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122 Slaughter the Dead Carnival Part 1

 Day 6: 8:15 P.M


Time before the Night Rage: 9 hours and 45 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Machete, Cleaver


(Kyosei's View)

The other guys were barely able to find a weapon when the dead attacked them. I don't plan to rescue them. I am not some omniscient God that can rescue and I also not a hero.

"Ahhhh!" a blonde haired girl screamed as blood splash out from her neck as the dead bit her neck hard.

"F*ck! I am out.... no!" A nerdy guy struggled to reload a magnum gun but got overwhelmed by the dead.

Kaito was doing good and he has a swift movement and managed to kill the undead as he shoot some on their heads. He seems to be a master since he is not struggling on using the gun. I on the other hand was having an easy going kills. I managed to pick a cleaver on a crate that was smashed. Combined with the Machete and Cleaver, I did not hesitate and kill.

"Kill!" a redhead woman shouted as she swings a Naginata on the undead. She was swift and every movement were fluid and very hard to read. Her strikes were so precise that the undead that tried to rush against her were all killed with their rotten heads lopped off from their necks.

The undead was pouring without end on the gate but the good thing is that the gate slowly closed. Kaito was able to get a hatchet from a fallen survivor, took it and use it instead of the Glock19 he is using earlier. He put the Glock19 on his pocket, it seems like the gun was out of bullets already.

In the end, only three of us were left, the redheaded girl pants as she held the Naginata hard on her arms. I did not break a sweat and Kaito was struggling. The last undead was killed and only the three of us were left standing from the arena full of undead. The emcee clapped her hands and the guest seems to be clapping too.

"Marvelous, that was a rock hard battle. These three managed to survive he horde without being bitten. However, that was still the round 1, can they survive round 2?"

Kaito and the girl was stunned, meanwhile I keep my face emotionless. I already figured it out. They plan to have only a single survivor left in the arena and once the winner is left, the battle will also be over.

"You demons! You are all not human!" the redhead shouted despite being tired after the mass slaughter.

"This is ridiculous," Kaito was speechless.

I did not voice out my frustration and just stared at the three gates simultaneously, I am not sure what undead are they going to throw on us and it would be better to be prepared. I prepared my stance and look at the two.

"Prepare if you don't want to die," I said to them in a cold voice.

Kaito was startled but he quickly prepared himself. The girl was not that stable but she soon recovered. The mechanical sound once again rang around and this time, it was a Juggernaut.

"F*ck, a Juggernaut!" I roared.

The girl paled while Kaito's face filled with anger.

"Motherf*cking sh*t. You already died but you still are moving! You are mine!" Kaito rushed and attacked by swinging his hatchet.


The Juggernaut slammed its big fists, almost hitting Kaito to smithereens. However, he managed to roll away allowing him to escape with only a few minor injuries on his skin. I looked at the girl and asked her.

"Do you have any experience killing a Juggernaut?!" I asked.


"Then stay out of the way for now or you will die," I said as I brandish my Cleaver and Machete to the Juggernaut.

"But I need to help," the girl pleaded.

Before I can respond, another gate opened and another horde of undead appeared again.

"Sh*t another f*ckng horde!" I calmly look at the incoming horde. Its the normal undead but for the sake of everything, it was a hard job killing the undead while handling the attacks of the Juggernaut. Kaito was still beating the Juggernaut hard and even though it was an effort that is not really worth mentioning. The Juggernaut's skin was clearly thick along with the veins bulging out of its rotten dull grey skin, it didn't even have any sort of visible damage that was inflicted by Kaito. Instead, the hatchet he was using was clearly damaged as its blade was chipped off slightly. It can still be used but it was not that fatal as it was earlier where it was on its top condition. Still, he seemed to be more tenacious than the Juggernaut as he can still strike the Juggernaut.

