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126 The Deadly Banshee

 Day 6: 11:42 P.M


Current Arsenal:

Melee: Naginata

Gun: Beretta M9 Pistol

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 18 minutes left


(Kyosei's View)

I searched around he facility of the place. From what I can see, this place is like some sort of underground connected to the surface. The gates that pushes the undead to the arena has a big siren that attracts any kind of undead inside a chamber where they will wait to be dispatched and bring the carnage. Luckily, it was ended. Still, it was not a goof thing for me. Although the place where the gunshots occur is sound proof, sooner or later, they will discover the things there.

To cover my tracks, I had to do one single thing. Kill.

This is no longer the peaceful world, its the world where the weak is preyed by the strong. If you remained weak, then forget about it, say goodbye to your life. I ditched the Naginata. It was too big and hard to carry. It will be visible if I try to make a sneak attack. Although it was a good weapon, I prioritize my stealth than weaponry. I can improvise on weapons anytime and beside, the Beretta M9 Pistol is still fully loaded. I can fight well later on.

I checked the hallway a bit. And although it was spacious, it was way too spacious. I checked the area a bit more, with the gun ready, I checked the area once more and sensing no danger, I quietly but quickly crept to the other side. There are no guards but I can hear talking in the nearby corridor. Its not that safe, I decided to hide in a corner. Luckily, it was a guy that is immersed in his headphone and currently singing a rap song. He is unaware of his surroundings. I look at his waist and saw a pocket knife and a Glock19 gun on the holster. He did not notice me in the very corner as he walk near my direction.

"Crank that Soulja boy! Crank that..." he keeps on head banging that he is not aware of my presence. When he was on my range, I quickly launched a surprise attack. He was startled and he did not get to react. I punched him in the face, making him struggle a bit. I did not let him recover, I grab his headphone wire and grip it on his neck.

"Gur...gurk!" he straggled as he tried punching me in my shoulder and arm. He also tried to keep the wire away from his neck but it failed as my arm grip it on both sides as I choke him using it.

His face flushed and his face turned really red and his eyes and mouth is getting wet from saliva and tears but I did not let go. In a few minutes or so, his struggles became lighter and more easy to handle that he no longer struggled. Soon, he breathed his last and died. He was quite tenacious and lasted for at least three minutes.

He died after that, and I began looting his pockets and taking off his weapons. I took the knife out and also took the holster and the gun. I also found a few cigar, a key, and a smartphone. Though this key is not something I knew the purpose in, it looks like some sort of locker key or something.

I pocketed everything and put him on the side of the wall, like he was in his drunken stupor or something.

With that done, I sneaked quietly and I attacked a few guards guarding. Since most of the time I attacks straight to the throat, most of the guards did not get to react in time and failed to pinpoint my exact location.

After looking around, I saw an area of the hall, it was dark, the fluorescent lights and a few items are all disoriented. Also, there is a dragged signs of blood on the floor. I inspected the blood and quickly knew that it was fresh. There are also scratches on the wall and for the love of safety, this is a very deep scratch! The wall was clearly ripped out. I frowned but continue to examine what is going on. On the corner of the alley is a long white haired girl, similar to Snow. But unlike Snow who was a bit normal in skin tone, this girl I am currently looking at is f*cling white like her blood were all sucked out. I maintained a. safety distance at her around 10 meters. I ready my gun and crouch before looking at her carefully. She was currently chewing but I cannot clearly see what she was eating due to the darkness of the place.

I ready my gun, It was a clear undead. I was about to stay away when this girl look at me with her bloody red eyes. All of a sudden, she suddenly opened her mouth and...


My head gets heavy and I can feel that my ears bled a bit. Sh*t, it made me dizzy as I feel to my knees. The girl stood up, abandoned whatever she was chewing and attacked like a cat sprinting towards a mouse using both her arms and legs. And as usual, she keeps on screaming like hell.


