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121 Deadly Abduction

 Day 6: 5:56 P.M

Osaka Streets: Rooftops

Time before the Night Rage: 4 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Kukri, Brass Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 8 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 8 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Do you feel the feeling of wanting to rest, chill out on a sofa, devouring a pack of chips and watch TV? I have been running on the rooftops for quite a while without stopping. After the events on that house, I have no idea how far I have ran but I also felt that I have not reach that far. The place is getting darker and it is harder to traverse the place without proper handling and I have forgotten to bring my flashlight.

I frowned with this experience. I am currently hearing some of the undead roaring down on the streets and I can see them swarming. I don't really have any idea how they appeared all of a sudden especially during the Night Rage. This phenomenon is really the hardest and if not due to this, the undead might be easy to handle.

I already hear lots of gunshots and screams in the distance. This event is hard to swallow and I have been struggling. I am stuck again on a Night Rage in the middle of the swarm of the dead. I am not sure if I can still survive. I checked my supplies and as expected, my bullet supply on AR15 are down to 8. I have no choice if I wanted to get the supplies that time but if I didn't, I might be dead right now.

I jump to the next roof before leaning into the edge. I can see the dead are rushing towards the house I was in earlier and I can see a few dogs already. I did not linger in the vicinity anymore as I know that the dead has a good sense of smell whenever it was almost Night Rage. I looked at my watch and as expected, it was already 6 in the evening. I am stuck in a Night Rage. But I don't plan staying in the rooftop. I had to reach the mart and take a few supply necessary before it was overwhelmed by the dead.

I tried moving when all of a sudden, I felt all of my nerves stiffen and I felt a bad. My body spasms and for some reason, my eyes are blurry. I don't know what happened but there is one thing I am feeling right now.


I tried my best but then, another surge of pain struck me and I was knocked out and everything went black...


Day 6: 6:10 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion Base

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 50 minutes left


(Souichi's View)

I wipe the sweat coming from my forehead as I look at the swarm of undead being obliterated by the spikes and barbed wire we deployed earlier. I adjusted my glasses again, it was hard wearing glasses while out on the move since you are risking your glasses to fall on the swarm and got wrecked. I am not willing for that to happen since the civilization is already done and if not for the efforts of these fellow survivors of mine to survive, I would be never be here and I might be one of the guys running down below.

I am just wishing for a rain to occur but for f*cking chances, it won't be raining. I stare at the clear night sky where the stars are around. There are no traces of impending rain. Before the Outbreak, I was not a fan of the rain. I don't feel the coldness and I really hate the fact that mud usually smudge on your shoes the next day. Also, the air is very cold the next day which is not my favorite weather. Now, I have thought, rain in the evening is not that bad.

Ever since the Outbreak occurs, I tend to appreciate everything more and my life had been always easygoing and carefree when I was a normal student. I was already happy to have my girlfriend Sena by my side and my dear sister Nanami to be with me. Though I am worried about our parents, Nanami has no way to contact them yet and we also have no means to travel far. The bus we have when we escaped the Kitishima High School broke down and the Prison Bus we have is lacking with fuel. Siphoning the gasolines in the broken cars nearby might be feasible but the dead always pose a big threat.

Looking below the wall I was standing on, the undead are trying to grab me despite the effort being futile. I already knew that they are not going to be able to grab me but the nighttime is always like this. I groaned as I shot the nearby undead.

Everyone was on a heated battle against the dead. Soon the freaks with mutation is now inbound and was currently on our vision.

"Three Juggernauts and five Hurlers on sight! Kill them Asap!" Mr. Tanaka shouted.

I sighed in despair. We barely have enough manpower to kill these guys and now there are three Juggernauts on sight. I loaded my Sniper Rifle on the edge and breathed in a mouthful of air and aim the gun on the Juggernaut on the middle. As soon as I stabilized my aim, I pulled the trigger with my breath released.



Day 6: 8:00 P.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours Left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Missing

Gun: Missing


(Kyosei's View)

Ugh, I felt heavy and for some reason, I can't move myself except for my neck. I look on my spread arms and realized I was tied in a cross. I was shackled. My uniform is still intact and my headphones and beanie are still on my head but my brass knuckles and a few of my weapons are gun since I can sense them on my body. I also noticed I was not alone. I look on the left side and saw that it was the guy I just saw earlier killing a few undead while looking on his phone. I also noticed that there are more people around with the same situation as I am. I groaned and shook my head. I felt like my head is so groggy and heavy like a dozen voltage of electricity suddenly struck me by surprise.

The guy earlier woke up and he too tried to take off the shackles and escape but was a futile struggle.

"Don't bother, we are shackled with electronic cuffs. If they have the switch, they can let us go," I said to him as I know that this is not some sort of simple abduction.

"Where are we?" He asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like an arena or something," I said as I look around the place.

Just like what I said, it was like an arena. We are bound on a. wall but the wall that is spread out is like a circular style but I can't confirm it since I was tied up. I counted 10 people on us, including me and the guy. Everyone are mixed, male, female, young and adult. Everyone tried struggling but not enough to work on escaping. Just as they were busy on struggling, a voice boomed on the area.

"Quit struggling pipsqueaks. You are all just pawns!" that voice literally comes from a speaker. The voice was clearly a woman and she seems very feminine but dangerous. She continued but this time, with an emcee tone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the ten hares we have captured!"

Lights turn on from the distance and we saw a small box with people on it. Thanks to my eyes having an enhanced vision, I can see them as a people wearing suits and gowns. Just by looking at them, my blood boils. Before I can say what they were, the guy beside me mumbled.

"Pleasure Seekers"

Of course, they are pleasure seekers. They kidnap and abduct other people to act on their rich games. They treat human lives as mere sh*ts. They are one of the rotten people in this world. I never expected that they are still not killed by the dead. The woman's voice continued.

"Everyone has a chance to win the grand prize if their bet survived on the battle royal. Will the ladies and gentlemen designate their votes?"

I can see the guests to nod and seems to fiddle something on their phones. This guys are the worst. I stayed silent but I surveyed the whole place.

There are three gates that seems to be closed but I can hear the moans of the undead. I am quite familiar with those things. The guy beside me then talked to me.

"Hey, I am Kaito Daiki, let's team up on this one," he said to me.

I did not respond. I have not trusted these people yet and I might get back stabbed by someone from them. I heard a machine like sound rang and all of us ten fell into the ground. I was prepared and I managed to fall into the ground by my feet without falling with my butt first. The voice once again talk but this time, she was giving us instructions.

"You pipsqueaks are going to undergo a battle against the infected. Survive and maybe you can leave, and if you die, of course we have no care about that. We have spread a few weapons in that area that all of you can use against the dead," she said.

I didn't care and quickly run to the side, I already spotted a weapon there and as expected, there was already a weapon there. A machete.

"Motherf*cker, I never said you can start! But still, its alright, start!"

The gates opened and I was very quick to rush on the weapons. The others were not able to respond except for the guy named Kaito. He quickly rummages to the nearby barrel and managed to pick up a Glock19 pistol and it has a single mag of bullets.

I was silent as the gates opened, and a few undead appeared rushing. Of course they are running since they are under the effects of Night Rage. I swing my machete hard without emotion. It is time to kill, and I also stare at those guys watching us. Once everything is done, all of you are next...


Author's Note:

Hello guys, sorry, I am gloomy today, I am so tired these days that I feel so bad on writing chapters. Very sorry for missing the update last week. Here are the chapters though and I know that it was not enough, and once again, I apologize.