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131 Deadly Impending Doom

 Day 7 2:51 A.M

Osaka Streets - Shinsaibashi

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 9 minutes left

Prison Bus Driver: Shu

Passengers: Nanami, Miyuki, Cindy, Chie, Rin, Ren, Nathalie, Sena, Snow, Eve, Pastor Shin, Yumi, Ms. Haruna, Lin, Yuko, Lisa, Risha, Laika, Sakura, Mirai, Penelope, Chihaya

Truck Driver: Mr. Tanaka

Passengers: Souichi, Steven, Nejima, Mr. Suzuki, Okabe


(Cindy's View)

The bus stopped and we also noticed that the truck stopped too and the boys got out one by one. I can't really think much anything though on what was going on, until we noticed that we have already arrived on our destination. I still remember this alley where Kyosei and the rest discovered the Bang Gunstore. Its quite silent instead of the usual undead swarming the streets. Its too quiet than the usual.

Miyuki and the rest also started going down the bus. The first timer who just arrived from our group were a bit confused on why we have gone in here but they soon got their answers as Nanami did the password on the hatch and open it.

The whole place is still looking good like a bar lounge. This time, an additional chessboard, slot machine and darts are added in the lobby. It's like a total upgrade. And as usual, Shoko greeted us while Kota is like a bartender mixing cocktails.

"Welcome back guys, where is the beanie wearing leader?" Shoko scanned the group but failed to find Kyosei.

"He is not with us. I am reacting as the temporary leader in behalf of him," Nanami explained.

"I see, you all matured a lot just this past days eh? Did the apocalypse changed you all?"

"Of course, who wouldn't. Anyway, I know this is sudden but I wanted to ask to reconnect here on your connection. I have already pinpointed that your store has a reliable connection to internet," Nanami pulls out her laptop.

"A professional hacker in the making, unfortunately its a bit useless profession now," Shoko led us to the lounge sofas.

"I don't really care, as long as I can connect to the internet, I am fine with it," Nanami firmly said.

"Go ahead, I will prepare snacks for you all," Shoko said.

"No need, we are not in the mood to eat," Mr. Tanaka said firmly.

Shoko shrugs before she goes back to the counter and continue wiping a cavalry sword.

Although, I am jealous with most talents of my companions, I tend to be proud of my ability to memorize things perfectly without forgetting it at all. However, its a bit of useless. I am still down a bit on it but thankfully, Nanami's work made me useful.

Ever since I was rescued by Kyosei during that time, I am already trying to find a way to find a role beneficial to him to repay all of the things he have done, but most of the time, I was just an insignificant character. I tried being a nurse with Miyuki and Snow but still its hard if not for the help of Chie who is very knowledgeable on drugs and other pharmaceuticals, I might struggle catching up with them. Luckily, Nanami is in need of someone who can memorize things the other day and that was the time my talent was useful.

Nanami typed a lot of random things I don't understand. The black screen started to get messy and greenish due to the random words and numbers on the screen. I bet that it was codes for cracking internet security. After a while, she open an application window and shows a connection slowly.

Buzz Buzz


Soon, the fuzzy screen disappeared and a face of the familiar guy appeared. Its the guy who managed to contact us the other time, its Srgt. Haru.

"Can we ask for an update in your current situation Srgt. Haru?" Nanami asked.

"Nanami-san, looks like we won't be able to hold much more. The Behemoth is devouring almost everything here and we have no choice but to keep on defensive against its tentacles. We have to even try killing the undead but they are also getting devoured by the Behemoth which is slowly growing bigger and bigger as time pass by," Haru reported.

"I see, can you tell us where the Behemoth is currently positioned right now?" Nanami asked.

"Here is the map," Haru showed a rough sketch on the position of the Behemoth. Nanami looked at me and nodded, gesturing for me to do my job. I quickly memorize the things out before I nodded to Nanami to gesture that I was done.

"Thank you very much, Srgt. Haru. We will try to support you all whatever we can," Nanami said.

"I hope so, if the Behemoth managed to wreck havoc and got to reach Tokyo without hitch, that means we are all dead. This Behemoth devours anything and it won't be long before we are also devoured, we are all working for our survival too," Haru said with a regretful tone.

"Alright, I am cutting the Transmission. Blood Battalion out."

Nanami cut the transmission and quickly looked at Shoko.

"Shoko-san, do you have any bond paper available? And a pen too!" Nanami demanded.

Shoko looked at her before smiling and gesturing for money. Nanami gritted her teeth before pulling out an earring from her pocket in which Shoko grab and hid in her pocket in a swift but clean manner. Kota quickly pulls out a 500 bundled bond paper along with a box of ballpen to Nanami.

"We don't so much bond paper and ballpen!" Nanami tried returning it but Shoko shook her head.

"Uh-uh, no return, no exchange!"


I pat Nanami's shoulder and calm her who was seething with anger.

"It's alright Nanami-san, we can still use it in the future then," I said to her.

"Tch, this is why I hate bargaining. Kyosei's ability to bargain is really needed here," Nanami sadly said before she grab the materials and hand out a single bond paper and the ballpen to me.

Although the others are relaxing after the tiresome battle, they are still in vigilant mode. They are really anxious with everything. I quickly retrace the map that Haru showed to us and within an hour, the map is done and hand it to Nanami.

Nanami frowned.

"I think it was heading to Tsutenkaku Tower(1)," Nanami frowned.


(Nanami's View)

Cindy's rough sketch is very accurate thanks to her photographic memory and excellent hands that is very proficient in drawing. The map that Haru showed to us was quite elaborate. Right now, the Behemoth is currently located on Tennoji Sta. where it was seemingly resting. If not provoked, the behemoth won't be moving for a week which would be the best time for us to go and combine our forces with the SDF. However, Kyosei is missing and we can't just move on without any plan. I also can't make decisions that Kyosei should be doing.

Although Kyosei is not a leader type person and prefers to act alone, he mostly gives most of the best solutions in our situation. If not for him, we won't be here. This apocalypse is not something we can just end. And for that, Kyosei who has a good eye in danger will be able to act out. I am not even the leader of this group. All we can do is wait. Because we believe in Kyosei.


1. Tsutenkaku Tower -Tsūtenkaku owned by Tsūtenkaku Kanko Co., Ltd. is a tower and well-known landmark of Osaka, Japan and advertises Hitachi. It is located in the Shinsekai district of Naniwa-ku, Osaka. Its total height is 103 m; the main observation deck is at a height of 91 m