I didn't bother much with Kaito. I applaud him for having a strong assassin skills but his eyes is filled with grudge against the person who became a Juggernaut. I ran around the arena to lure the fast moving undead. While running, I saw a Beretta M9 Pistol on the ground with a magazine nearby. I swiftly pick up the gun first and sprinted for a few meters before dashing back to the mag. While I did that, I held the machete and cleaver tight before slashing on the undead that I passed by. Evading their fast movements was hard but I managed to dodge a bit before slashing their heads hard. I didn't restrain my strength. Killing them is needed.

Swish swish

After the slashes, I did not bother flicking the blood of the dead that spilled out into my arm and just slides into the ground before grabbing the magazine.

"Hup!" I grabbed the mag using my right hand which is holding the cleaver. I dropped my cleaver to pick up the mag and with a sliding action, I managed to avoid the assault of the fast undead and instead of managing to launch an attack, it missed and tumbled. With a quick sidestep, I sprinted into the tumbled undead and with a small quick stab on the head using the machete causing blood to splatter.

The redhead was managing to repel the enemies. From what I can see, that Naginata of hers was not something she just used in coincidence. She seemed to be able to beat the undead with ease. She had an expertise on the weapon just like how Kaito brandishes his melee weapon that afternoon when he was still looking for that someone. Just a shame that she was already tired for fighting a few undead. Anyone will get tired after running and also brandishing a weapon out of the blue.

I rushed on the nearby metal barrel. Smacking it can generate sound waves which is ear catching and most undead love. With a swing, I smack the barrel repeatedly using the machete, creating a banging sound. Although the undead developed their senses again during Night Rage, they would not ignore something they suddenly got interested in and the sound that I was generating using the empty metal barrel is very tempting to their rotten ears.

The redhead were able to catch her breath but she frowned seeing me use myself as the bait. Of course, I am confident becoming a running bait, I have confidence. Soon, the undead came rushing like madmen and completely ignores the redhead as they are more inclined to attack me, after all, I made the most attention, even the Juggernaut tries to go and attack me, but the big guy failed as it was still trying to get rid of Kaito, who is like a cockroach trying to land on his body and inflict something harmful.

I have no idea what does those people on the viewers seat are thinking but I can slightly hear a few cheers like they were getting happy by the events going on. I have the urge to aim the Beretta M9 Pistol and empty the whole mag to these guys, if not for the fact that I really need any amount of bullet and weapons right now to survive.

I already loaded the Beretta M9 Pistol and fired it once but I have not really liked how to use a gun. It was obvious that I am not able to adapt completely on the gun as I was struggling still. The target us moving and was able to avoid the bullet by just swaying casually making me furious.

"F*cking undead!" I roared and strike down the rushing undead one by one. Striking the heads in a precise manner. The heads burst and every strike will kill the undead. Though I have close encounters of being bitten, I managed to brush them off without being harmed. My skin is still intact.

The battle against the normal undead ended faster than expected, the Juggernaut was also able to help, after all, with it thrashing about, any undead that was on its vicinity would never escape a landing fist from the big guy. If the Juggernaut was not able to mush down the dead that got struck down, then it would get killed by being reduced to broken pile of bones.

Now that the Juggernaut is left, my machete thirst for blood, this time, the Juggernaut is next.


Another Undead Corner here! This time, we will be talking about the furious and deadly Juggernaut!


Danger Level:

Single: Level 7

Horde: (I don't know, they don't appear in hordes but only a few amounts like 3 to 5) Level 9

Night Rage Single: Level 7

Night Rage Horde: (It has the same danger level above, they don't appear in the morning) Level 9

Weakness: ???

Individuals before they became this creature: Random, it might be you next

Description: Rock hard and similar to a wall by description of the survivors who managed to survive their wrath by chance. They don't bite you and most of the time, uses physical attacks. For some reason, hitting their heads using rifles, shotguns, pistols and melee weapons seems to never work. Needs a cunning and suicidal methods to kill in close combat and requires pure luck. They seemed to die against rocket launchers and RPG Rockets.

Trivia: Kaze is the first known Juggernaut in this novel.