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123 Slaughter the Dead Carnival Part 2

 Day 6: 9:42 P.M


Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 18 minutes left


(Emcee's View)


I never expected that they would still survive! We expected that somebody from the three people on the arena to get killed so that we can go to the awarding ceremony but who would have thought that these guys seems very formidable?

It was my sixth day since I became the Emcee for this thrill seeking game of the rich. Although I also enjoy the suffering of most people on the arena, this is the first time that a few people would last long enough. Although I was in this profession for just six days, it was worth it since security is the same, very intact, and most of the time, see some bloody things that was very life-like. Although I already know that this is just for fun, I still have some bad impressions on the three.

The red head file was clearly a master on the weapon she was using. Although I can't hear what they were talking below, I can see their mouths moving. They are having a conversation. Many people bet on this girl to die and yet she was still alive.

The Assassin like guy has the most votes for the more likely to survive in the beginning. He was surely an assassin as his movements was really precise and something most assassins are trained on.

The last guy was clearly a teenager. He is not just some worthless teenagers who we pit in and just got killed later on. His face was calm and he is perceptive on most things. Even when I was still speaking for the instructions, he just never listen and instead pick up a machete. I thought he is just foolish and would be killed sooner or later but who would have thought that this seemingly useless looking guy was able to singlehandedly kill the infected without breaking a sweat. I sometimes shiver whenever he stares in the direction of the audience stands. Just earlier, when he picked up a pistol, he was really agile and managed to kill his pursuers without problem and he stared in this direction and I can clearly fell the chill in my back. Still, I feel assured that they won't be surviving this night.


Day 6: 9:42 P.M


Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 18 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Machete, Cleaver


The Juggernaut was quick and deadly and for the sake of surviving, we naturally have to keep dodging like rolling and jumping away from its huge fist. Though the Juggernaut has no risk of biting you down, the threats of being killed from its fist is the biggest. Kaito was blinded with rage, he kept on cursing the Juggernaut, stabbing it when he got a chance and dodging its huge fists that it kept on slamming around.

"You sucker, stay put to die! You have to die so that I can avenge all of my fallen brothers that you killed!" Kaito roared from the top of his lungs and his eyes flaming with rage. I don't who are these people he call "brothers" but base on how I see this guy, these "brothers" of his might be a group of friends that he was with when the Outbreak started or in other words, his comrades. I know that it was not his real brothers that he is trying to avenge just by looking at his body language.

The redhead woman was trying to find a good spot to attack but she is afraid of being smashed. Even with the long pole of the Naginata, even though it was one stab away, as long as the Juggernaut move, she would retract the Naginata and retreat for about a few meters, avoiding the fists of the huge Juggernaut that is flailing its huge arms.

She was afraid alright, but that is a normal reaction. She doesn't have any kind of experience killing a Juggernaut.

I, on the other hand was also giving my all, sometimes, I can manage to mount on the Juggernaut and hack its head repeatedly using the machete though it was very futile effort. The head of the Juggernaut was so hard that even the machete was clearly taking the damage pitifully.

"We can't kill this guy! We are doomed!" the redhead was on the verge on crying.

I did not console her because even I have no idea how to deal with a Juggernaut. All I can say is that, killing Kaze during the first night was a fluke. I managed to kill him since I have a grenade with me and did a very dangerous move by shoving it on its mouth. Today is different. We have three members trying to kill this guy but we have no proper weapons that can deal good damage.


The Juggernaut slams its hands down on a wreckage where metal barrels are stacked. As the hands of the Juggernaut hit the wreckage, all of its components flew in all directions. Kaito was not fast enough to dodge a falling metal barrel and got hit on his head. He was bleeding and he fainted. That was a strong blunt hit on his head.

I did not hesitate to pull Kaito away from the rampaging Juggernaut. He is still alive and he can still be saved, he only suffered a blunt trauma and its not really that life threatening. The redhead also retreated seeing the main attackers on the Juggernaut retreating. If the strongest people retreated, she would be foolish enough to rush and kill that big infected that seems very hard to kill.

I put Kaito on the wall and checked his wound. Its not that fatal and its only bleeding. I look at the redhead who was panicking.

"Stay here, you need to watch him and try avoiding the Juggernauts attack. Also, pull him away without hesitation," I said to her.

"W-what?! I..." She was about to protest but I did not say much and stand up.

I look at the Machete. It was already blunt and its blade has been chipped off. Its no longer feasible to use. The cleaver on the other hand is clearly not going to help much, if the machete was broken, then the cleaver would also be the same. I looked around and my eyes fell on the Naginata of the Redhead. I quickly pick it up without hesitation before looking at the reached who was speechless when I took her weapon.

