it towards the Puker and it breaks into the ground as it hits behind the back of the puker. The puker noticed it and moved to look into its back. My eyes flashed as I see an opening.


With the Kukri firmly grasped in my hands, I rush towards the Puker. The distance of the puker and me is not that far so clearly, sprinting towards it will close my distance to this lanky guy. I also prepared the Knife in my other hand and when I get on its back, before it gets to turn around, I stab beside its neck and use the kukri to deal the final strike. As the kukri smash the head, the Puker did not get to react and its phlegm slowly fell to the ground, slowly eating the whole floor it was currently standing...