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129 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 3

 Day 7: 2:51 A.M


Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 9 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles(Both Hands), Balisong, Kukri, Wakizashi, Combat Knife

Gun: AR15, Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol


9mm ammunition: 20 boxes

5.56 ammunition:20 boxes

.45 colt ammunition: 20 boxes

Grenades: 10 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

I held a grenade in my right hand while I grip tightly the Naginata on my left hand. The undead below luckily did not notice the ruckus on the veranda and just stay idle below. Kaito and the red haired girl agreed with me to throw a grenade and use its aftermath to push onwards and escape whatever this facility is.

"You two ready?" I asked the two who are both holding the AR15 tightly. Unlike Kaito who seems unwavering despite the danger in front of us, the red haired girl is much more tense as she trembled looking on the wriggling undead below.

Kaito nodded. He is much more resolute in terms of willpower than the girl.

"Ready!" the girl trembled a bit but quickly composes herself, afraid of showing her fear on us. Her tone carry a bit of nervousness that cannot be hidden easily.

I nodded before I bit the pin off before throwing the explosive to the undead. I tried throwing it with all my might towards the entrance so that the explosion will blast the entrance too and so that our escape route is already intact. The grenade bounce back a bit and came short, only a few more meters away from the entrance. I duck to take cover on the explosion and in a few more seconds...


Shockwaves and strong wind appeared, blowing on all direction. We felt the surge of impact as the veranda seems to shook a bit after throwing it. However, that tactic is very successful seeing the undead far from the explosion snarl and rush to their fallen brethren that got ripped to pieces after the explosion. The area of the blast is a real mess as the place is both drenched with blood and scorched by the explosion of the grenade. The undead began feasting the dead and began stuffing the dismembered limbs of the dead, some even stuff their mouths with intestines and a few innards that are either scorched or blasted beyond recognition.

"Disgusting pieces of sh*t!" Kaito click his tongue in annoyance as he slowly go downstairs and began pulling the trigger of the AR15 after seeing a few undead facing their attention on us.

The red haired girl panicked but she slowly huffed in air and also begin the assault. I also joined the fray and raise the Naginata. Although it is not a mastery of mine in attacking against these rotten corpses using the Naginata, I slowly get used to its heaviness and its length. I sometimes use the Beretta M9 Pistol whenever an undead tries to get close on me. That way, I can adapt and keep myself safe without risking myself near these pieces of crap.

The tiles on the floor turned dark red due to the blood and flesh from the undead that got killed by either, me, Kaito's or from the red haired girl's assault. Either way, everything is the same and the undead that saw their brethren's corpses began eating and stuffing their broken and rotten mouths with rotten pieces of meat before trying to chase us or attack us.

"Die motherf*ckers!" The red haired girl slowly get the hang of the battle and did not spare any undead that tried to take a bite on them.

"..." Kaito on the other hand is much calmer and much more proficient in killing undead. He might be silent but he is not to be trifled with. The dead that gets sniped from the muzzle of Kaito's AR15 will either end up bursting their heads or will fall down without resistance.

All in all, it is a bloody fest. The undead just kept coming for us but we also take turns on cover against these pieces of sh*t when one of us will need to reload. The other undead that are originally feasting on the other undead that got blasted away from the grenade also turn their heads and also snarl their disgusting mouths on us.

"Don't let them approach us!" the red haired girl pulls out the empty magazine on her gun and pulls out another mag full of bullets and reloaded the gun without any hesitation.

My job this time is to chip off the undead. Although this is considered suicidal, I don't risk on reloading. I stuff the Naginata on my back and pull out the Wakizashi on my waist. The blade is quite sharp and even I was unsure if I am safe wielding this katana. I am not proficient on this weapon but I decided to give it a try. I rush towards a group of undead and just like in the movies and anime, I imitated their stance and slash down the short but sharp wakizashi down with a bit of strength.


Huh? Did I really cut something? I don't feel it much since once I slash the katana down, it didn't feel right like how I did feel when I am using the kukri. It felt like I did cut something but it just passed through the blade.


I didn't dare believe unless there is an evidence but now looking at the undead sliced like tofu on the floor, I still can't believe it. The strength of my strike seems wasted when the wakizashi seems to do the job much more better than how I usually need a few strikes before dismembering a few parts of the dead.

