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130 Deadly Osaka Drif

 Day 7: 2:51 A.M

Osaka Streets- Yodoyabashi

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 9 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles(Both Hands), Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi, Combat Knife

Gun: AR15, Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol


9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition:20 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 boxes

Grenades: 9 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Now that we arrived outside that place, I realized that we are in Yodoyabashi, far from Shinsaibashi where everyone else did. The reason I was so certain is due to the Naniwa Church(1) not too far from here. And if my assumption is correct, Tekijuku(2) is also going to be on our view.

"How did we end up here without knowing?! I was clearly on Nakazaki chou!" Satsuki grumbled seeing that she was clearly not that near on her former location.

"Tch, they kidnapped us so far that we reached Yodoyabashi without knowing. Those sinister humans," Kaito groaned and firmly clenches his fist.

The streets were still full of damage and random undead are moving around the streets. Its quite a depressing sight and the former glory of the streets of Yodoyabashi is already broken down to pieces.

We continue walking down the streets, killing a few undead in the process. There are scattered broken cars but we have not found any car that is working.

Still, we did not stop, looking for any sign of car. Its not like we wan't to remain walking on the streets with undead all around, its just hard to find a working car.

"These cars are all busted. We might find cars around the subway,"Kaito suggested.

"I think that is a bad idea. If the subway loads and unloads lots of people during the outbreak then it means that the dead are also plentiful around there. We won't last a day there!" Satsuki declined Kaito's idea.

If we go straight towards Tekijuku then we will arrive at Yodoyabashi station, its still the same thing!" Kaito retorted.

"That is why we have to find a car as soon as possible so that we can escape a horde of those infected without much problem!" Satsuki once again shouted.

This time, I was so agitated by their loud voices, I have already killed a dozen undead attracted to their voice and they still continue squabbling.

"Shut up or I will ditch you two to the horde. You two are attracting death itself," I said to them and continue moving.

That is the time they shut up and followed suit with me.

Soon, we found a Ford Ranger on the side of the street that crashed into a telephhone pole. The front of the car is not smashed. Its just slightly bent. On the driver seat is a woman who is already an undead, frantically trying to free herself on the airbag and the seat belt trying to restrain her.

"Poor bastard," Kaito said before he pulls out his Glock 19 with a supressor and shoot the struggling undead to the head.

"It would get messy," Satsuki commented.

"At least its not our blood," Kaito answered and open the door of the front seat and pull out the dead body of the woman.

The backseat was full of tools and supplies. There were also two Remington Shotgun and five boxes of shells for the gun. Plenty of food too.

"Dang, were lucky! Food!" Satsuki scanned the food and the good thing it was still consumable and its not yet on its saturated dates.

Kaito also checked its gas.

"Good, its also full tank! We won't be troubled reaching Shinsaibashi with this," Kaito answered.

Before we can settle down, a huge swarm of mosquitoes are buzzing overhead. They are as big as my fist which means they just finished killing a few people. They were followed by a group of undead, clearly feral and hostile. They are running.

"Get in the car! Undead are coming!" Kaito shouted and open fire on the undead. Since the mosquitoes are on the way, they were the first to die by the bullets.

Satsuki immediately enters the backseat and quickly readies her AR15. I also entered the passenger seat and raise my AR15 to the undead. Now that we are inside, Kaito also enter the ford and start the engine since the car keys are still jammed on the key hole.

Pushing the gas, the tires screech and Kaito quickly controlled the car like a NASCAR driver and changed gears before he backs away from the pole and with a quick break, the undead that rush to the car slam on the back. Kaito steps on the gas again and races straight to the wreckage of the streets. Kaito was focused on the streets. I did not fire against the following undead as the road has plenty of debris. Going out to shoot would be risky.

Kaito was quick and with a quick turn, he drifted to the other side of the street and the screech of the tires was heard. Its quite strong and the smell of rubber lingered on the air.

"Wohoo! Yeah, eat our dust suckers!" Satsuki happily cheered as the car speeds away from the dead. Kaito occasionally drifts towards the corners, which might be for the sake of losing the trail of the dead following us. Its still early and I am guessing its a long way before the we will be able to lose sight of them.


1. Naniwa Church - Naniwa Church is on a corner in Kitahama (Osaka City), a district where many retro-design structures stand between modern office buildings. The church is a three-story building, featuring gothic steeple windows and yellow/green stained glass windows as well as an elaborately designed tower. Completed in 1930, the church was designed and constructed by Takenaka Corporation under the instruction of William Merrell Vories. Vories came to Japan in 1905 (mid Meiji period) to teach English at the present-day Hachiman Commercial Senior High School, Shiga Prefecture, and engaged in Christian missionary work as well as social education, publication, medical services, school education and other social contributions based on Christianity. (He is also known for spreading the use of Mentholatum widely in Japan and for designing the Shinsaibashi Daimaru building.) The history of Naniwa Church can be traced back to Naniwa Kokai, Japan's first self-sustaining church voluntarily established by 11 believers in 1877. This may be one reason why the chapel interior exudes a friendly atmosphere comfortable for common people. The chapel on the 2nd floor is tinted by bright, gentle colors of light pouring through the stained glass windows, creating an even simpler and more graceful atmosphere than that expressed from the church's exterior.

2.Tekijuku -Tekijuku was a school established consciously in Senba, Osaka, the main trading route between Nagasaki and Edo in 1838 during the Tenpō era of the late Edo period. Its founder was Ogata Kōan, a doctor and scholar of Dutch studies.