Urk! I staggered a bit as I try to get away as soon as possible. Although my vision became hazy and moving, I moved my two trembling legs fast and walked away. Still, that woman sprinted fast and the 10 meter distance I created between her and me got shortened and her pain inducing scream is making me clutch my head into the ground and slam it to the wall. It hurts!

I raised my pistol and look back before I saw an incoming creature jumping straight to me, pushing me down.

"You piece of sh*t!" I struggled before striking my knife to its temple. Although it was about to strike me using its claws, I managed to do a preemptive attack and stab its temples. It convulsed a bit before it fell dead.

My head still spins around but it was much more better than when that monster attacked. I gritted my teeth. Is that one of the cause of the midnight screaming? I looked at my watch. Its almost Twelve. If so, then the new variety of enemy I saw is now called as a Banshee.

From that scream that the Banshee did, it is similar to the Twelve O'clock Scream Phenomenon. Although I don't have any idea why they would scream, these new monsters I discovered would be a really dangerous monsters in the future. We already have the problem on the Behemoth, and now, the enemies are showing large varieties. I won't be surprised if there are monsters like infected insects and fishes, though I hope fishes don't get affected, they are a viable source of meat and if those things get infected, I don't know what to do anymore as we cannot rely permanently on scavenging. In the future, all of the food in cans will go bad or will be looted by others.

Thinking about it,being a leader is hard. Although my work doesn't really show much being a leader aside from rallying and raising the fighting capacity, Nanami is the only one capable of handling things while I am away.

I keep on thinking what is happening to everyone right now. It would be better to get rid of them but I don't have the guts to do it. Also, having them might keep my humanity intact in this man eat man world now. As long as they won't betray me, I would be lenient to everything.

After running around the hallways, I saw another banshee on the other side of the hallway and likewise, eating a few people in suits. I assume that they are the guards here and got killed by the banshee. I don't have the confidence of killing a banshee in close range and the attack earlier on the first banshee is considered a fluke. It was already a miracle I did hit it and killed it using a knife. However, it almost shred me to pieces. I raised the Beretta M9 Pistol and aimed it to the Banshee. Even though his gun can be useful 50 yards away, I am not confident of killing it using the gun. However, I had to try, at least it would be safer against the scream and I won't be on danger for quite a while.

I hold the pistol with my two hands and steady it. Ever since I learned how to handle a gun ever since the beginning of the outbreak, I felt my accuracy and mastery in the gun rise up, but still, I wonder if I can do a good shot.

My hands tried to steady but it shakes for a while, I can't aim too good. Thankfully. the banshee is still busy eating and did not get to notice me. I aimed hard and when the muzzle is aimed to the far Banshee...


It hits the Banshee but it was a hit on the shoulder. It won't kill the Banshee! I miss on its vitals! Damn it!

The Banshee looks behind and snarls, ready to rad out its nasty scream. I did not falter and once again, pulled the trigger twice.

Bang! Bang!

Tch! The first one missed! While the other hits its big chest I braced myself for the scream after failing to land a bullet on its head.


The brace did not work and my headphones did not work either. My ears is ringing and bleeding again. I got dizzy at the moment but managed to handle it. Thankfully, my ears did not get damaged. Might be thanks to my headphones that managed to block lots of the sounds that should be capable of bursting my eardrums.

The Banshee did not wait for me to recover and quickly run straight to me, waving its long claws. Thankfully, I focused a lot and with the Banshee almost on point blank, I pulled the trigger again.


Although it is not in the head, I hit its stomach hard and it staggered a bit. Now that its close, I won't miss this time!

"Die! Motherf*cker!"


The bullet penetrated its brain, splashing out its grey brain matter and blood mixed on the floor as it fell to the floor, forever resting.

I sat on the floor. As I wipe off my sweat, and blood on my ears.


Huh? My watch is ringing. As my watch rings, the familiar scream once again resounded in he neighborhood. But this time, its a bit softer than the past screams. I wonder if it was a n effect of contribution after killing two banshees. If that is the case, eliminating the midnight scream would be easy now. I welcome the new day again, and this time, marks our first week in the outbreak.