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128 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 2

 Day 7: 2:39 A.M


Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 21 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee Weapons: Naginata, Combat Knife, Kukri, Balisong, Brass Knuckles(Both Hands)

Gun: Beretta M9 Pistol, AR15, Colt 45

5.56 Ammunition boxes: 20 boxes

9mm ammunition boxes: 20 boxes

.45 Colt ammunition boxes: 20 boxes

Grenades: 10 Pieces


(Kyosei's View)

All of my equipment are all recovered without hitch and I even gained a lot of ammunition too which would be a good way for me. I also took a few essentials like some knives and other close combat weapons that can be packed inside the bug out bag. And since the bag that I took earlier contained food, I also secured it inside the bug out bag. Due to the size of the bug out bag, there is still plenty of space to stuff in. Its a good thing that this bug out bag is empty, otherwise, I had to organize all of the stuff that usually inside it.

I take a quick look on the two who are also busy looking for good weapons. I look at the weapons a bit until my eyes landed to the katanas. I took out one of the katana out and held it on my arms. Its a bit lighter than I expected and a bit shorter. From what I can see, samurais usually have this katana on their arsenal.

"That is a Wakizashi, right?" Kaito approached me, with a bit of admiration on his gaze on the katana.

"This is a Wakizashi?" I take another look at this weapon. Its black scabbard is quite eye catching with a shiny texture.

"Its blade is around 30 to 60 cm and usually, this wakizashi you are holding is called a kou-wakizashi since it is closer to a tantou. It is used usually used in close combat but this is an auxiliary sword of a samurai. Samurais usually use it for beheading opponents. From what I can see from your movements earlier, this weapon is very good for you since this is lightweight. I suggest that you take it with you then," Kaito said to me.

I stare back again on this weapon. Sure enough, this weapon looks very bad*ss and earning another lethal close combat weapons for free is quite good indeed. I attached it on my belt and inserted the scabbard on it. I tried drawing it a bit but its hard to quickly draw it like an expert. I did not use it too much as it was really dangerous to use in this area where it was a closed space.

"I can see that you are not that good handling that wakizashi. It would be quite easy once you practice drawing the sword everyday. That way, quick draw attacks are just a piece of cake to you," Kaito said as he finish his preparations.

I nodded before putting the bug out bag on my back. I was surprised because its not heavy at all and easy to handle. Seeing Kaito and the redhead to finish packing, I decided to move now. Looking on my watch, I saw that its already past 2:30 in the morning. For some reason, I didn't feel tired at all, instead I felt energetic.

"Let's go," I said to them and pulls out the Naginata since it is harder to put it on my back while moving.

The two nodded and holding machetes on their hands, as they follow me. Kaito decided to tell me the directions ahead and I should personally lead onward. I only think that Kaito is testing me based on my strength. He can handle being the leader to move but he preferred me to go on and be the vanguard of us.

I slowly opened the door and proceeded smoothly towards the corridors. There are a few undead but they don't practically pose too much danger with the Naginata. We are walking for quite a while but until now, the corridors seems to be too long to explore.

"Hey, is it just me or this place is really hard to explore? Its been a while since we got out from the Armory but until now, I saw nothing besides the infected," the redhead girl scratched her head. I still have no idea what is her name though.

"Relax, we are almost near the exit. Look, the infected are also increasing as we continue on," Kaito nonchalantly said to her.

He is right, the undead on the hallways slowly gets many and if earlier, I am the only one killing the infected, now, we need to work together to kill them. I am not that swift in killing undead like how Kaito did, but I can proficiently slice or stab their heads off.

Soon, we arrive on a terrace and below is the exit. But for the love of our safety, its practically not possible for us to safely reach that place without being killed.

"Oh my God, what am I looking at..." the redhead girl gasped as she stares at the crowd of undead below. Compared to the enemies we defeated on the arena, the amount below cannot be compared to it. I even felt my scalp cringe a bit just by looking on the crowd.



Last chapter for this week. Sorry for the short chapter.