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127 The Escape from the Den of the Dead Part 1

 Day 7: 1:19 P.M


Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 41 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Hatchet(Broken)

Gun: Glock19


(Kaito's View)

Oh sh*t...

I hold my head and realized the blood in my ears. Oh f*ck, I always forgot that the bloody scream always happen at midnight. I have not prepared for it!

I stood up and tried to balance out myself. The redhead girl named Satsuki is also sprawled out unconscious on the floor with blood on her ears. I tried walking towards her but I felt dizzy. For the love of... I hate this feeling. Good thing I was not on a place infested by the dead. I look around the arena, and besides the dead bodies, no other things were left.

Satsuki and I tried looking for the exit of this dreadful and bloody place but to no avail. I can try doing some parkour but it would be hard especially reaching the angle bar above the broken windows that those people before were watching at, but I have no idea how to reach there without proper foothold that could support my fingers or legs to climb or stand. I wonder how did that other guy before managed to escape and reach that place.

I asked Satsuki about what happened but she couldn't clearly see much as it was blurry and her glasses were broken. All she can see right now are the people close to her within around 10 meters from her. It would be impossible for her to see the battle earlier if she have her glasses broken. I saw her broken pair of glasses so she didn't lie.

I bet that guy ditched us here for the dead.

I shook my head and sit down for a while to recover from my own dizziness before standing up again.

Ooh... I still feel a bit whoozy but luckily, I managed to concentrate and managed to properly stand. After recovering from that midnight scream, I examined Satsuki. Luckily, she is just unconscious. I put her on my back and used a piggyback ride position to her. She is unconscious but we refuse to die in this hell forever. I need to find a secret place or an area we can escape away from people.

As I hold Satsuki on my back, I suddenly notice the guy earlier. The boy with the beanie and horn headphones that looked like from those animated devils have. He looks down on the arena and when his gaze landed upon us, he turned around. Looks like he is ditching us for good...not.

He just turn back to take a rope as he was holding one up. Also, he cleaned the Glass's shards scattered the hall and still protruding on the window before he put down a long rope down. He gesture me to climb up. Hah, looks like he didn't ditch us, he must have done a survey on the area before returning to us.

Its not a problem to bring Satsuki with me up there while climbing the rope. The only problem is that the rope might not be able to sustain the weight of us two dangling on it.

"Don't worry, this damn rope won't break easily. Its a rattan made rope. Even if it was as heavy as your or the big *ss Juggernaut, this rope won't break unless you cut it up," the beanie boy said without breaking his poker face at all.

Looks like he read my hesitation on my face. I quickly grab the rope and started climbing up. With great reflexes, I managed to get to the room. That guy did not even help us and instead look at us without giving us a hand. Although I don't really need it, I will appreciate it but that was quite some sort of bad way of giving help.

When we reached the room safely, he didn't bat an eyelid to us and just go straight from picking up the rope. I lay Satsuki on the wall before I look around the room. The room is bloody and its pungent smell of blood means the slaughter here happened a while ago. Must be during the time when I passed out. What is more, the men and women in suits were all killed, even guards near the broken door were all killed. Based on the attacks, it was a bladed weapon. A kind of wide weapon.


I look at the source of the sound and saw that boy wave a spear-like blade. If I was not mistaken, it was a Naginata. I saw that earlier as the main weapon of Satsuki.

He did not say anything and just begin on waving his weapon around before he lean it out on his shoulder. He looks at me and Satsuki before he walks away.

"Hey! Where are you going?! Urk!" I groaned as I hold my elbow, it still hurts a bit.

"None of your business. If you want to leave this hell hole,, then do so. I already helped you two so I no longer have the intention on helping you go out of this place," he said coldly before he walks out without looking back.

"What a bastard!" I gritted my teeth, although he helped us, he just never cared what happened to us!

I looked at the hatchet I used earlier but its blade is already chipped off and no longer that lethal in blade terms but it can still be used for blunt attacks, still, it is not a good weapon for me to use. The Glock19 is not fully loaded too so this gun will go useless once I ran out of bullets. Still, he is right, we need to get out of this hellish place as soon as possible! But first, I need to find all of my equipments that got stolen by those goddamn kidnappers!


Day 7 1:30 A.M


Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 30 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee Weapon: Naginata and Combat Knife

Gun: Beretta M9 Pistol


(Kyosei's View)

I left the two participants out on the room. Even though I want to recruit them on the group, I have no time for that, I have to find my weapon and supplies back. And seeing that there are enemies around the hallways, I can't keep on relying the Combat Knife. My Beretta M9 Pistol ammo won't last for another gun fight, and since I left this Naginata out on the first room I slaughtered all guests, I decided to help out the two below who were left for dead.

Still, I need all of the equipments that they took. Without them, I will be having a hard time escaping the dead who will give their very best to eat me. I did not check the rooms around the areas because I am busy exterminating the problems and the banshees who kept on spouting ear wracking shouts, I wasted lots of time. What is more, I wasted more time from helping that guy earlier. Tch, what a pain.

I checked most of the rooms but most of them are empty or has useless garbage inside. For whatever reasons the dead able to get in this place, I have not found that place. Still, I need to find the weapons I have. A few rooms have people inside and when they saw me, I immediately sealed their lips forever without giving them any kind of explanations. Still, I wonder how big is this place anyway?

Its been an hour since I began my search. I already rescued the two remaining survivors but the equipment and a few of my items are still not within the scope of area I have explored yet. I am starting to get pissed by how big this building is and how annoying to get a single room explored. What is more, I hate the people that tried to disrupt my search. I don't know how did they managed to survive or how come they did not get to know what was currently happening but f*ck it, I no longer cared anymore.

Just as my mindset is slowly deteriorating from the long exploration without any kind of success on sight, I entered on a room filled with weapons.

"Wow, is this the armory?!"

I surveyed the whole area and to my surprise, my weapons are also displayed here. I still remembered the kukri I have been using earlier. Also, the hidden blade that I purchased on the Bang Gunstore is also displayed on the vambraces area, they thought it was a vambrace huh? There are also a few good weapons here but what I really like the most is the bug out bag available on the corner of the armory.

"Finders keepers!" I pull out the bag out from where it was displayed and checked its inside's condition. It also has a tent ready for pitching inside which would be beneficial especially when camping outside. This bug out bag is much more better than my backpack earlier. There area few models of the bug out bag on the display, so if those two managed to get see this place, they would be good enough for this.

Before I can pack all of my items earlier, the door opened again. I drop the bug out bag and aimed the Beretta M9 Pistol on the doorway.

"Don't shoot!" the guy raised his arms in the air as he saw the gun on my hands.

I lowered my gun as I noticed that this guy is Kaito Daiki, the guy earlier.

"It's you," I holster the gun again before I pick up the bug out bag again and take all of the items I had earlier especially the grenades and 20 boxes of 5.56 ammo for my AR15 rifle.

"You are looking for the exit right? I can take you there, but please, help us get out of here, as you can see, I am injured," Kaito said as he tries his best to hold the girl on his back.

Hearing the word exit on his mouth, my ears perked up. As expected, an assassin can always find a way out from this predicament.



Thanks to Kaito_Daiki's suggestion, I managed to come up with an idea about the new character. Although there are a few points I did not follow on his suggestion since it would conflict on the scene I had in mind, I decided to tweak a bit of his personality and how he acts on the protagonist. Anyway, this character will surely be on another rumble now due to the new addition of new characters. As for the SDF and Kato, they will be appearing soon. And I guess this arc would be longer than the previous two arcs.