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132 Big Guns Against Dead People

 Day 7: 3:51 A.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 9 minutes left


(Nanami's View)

It was very clear that Shoko and Kota are both aware of the circumstances on the danger against the behemoth. However, they seemed really nonchalant on it. Looks like convincing them to come with us is going to prove hard. Still, the guns on our arsenal are not enough for all of us. We have stockpiled enough jewelry from Kyosei's exploits and a few stuff that my brother Souichi and the others got after trying to loot a few abandoned houses. But I am not quite sure if they would be enough. I really have no idea that Kyosei's ability to bargain on them would be really useful since I dot have the same ability as Kyosei in terms of bargaining.

Still, might as well have Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Honda come with us since they are more expert on guns due to their line of work. I approached them first.

"How are the guns we have so far? If we are planning to destroy that Behemoth so that we can safely escape Osaka and reach the other City, we really need to bring enough guns," I discussed on them, in terms of gun knowledge, no one are on par from them on our group since our group is only composed of students without any sort of military exploits.

"We have enough shotguns and assault rifles but if you are talking about their fire rate and damage output, I am afraid that we have to say that these things won't do good if we wanted to take on that monster. I heard from your brother that you have faced off with that guy early during your escape from the school. He said its pretty tenacious," Mr. Tanaka rub his chin.

"Yeah, one of our teachers who act as the leader of the group sacrificed himself so that we can escape. We barely escaped if not for his sacrifice. We also notice that its recovery speed is quite fast that even a huge blast that our teacher did by having to go on Blaze of Glory, it almost didn't do much," I explained.

"Figures, if it is similar to Juggernauts, it should have been killed by the Team Alpha and Beta that Srgt. Haru is commanding. The SDF would have barely dealt enough damage to it. Much worse, we can't ask for air force support to Tokyo due to severe conflicts that made the cities of Japan to divide itself. If not for the selfish things that the officials wanted, the outbreak would not get escalated to the point where everyone is dying and has almost no hope of surviving," Mr. Honda gave his analysis.

"So that means our guns and supply won't do good?" I frowned.

"Yeah, even if we storm back to the mafia where we defected from and take back the guns and ammo they have in there, it will barely suffice. What we need are guns that are packed with firepower," Mr. Honda suggested.

"Firepower?" I really can't think of what guns are good with firepower.

"Are you talking about grenade launchers? But they shouldn't be here in Japan. Its illegal due to the swords and guns ownership law. And although we have enough guns that could be considered illegal, they won't be considered that illegal since they are usually used by SDF and the military," Mr. Tanaka frowned.

"Yeah, I am talking about grenade launchers. If we can't gain support from the Tokyo SDF and allow them to sent reinforcements, we won't be needing them since tanks and air strikes would suffice but to heck with it, looks like the current people that took the Tokyo government after the Outbreak turned rotten and would only leave the whole Osaka and other cities to fall," Mr. Honda gritted his teeth.

Indeed, what Mr. Honda said is true. The Tokyo government could just deploy the SDF and supply them with basic weaponry that can last enough to evacuate the citizens. They can even use the tanks and air force to dwindle the amount of undead around the cities but look what happened. Even relief supplies are nonexistent which is much more lethal to us who are willing to look for food around houses to houses while avoiding the danger that the undead brings. The news on Tokyo are still on so we knew the current state of Tokyo about making a refuge and quarantine camp for uninfected humans.

Still, what is expected to other cities are left to die. Osaka survived since a few Tokyo SDF whom were abandoned were stuck here but sooner or later, the Osaka will be devoured by the infection. There are less humans surviving anyway and most devour weaker survivors and kills them. Kyosei personally dealt with most of them that he encountered so the population of living people dwindles more.

"However, if we need grenade launchers, having a mass supply with them would be impossible. We might only have one or two of them," Mr. Tanaka scratched his head.

Just then, a familiar voice resounded on our backs.

"Grenade Launchers? We have them, and if you like, we can procure them specially for you all, for the right price," Shoko had a sinister look. The look of being a money grubber.

"What price?" I quickly said to her. Although I have no bargaining skills, I can still do negotiations.

"This time, jewelries are not sufficient. I suggest you all spend it for purchasing 40mm fragmentation grenades(1) for the ammo. What we need for it are gold bars. Lots of gold bars," Shoko grinned.

The three of us were stunned on Shoko's demand. Gold bars are not easy to find and there is a small chance that gold bars are still present on the banks around the city but that small chances are mostly ruined due to the looters on the city. A few guys still view gold bars and money as treasures and loots them when the banks are hit hard by the outbreak. It would take a lot of time to gather.

"If that is too hard, we also accept gold ores and unprocessed gold too," Shoko said to us.

Gold ores makes it more complicated. I don't know if there are gold mines in Osaka but there should be a few on mountainous areas but that would take a lot of time. We are short on time and our only bet is to loot banks for gold bars that are not sure if existed.

Just then, Souichi, my brother came in.

"Don't worry dear sister, we will take care of the gold bars. After the Night Rage, we will depart to search for them," my brother said.

"But isn't it too dangerous?" I asked.

"Indeed its dangerous but if we don't hurry, we might get annihilated instead. We will try risking it to gather than just wait to be killed," My brother said.

I was awed a bit by my brother. Although he was cowardly, in just this week of intense hell, his personality took a drastic change. He was more dedicated to survive.

"Sis, don't worry. I might be cowardly and a bit of reckless but if we wanted to see father and mother again, we had to do this," Souichi pat my shoulders. His pat seems heavy. It was like he was carrying all burdens.

"Then, I will inform Kyosei on this," I said to brother.

"No, don't say it to him. He already shoulders too much burden. We can't let him solo all the burdens that our group carries. If he continue doing that, sooner or later he will end up killed due to his obsession to work and be a leader that deals all of the problems," Souichi said.

That strikes me hard. Indeed. We keep relying in Kyosei's decisions and he keeps on doing it alone. We have not consider his feelings. He might still having trouble accepting that he is an infected guy but he still continue to do it.

"Right, he needs to have his burdens light up a bit," I said and calmed down then look at my dear brother.

"So who would you bring along?" I asked.

"Okabe, Nejima and Shu. I let Sena stay here even though she wanted to go too," brother look at the three guys he mentioned.

"Be careful then, have Pastor Shin bless the four of you before you depart. We will wait here," I said to him.

"Don't worry, we survived hell at school, this is nothing," Brother pat my head. His hands soothe me a lot. Its just like the old days.

"Then, if you want to start, have a look on Namba(2) area. I heard that the banks over there are able to have gold stored in their vaults," Shoko suggested.

Namba, an area we are not familiar with but we hope that the info is correct. For the sake of obtaining Big Guns, my brother had to venture out. And I hope that nothing serious would happen to them.


1. 40mm fragmentation grenade - ammo for the well known grenade launchers nowadays. There are two different types of it: the 40×46mm, which is a low-velocity round used in hand-held grenade launchers; and the high-velocity 40×53mm, used in mounted and crew-served weapons.

2. Namba -Namba is a high-energy entertainment district frequented by commuters from a bustling cluster of transit stations. Namba Parks complex has boutiques and East Asian restaurants in a mall with a roof garden, while otaku pop culture fans shop in Den Den Town for video games and comic books. Lively izakaya bars line the alley behind the Zen temple Hozenji. The National Bunraku Theatre stages classical puppet shows.