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125 Where the Dead Goes

 Day 6: 11:21 P.M

Osaka Streets, Road to Shinsaibashi

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 39 minutes left

Prison Bus Driver: Shu

Passengers: Nanami, Miyuki, Cindy, Chie, Rin, Ren, Nathalie, Sena, Snow, Eve, Pastor Shin, Yumi, Ms. Haruna, Lin, Yuko, Lisa, Risha, Laika, Sakura, Mirai, Penelope, Chihaya

Truck Driver: Mr. Tanaka

Passengers: Souichi, Steven, Nejima, Mr. Suzuki, Okabe


(Souichi's View)

I sighed in relief. According to Mr. Tanaka, the bus and the truck are refitted and was quite strong enough to handle against the undead that tried to collide. The undead are all small kinds that won't be bothering much on the road. Still, they still have to make sure to avoid the car wreckage on the road and the Juggernauts scattered on the street. The shutters of the truck is wide enough to mount the machine gun turret and kill unsuspecting enemies while being inside. The driver, Mr. Tanaka was quite a good driver and according to Mr. Suzuki, they managed to survive without casualty but now they have to be on the move. If the Osaka will get destroyed due to the Behemoth that the SDF we managed to contact, staying in the road will be the most feasible choice. In fact, we also need to find our families. Though we have low chances of knowing where they were right now, if they were safe and sound against the undead, we have to keep our hope alive. I am worried about Mom and Dad in Tokyo. The last time I heard about them was before the Outbreak begins. Tokyo was one of the places hit the most but managed to survived thanks to the SDF managed to defend and establish a temporary quarantine area. Though we know that it was almost a rare thing, we didn't rush towards the Quarantine Point news.

Nanami and Kyosei discussed that we have no way of going there for now. If we want to survive, we have to rely on our own selves and not relying to gain help from the others. Many protested in the group but they really have a point. Rushing blindly into the so called Quarantine Zone might result to a fly being caught by the web of a cunning spider.

What is more, we have two members of the SDF who don't afford to get wild in this place. They even said that the Quarantine is 50% bogus. After knowing the events on the experimental, they quickly decided to only help us and look for trustworthy people to gather ad survive. The Quarantine Zone is never going to be a good place for everyone of us.

The undead continued to ravage the two vehicles but due to the strong defenses that the vehicles have alongside the fact that it keeps on moving without stopping, the undead that tried to collide were all crushed like mush.

I sighed at our problem now. Abandoning our first safe haven is quite blow dealing to us. But still, we have to look for a good place to deal with. From what I can remember, our first stop should be the Bang Gunstore.


Day 6: 11:21 P.M

Osaka Streets, Road to Shinsaibashi

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 39 minutes left


(Nanami's View)

I have been trying to contact Kyosei for a while now but form some reason, it won't connect. I tried again once more with more precision. Finally it connected and Kyosei's tired voice were finally emerging on the other's line.

"Kyosei! Where are you right now?! What happened to you?" I asked as I can't properly see his location. It seems that his tracker has been removed or destroyed.

"I have no idea either. Somebody abducted me and forced me to fight in an arena," Kyosei calmly said.

"Arena? You became some sort of Gladiator?" I frowned.

"Something like that but the enemies are the undead," Kyosei answered.

"Okay Kyosei, we have bad news, is it alright if we say it now?" I asked, anxious on what Kyosei is going to say.

"Its alright, what is it," Kyosei calmly replied as he try to find out what is the news.

"Its like this..." And I begin to retell the events earlier until to the point that we have to force evacuate and abandon the first base we have.

"...and that what happened. We are currently heading to the Bang Gunstore and try to pick them up and persuade to come with us."

"I see..." Kyosei was silent. He seems to be thinking something that I don't really know. His mind is unpredictable and quite hard to read. If you try doing some analyzes to his brain, you might take hours of research and yet you might not get any results. He talked again after a few seconds of silence.

"Alright, I will try to look for all of you, stay at Big Man Joe's refitting shop, Souichi, Lina, Risa and Yuko knows where it was located, ask them to tell directions. I will go there later on," He said to me.

"Mm, got it. You need to return safe then as soon as possible," I said to him before the communications were cut off. Miyuki who was currently listening to our conversation was frowning. I also noticed that Cindy was also listening but only a bit secretive.

"What is going to happen to us now?" Nathalie has a worried look on her face. She has gotten used to her life now even though it was a bit inferior to her previous pampered life, it was again destroyed by the undead.

"I don't know, this is not a good thing for us," Miyuki said with a sad face. She caress the hair of Eve who was sleeping on her lap. Eve was calling her mommy so nobody can really take her away from her embrace and she was forced to take the role.

Eve is a very mature kid and like the one she calls as her father, Kyosei, she also have a very unpredictable mindset and her ability to think is not a childish one that usually kids her age usually say. Also, she seems to be unaffected to all of the chaos. I am somewhat jealous to her ability to disregard everything even the danger. If she is really blood related to Kyosei, it would not be a wonder why she has a similar trait to him.

Just like what Nathalie said, where are we going now?


Day 6: 11:30



Current Arsenal



Gun: Glock19

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 30 minutes left


(Kaito's View)

I dreamed...

Of course, this was a dream. My dead companions who became my "brothers" were all killed by that bastard. I was happy seeing them but unless I kill that guy, I won't allow myself to go to the Nirvana without exacting my revenge!

I forced my eyes to open and for some reason, I really felt heavy in my body. To be exact, IT IS heavy. I realized that someone made my body as a pillow. I realize that it was the girl who is one of the remaining fighters right?

"Ugh," I tried moving a bit but I felt my head throb. I carefully put the girl away a bit and looks like she was too exhausted to notice that I moved her. I tried standing up but I feel my surroundings spin so I didn't forced myself to stand. I decided to sit down and recover a bit. I hold my head a bit and sure enough, I had a bit drops of blood and a big wound in my head. However, from the looks of it, it was already bandaged. The bandage did not managed to block all of the blood. This might be the cause of my dizzy case. But I am too tired to think on that. More importantly, where is that bastard?!

After a bit of rest, I tried standing upright. Although I felt bad still, I made a nearby broken stick as my walking cane a bit and looked at the area. I am still in the arena and the dead bodies are scattered throughout the arena. What is more that is not really missable is the big corpse of the Juggernaut. I was surprised, a big hole destroyed its head like it was mashed in forcefully before it exited out on the back. That is a terrifying thing! I suddenly felt weak in my knees. I knelt down in front of the Juggernaut corpse and I did not realize that my eyes is currently wet due to tears. All I think is that, my "brothers" are finally avenged. Thy can safely go to the Nirvana and go to their own journey. Although I was completely alive at the moment, I no longer have the energy to continue on. Now I can safely die with dignity and follow my.... Ow!

I scratched my head as I felt a small thing being pounded at the back of my head. Although it is not a fatal attack, it still frickin hurt!

"Stop kneeling there, you need to rest," a cold boy's voice. As usual, I know. It was the other guy who I worked with when he battle arrived. Although he was cold, he was certainly a person with skill. I don't know how but I can certainly certify that he is very similar to us assassins.

I looked at his back, which is currently facing my face. This guy is not that older than me. He seems to be on highschool. His clothes is clearly a school uniform and from the looks of it, he is from Kirishima High School. Now that I think about it, who killed the Juggernaut? Could it be him?!



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