"I'll be borrowing this," I said to her before putting the cleaver on the ground next to her as a replacement.

"I... I...." she stuttered and can't say anything. I no longer know what she was about to say because I already sprinted towards the Juggernaut and catch its attention away from the two.

"You son of a corn! You look over here!" I shouted as I punch the metal barrel creating a metallic sound generated by my hands.

The Juggernaut slams its hands on the ground and runs wobbling towards me. I did not keep on standing and quickly slides away from the location I was in, further away from the two. I tried swinging the Naginata but I discovered that it was somewhat harder than I imagined. I thought it would be easy to use but I was not. The Naginata was quite heavy to swing and to be honest, I was having difficulty. I did not train in spears and even though it was a close combat weapon and a range weapon, it was clearly not something I can use easily with clear mastery. My respect towards the Redhead grew after knowing that this Naginata is not something easy to use. She is quite good on it.

Still, this weapon is not something I can just throw away and look for another weapon. This Naginata is beneficial for its range and hit rate. It can hack and slash, and can also be used for stabbing. Though I don't know how strong the blade of the Naginata is against the rock hard head of the Juggernaut, you never know if you didn't try.


Day 6: 9:42 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion Base

Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 18 minutes left


(Souichi's View)

We managed to bring down the Juggernauts but our defenses were almost broken. A small breach was already present on the wall and we are currently defending. Sena, Snow, Nanami, Okabe, Miyuki, Nejima, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Suzuki, Shu and I are all holding guns. If we wanted to kill the dead, we have to bring all of our gun power against the enemies.

"Shu! Escort everyone to the Prison Bus! We are breached! Use the back gate! Also, let everyone salvage everything back to the truck or to the Prison Bus as long as it will fit inside. Okabe, Nejima, please be a backup of Shu in the meantime," Mr. Tanaka shouted.

"Roger!" The three saluted and quickly get inside the mansion. Everyone panicked and after knowing everything, the girls that was originally looking at the battle quickly carry out a good instruction by carrying the needed things like food and water supply. Shu was helping them while Okabe and Nejima acts as the guard to kill any undead that try to attack. Since the back of the mansion is a bit hard to access it was not that hard than the battle we are facing here.

The gunfight was intense. It will need a few times to beat up all of the dead right now and the bullets are slowly diminishing slowly but surely. The undead surges on without any kind of sign that it will stop soon. I don't know what will happen but I hope its nothing that serious.

Nanami grits her teeth as she continue killing the undead using the SMG.

Tears are brimming into her eyes. This is a very desperate situation and Kyosei was also not here since he was out scavenging.

"Pull back!" Mr. Suzuki pulls out a grenade and throws it to the undead before continuing his assault.


Shockwaves occurred and the pungent air flows into our nostrils as rotten bodies were caught up along with the explosion. Still, that was not enough to be a strong foundation to overturn the situation. The Hurlers were truly despicable as they throw some undead on us once we are about to go easy for a bit. Luckily, Mr. Suzuki is the most vigilant in our group and whenever there is an incoming undead being thrown by the Hurlers, he would immediately kick them away with great precision before leaving a bullet hole on the skull.

The undead are also feasting from the dead bodies that exploded earlier after the grenade and some are chipping off the flesh of the fallen undead. Though this is an act of cannibalism to them, it was not that helpful, the dead bodies that was originally scattered are now being chewed on the mouths of the stragglers.

Just as we are about to get troubled, the familiar beep of the Prison Bus was already resounding. Since most of the items should be inside the truck, only Mr. Tanaka will be left to drive. We all have to retreat.

"Keep firing as you escape to the back!" Mr. Suzuki remained as he was more able bodied and acts as the shield for a bit while everyone retreated.

Miyuki was not distressed but she was clearly showing fatigue. Even my sister was groaning as they one by one retreated and go into the Prison Bus. We boys are on the truck while the girls were all on the Prison Bus. Nanami, Sena, Miyuki and Snow were all able people capable of defending the bus Also, the mysterious girl, Eve, was also in the bus. Hence everyone has no trouble in the arrangement of forces. The engines revved and as the vehicles moved, I saw many undead in different clothing all around. I also see a fat clown running without care for its fat falling and being eaten by their comrades. This battle was completely a carnival, it was full of stress and trouble.

We just hope that Kyosei will know this soon and will be able to follow us. As for what was happening to him, we don't know. But we all know that he won't go down that easily.