"Keep it up! The infected's getting lower and lower!" the girl shouted as she saw me slash down the dead with great ease.

I decided to another slash and if that feeling is still the same just like I did earlier, then this is rather convenient!


With two strikes of the wakizashi, the original undead that tried attacking are all down on the floor broken and no longer moving like simple dolls.

Gunshots and wails of the undead continued to manifest the area without any kind of intervention. The battle lasted more than an hour and after a while, we three emerged on the bloody hall, carrying the weapons that killed all of the undead. We killed them without any kind of help. We emerge victorious. Although it is not my first time emerging victorious against the infected undead, it still feel good after the battle where no infected individuals are walking. Stragglers are also not spared by my katana and their heads are either snapped off from their rotten bodies or got pierced by the wakizashi.

The red haired girl huff and puff due to the intense battle. From my guess, she never had this kind of experience ever since the beginning of the Outbreak. It was either she was holed inside a good place where the dead can't access during the Night Rage or her companions already dealt this kind of thing which made her and her other companions safe. Either way, this would be the very first time she had an intense battle. Kaito on the other hand is much calmer than usual. He is an assassin, he already dealt much more harsher battles in his missions, I won't be surprised if he say that the battle against the Night Rage infecteds are not worth of practice, he didn't even break a sweat.

I also felt a bit fatigued but its normal. I am fighting straight without any kind of rest. It would be abnormal if I didn't feel anything. The only thing that helped me recover my stamina faster than usual might be the result of the Virus Galea inside my body that Eve particularly inserted on me. I am a bit of afraid what will happen to me once I abuse this power a lot. Will I be much more like the protagonist of the Resident Evil movies or I would end up becoming like a monster similar to that Behemoth.

We exited the facitlity we are currently in and we are surprised to see that we are on a mansion. This place is not like those mansions I have looted so far, this place is much more like a facilty rather than a mansion. Maybe the mansion look was used as a cover for the masses to get fooled? Then again, it is useless now here in the apocalypse. After our battle here, it would be a bit of a problem if other people know this place. It might end up similar again to the arena again.

"What are we going to do with the left over weapons on the armory of this place then?" I asked the two.

"It would be much more beneficial for us to seal this place and return here again to take the weapons once we get a vehicle," Kaito suggested.

"I agree with Kaito. It would be a waste to just abandon those weapons. It would be really useful for us to take them with us," the red haired girl nodded as she shoulder back the AR15.

"I see, then do that, this would be the best part for us to part ways," I said to them coldly.

"Huh? You are not coming with us?" the red haired girl is surprised.

"Of course not. We are not friends either way and I am not interested going with you people," I said bluntly at them and sheathed the wakizashi inside its sheath.

"I no longer have my group, and now that the main propreitor of the deaths of my brothers are now dead, I have nowhere to go. It would be much better to follow you and although you seemed younger than me and you still wear a high school uniform with you, your skills is also good but it needs a bit of polish and I notice that you don't use guns much. In my point of view, you still are not good in using firearms. If I may, I wanted to follow and allow you to train under me," Kaito said with a straight face.

"I don't need anyone to teach me, and besides, the motley crew I was in is in a very dangerous situation. It would be better if you two would not follow me since it would only endanger your lives more," I said to them after recalling that we would be providing back up to the SDFs against the Behemoth.

"We are in much more perilous situation if we don't stick together. Although you are younger than me, you are muc better in combat than me. If you already have a crew with you, then wouldn't having an extra pair of hands with your group benefit you more?" the red haired girl smiled as she made her point. I kind of remember Miyuki's attitude on her. Persuading her more, will only reveal her stubborn disposition that is harder to break.

"....suit yourselves, as long as I don't have to babysit you two, then I have no problem you two tag along with me. My current destination would be going to my companions in Shinsaibashi before going to Tsutenrakaku, anyway, I don't care whatever you two do, just don't bother with me."

"Understood," Kaito nodded.

"Although your attitude sucks, its much better than my previous leader. Alright lets introduce ourselves, I am Satsuki Hanamura nice to meet you!" the red haired girl around 21 years old said as she introduced herself to me.

"I already introduced myself but still, its not a proper introduction that time. My name is Kaito Daiki, may we know what is your name?" Kaito smiled.


I don't know what to say but heck with it.

" me Kyosei. But they usually call me the Little Devil."