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124 Slaughter The Dead Carnival Part 3

 Day 6: 10:00 P.M


Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Naginata

Gun: Beretta M9 Pistol


(Kyosei's View)


The whole arena is no longer looking the same. Holes as big as boulders were now on the ground. Aside from the blood and flesh from the killed undead, there were also the torn bodies of the other survivors that failed to survive. Still, there were still survivors fighting for their lives and I am one of them.

The Juggernaut is still not settled and the main target is me. I have already lured it away from Kaito and the Redhead girl so that I can focus against this one. The Naginata was hard to wield but I can see that the damages inflicted by the Naginata that I was using are very effective against the giant. The only problem is for how I can kill this guy using the Naginata. I might have no problem climbing up on the Juggernaut and stabbing the head repeatedly with a sharp machete or any kind of weapon that can be used to bash its head but a Naginata is quite hard to use.

Aside from its long length, it has a heavy weight and would be hard to use to bring to climb a mountainous monster like the Juggernaut. Still, I can use the abilities of myself.

'You can enhance your limbs to produce inhuman strength. The more perilous your life is, the stronger the power you can unleash. The only thing is the faster your energy to deplete and your body might not be able to be adapt to sudden power and might get useless instead.'

These words came from Eve, the #999 specimen that managed to escape the grasp of the scientist and made me one of the abnormals. I am clearly in a disadvantage here but this is all I can do.

I focused myself, targeting the moving Juggernaut and sprinted while carrying the heavy Naginata on my left hand. For some reason, I felt like the heavy weapon in my hand slowly lessen its weight. I continued to focus my all, to the Juggernaut. The only thing I was able to know is that I managed to work with my strength slowly unleashed.

"Get some and eat some!" I sprinted for a further distance and with a dash for a bit, and making a quick movement towards the Juggernaut's blind spot and when I am in position, I channeled all of my consciousness to the head of the Juggernaut and without thinking twice, I throw the Naginata to the head like a Javelin quite hard. It made a fluctuations in he air as it passed like a bullet.

The Juggernaut didn't get to react when the Naginata's blade passes through its thick skull. It was quite an unbelievable sight as the Naginata passed through its skull like it was a hot knife passing on a block of butter. The Juggernaut did not get to move as it lay down into the ground with a thud, its head blasted through with a Naginata.

What is more surprising is the Naginata passing through the glass window that the rich people were watching. An old lady who was about to eat a slice of cake was pierced by the Naginata on her head. As a result, her blood and brain matter were mixed into her plate full of cake.

The people inside were stunned for a bit before they managed to react.


The rich people who were leisurely watching our suffering were now screaming. I didn't show any kind of expression and rush, for some reason, I felt a strong bloodlust that was dragging me towards the Naginata, even though it was a few meters away, my mind is clear and I can clearly see the scaffoldings and a few things that can help me reach the place. I just needed my skill in parkour and with just a few quick succession of movements, I arrived into the broken glass. The glass was broken and I just needed to kick it off to fully take all of the shards away. The rich people were all afraid but they didn't back down, but they are hiding behind the backs of the armed men that looks similar to the Armed Forces Task Force of Osaka.

"Target is on sight, prepare to shoot!"

"Affirmative!" the soldiers quickly answered.

I did not bother letting them live and with grab the Naginata on the head of the old woman by dragging it out on her head forcefully. Due to that, her face that was so shocked from her sudden death were further grotesque made a few people vomit. I did not let them fire the High Calibre Guns on their hands and quickly dash and stab into the nearest soldier. His helmet seems tonne useless as the Naginata managed to pierce through like nothing.

"All of you f*ckers needs to die!" I pulled out the Naginata again by kicking the dead soldier and swings the Naginata hard, aiming only to the nearby three soldiers with exposed necks.


The blade of the Naginata flawlessly slashed through without obstruction and they died immediately.


The commanded shouted, but before they can even fire, I quickly stab the nearby soldier and used his body as the Meat Shield.


The soldier screamed as bullets bounces off from his armor but I some of those bullets penetrated on his helmet and killed him. After the gunfire and all of their guns were left without bullets and needs a reload, I already pulled out the Naginata and deal another rampage.

The rich people were so terrified that they scamper towards the door.

"No one leaves!" I roared, pulled out the Beretta M9 Pistol that I have not used and shoot to the door clogging it and stopping to from being opened. Though I have no idea how I managed to shoot precisely on the door, I did not care anymore.

I make a quick work into the soldiers without any care if they are pleading with mercy or fighting to death. There is only one thing in my mind that time and that is to kill!


Day 6: 11:21 P.M


Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 39 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Naginata

Gun: Beretta M9 Pistol


(Kyosei's View)

I was tired and I have already emerged victorious. I have a few bullet wounds but for some kid of reason, it didn't hurt and it slowly heal up like it was not there in the first place. The only thing that made me say that it was really there is due to the bullet hole mark on my clothes. All of the people except the emcee were killed. The emcee was struggling since her two feet were dismembered, I purposely leave her alive but was suffering and wished to die instead.

"Just kill me!" The emcee gritted her teeth. She saw the slaughter earlier very clearly. I did not spare anyone even a few teenagers that was on my age, male or female, pretty, handsome or ugly were not spared and was killed. Their blood and bodies were clearly the things that were decorating the whole room red. Their guts and bodies bathing in blood were all laying on the ground.

I sat into the nearby chair, free from the blood. The Naginata that claimed dozens of life were still in my hands.

"You are merciless! You are a monster!" the emcee spat out in front of me but due to her posture of sitting with her legs chopped off, the saliva she spat out lands into her clothes instead. Still, she is glaring at me with daggers.

I did not grin or laugh mercilessly. Its not my habit. Ever since I became a delinquent, I no longer posses the ability to smile. Even the funniest situation is not something that can make me laugh. Even smirking seems impossible for me to do.

"So that is why this world undergoes an apocalypse, its to clear out those people like you in this society. No wonder. Even though you were living right now, you will just wish to die so that the pain is no longer able to be felt for you. Unfortunately, even a demon like you has to face the devil. I am not some sagacious person that can pay respects to you. I prefer to spat and watch you suffer. Feel the lives you all are making use as pawns. How does it feel to be dying in the hands of the people you all tried to use?" I aimed the tip of the Beretta M9 Pistol into her forehead.

"In the name of the people who suffered and died due to your useless thrill seeking games, I bestow the punishment that deserves you. Have a hellish trip and meet King Yama!"

Her eyes were filled with terror as the bullet passes through her skull.


Day six since the start of the apocalypse, the Manhunt Club were disbanded forever. 55 guests, alongside with their daughters and sons, with 15 soldiers were all killed. The last one was the emcee that lost her legs. That day, I killed people. And whoever tried to step beyond what was necessary are going to receive death.

After their death, my arm holding the Naginata felt extreme heaviness like I was carrying a thousand pounds of Metal Brick. I shook my head as I clearly know what is happening in my body.

"Just as expected, my body is not yet ready to undergo inhuman strength," I stare at my arm. It was temporarily paralyzed due to fatigue but a bit of rest will help recover my arm. With great power like that, comes a great backlash that I might not be able to endure more than that. If I keep on using the power that the Virus Galea have on me, it might make me a monster in the future. I have to use this thing less to avoid something similar to that. If possible, I wanted to preserve my humanity further.