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133 I Spit on your Deadly Grave

 Day 7: 4:21 A.M

Osaka Streets: Yodoyabashi Sta.

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours and 39 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi

Gun: AR15, Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol

9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition: 18 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullet

Grenades: 18 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

The ford has been running for quite a while. Luckily, due to Kaito's superb drifting and driving skills, he managed to have the undead chasing us to lose track. In result though is the car's exterior. Its shiny orange color is scratched to many extent due to the fact that Kaito had to ram against walls and other debris on the streets and besides that, we made a few turns on narrow hallways making the car's exterior damaged more.

Still, we managed to lose sight of them. The red haired girl whose name was Satsuki or Satsuka or whatever it was is sleeping on the backseat. She must have been more exhausted from all the events.

"You should sleep too," Kaito gestured to me.

"No thanks, I am not sleepy," I said bluntly before I took an empty AR15 mag and a box of ammo on my lap and began to reload them as work.

"I see," Kaito nodded before he focus back to his driving.

"Should we switch? You might be tired and sleepy," I presented.

"No, thank you. I am trained to stay awake for days. A few days of no sleep is nothing to me," Kaito said. As expected of a trained assassin.

"Anyway, you should really sleep, you even beat up a big guy earlier, you must have exhausted much of your energy," Kaito insisted.

"Nah, quite good. I am more than good," I said to him. Indeed, if he was trained to not sleep for a few days, I am still able to maintain my energy without sleeping much.

The whole car was quiet. We did not speak anymore. I focused on my reloading process. And then I realized it. After a week interacting with these people, I realized that I am now more open to others and although I still don't trust people too much, I am now much more easier to approach than before.

I still remember the "Do I care" attitude of mine before the outbreak. And now, I forgot how to usually do that. In the past, I prefer being alone than to be with others who view me as violent and scary. I even cut off the connections of mine to my former friends especially Miyuki whom I have a special place in my heart. And although I have already cut ties with her in the past, I didn't forget her and in fact, I still use the beanie she gave me as a gift which became the icon of mine when I was a famous delinquent.

I realized that the reason I cut off ties with my former friends is to have them avoid me so that they won't be also in trouble due to me. I am afraid of losing someone again. After my younger sister died, I was now more recluse, after the events of the car crash that claimed my parent's lives, I buried it deep on my heart all the pain of losing someone. And after the death of Leo, whom I view as my second father, those feelings intensified.

But now, I am stuck at Yodoyabashi without knowing when will I get to reach Shinsaibashi.

The car slowly drove out to Yodoyabashi station where the train that usually move everyday is now currently derailed. Also, there are lots of different grunt and movements in there.

"Let's no go further," I suggest.

"Yeah, there are lots of movements, we are not sure if that was the work of the undead or not," Kaito nodded in response.

"I will do recon on the rooftops, you two stay here and cut off the engine so that the undead won't discover the vehicle," I suggested Kaito.

"Yeah, good luck put there, I will contact you on the radio if something is up," Kaito handed me the radio and turned the car's engine off.

I took the AR15 as my main gun and the Beretta M9 Pistol as my backup gun leaving the Colt 45 as it lacks suppressors while the Beretta has one. While I still wore the brass knuckles on both fists, I still carry the Wakizashi and Kukri with me. I can't keep on relying on guns and besides, I am not a fully gun master compared to Kaito who is very proficient in guns and close quarter combat weapons. I left the Naginata as it will affect my mobility whenever I try to dodge and roll around if necessary. I might end up wounded if I am not careful.

The skies are a bit getting lighter since it is almost morning. Only two more hours before the sun fully rises and the night rage is over for today. Still, I can't calm down just yet, as long as the night rage is still on the air, there is bound to be danger.

With the binoculars and my weapons, along with the radio that Kaito handed out to me, I scan the whole place for suitable buildings with vantage point that can see the entirety of the area. The buildings around the Yodoyabashi Station are not that high rise but they are not small either. After finding a suitable building, I quickly made nimble steps, wielding the kukri on my hand and slashing the undead that are on the way while trying to hide my presence as long as possible.

I did many stealth kills for quite a while now and with the experiences on how to do it and imitating a few movements that Kaito did whenever he do a stealth kill, my ability to do it against the undead without being noticed is quite high.

I managed to enter the building without hitch and lucky enough to find the building without too many undead. There are a few of them but they are far from each other and can be strategically taken out by surprise attacks.

I counted 10 of them, staring at the kukri and brass knuckles combined with this wakizashi that is still not able to taste blood ever since, I felt confident to take them all out.

"Let's get to work," I grip the kukri and made a quick movement to hide from tables and decorations on the lobby.

Crouched with a weapon, I pull the undead's head carefully before stabbing its temple with the kukri. Before the undead can move, it died in my hands. I carefully put the dead body down into the floor and move to the next undead.




A few undead I saw are a bit tricky to handle but I managed to kill them all. I realized that their sense of smell do not react whenever a human is crouched down while they quickly react when I stood up, which means, crouching while the night rage is ongoing can allow you to escape the radars of the dead.

After killing the last undead with a few difficulties, I am now safe to move.

"Cough, cough."

Huh? What was that just now?

"Cough, cough"

Is that someone coughing, I hid behind a pillar and checked where the cough is coming from. With the echoes every cough, it was hard to accurately pinpoint the location if you don't focus your hearing. I lowered the volume of the music in my headphone and decided to focus my entirety to the coughing person.

"Cough, cough."

There! I found its exact location after the voice cough, however, I did not dare to rush. I am not some idiot who is easy to fall enough in this method. Who in their right mind will cough loudly with undead all around you? You would risk a lot if you cough and also, its not that normal to cough every 10 seconds interval. I always expect the unexpected during Night Rage. There are bound things that will happen.

I tried peering and saw a naked guy with almost no hair in his body. He is pale white and although he is standing in the dark, he is quite obvious. His complexion is pretty skinny and in fact, he looks like he was a walking stick that will get blown away by the air anytime.

Just as I peered, its lifeless eyes looked into my direction, I quickly hid but then something unexpected happened.


I smell something corroding. Like it was being corroded by a very volatile liquid and emit foul smell. Then I realized what was corroding, it was the pillar I was hiding in.

"Shit!" I cursed as I realized it. The pillar collapsed like it was being poured by hydrofluoric acid.

I rolled to the nearby table but f*ck, before I can even move properly, the table I was meant to hide also corroded.

What the f*ck is going on? Then the thin and lanky naked guy cough again but this time, he vomits out.


A green liquid fell out on his mouth. That is the time when I shivered in fear due to the fact that I discovered something really dangerous than the Juggernaut. The liquid that fell into the tiles on the floor corroded and melt the ground.