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120 Killing The Dead Dogs

 Day 6: 5:06 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 54 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Kukri, Brass Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 10 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 8 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

This is a hard situation. I can see their intent to kill me whatever it takes. If they have the ability to scale the wall, I might have no choice but to use my AR15 and use the bullets. But since it was still not the Night rage, I have to save them up. I can't easily resupply my gun with bullets randomly since the gunshops in Japan are almost close to none. These monsters are a burden. Due to their sense of smell, even if I hide or escape they will be sure to follow me.

The two dogs are staring at me with bloodlust on their eyes. I can't take my chances here. I pulled out the Colt 45 and also unsheathed my kukri. Despite being immune to the virus, I can't be contented on being bitten. They had to die without me being bitten by their filthy fangs.

As I pulled out my weapons, they quickly leave on their snack as they have found their own dinner. But f*ck! I won't allow myself to be their dinner!

I aim and fire the Colt 45. Still, even though this gun is with me for quite a few days and almost a week already, I can't still et used on its recoil.


It missed!

F*ck! I didn't stay from where I am and run from where I came from and escape! Where the hell did these dogs came from?! I have not seen these guys these past few days, except for Laika. No wonder they did not appear anymore in the streets because they already became one of the meat eaters.

Still, even my escape has 50% chance to fail. These monsters are fast! But still. I did not panic. One of the the dogs lunge at me while the other kept on guard, I ducked quickly and the dog that intends to pounce me bumped into the wall. I raised my Colt 45 and give a quick shot on its head ending its miserable life. Still, I have to quickly dodge the other dog lunging. If I was 1 second too late on dodging, this guy might have brought me down. But I refuse! Once the dog missed, I quickly bolted through the living room. I saw a cricket bat on the side of the room. I hastily picked it up, and readied myself.

The feral dog was very wild that it rushed to me straight.

"You taste this mother*cker!" I swing the cricket bat hard with good precision on the dog that it killed the dog in what straight hit. Its eyes bulge out and few of its meat on its face squashed and its teeth were broken.

I huffed and puffed as I catch my breath. That was dangerous or should I say, I almost died. This was really heart inducing event and I can feel my heart beat faster than usual. This is crap. As usual, death is so hard to truffle with. Escaping its grasp is really hard. I sighed before picking up the Cricket bat. This has a wide width and can precisely hit an undead. Though you need strong swing in the arm to deal good damage against enemies using this, it can still be considered as a very lethal weapon but it can also be considered slow. Not only did it needs full swing to exude the damage you can do using the baseball bat, it is not easy to carry it unlike the baseball bat. I returned the Cricket bat back to the living room. At least, someone will be using this in the future.

After that, I looked around to look for food. Except for the Can of beans on the cupboard, nothing else is left. I guess it was already looted or the previous owner took all of the supplies and have already use it. On the other hand, this guy lying down on the floor will no longer stood up again. Its head was missing. This body is a headless body. and from the look of it, it was about two days ago since its body was already undergoing necrosis process until it was killed by somebody, or should I say the owner. From my perspective, this guy might be the friend or husband of whoever owns this place and got infected and killed in result.

I checked his pockets and I saw pepper spray and a stungun. Still this are useless but I can use them,I put it on my back pack before looking around. No supplies left, its non longer imperative to stay here.

Raising my kukri, I looked around the place. I noticed that this place is a storey building and this is the third floor. Checking the other floors will be a good option to go and I might find some food to gain however, this is also another dangerous choice. Night Rage is minutes away and what if I was stuck here? It will be real bad for me.

Still, I can't go back without food on my backpack. What did I ever came here for if I will return without any gains? Food is dwindling fast. And the group had many mouths to feed, it will be hard to let them starve which would cause low morale. Therefore, my only feasible work would be this, to search for food upstairs and downstairs.

I opened the door and looked around the hallway. Luckily, only a single undead was standing in the hallway, unperturbed by what was happening in her own surroundings. She looked like she met a very bad end since her face was ripped off and her mouth was hanging from her head. It looks like the undead did some harsh things to her before she was eaten.

I crept slowly, carefully stepping around without making a sound and concealing my own presence and as I get to her closer, I quickly pulled her hair down before stabbing the kukri on her head like a melon.

Maybe she was already out of blood since blood no longer spurts out but a few juices that might be brain matter. I don't know if it really was the brain matter. After dealing with her ad putting her to her eternal rest, I am free to move around and look around the place.

The place was good furnished if not for the bloodstains and bloody handprints, this place will not look bad. Careful with making sounds, I opened one of the doors in the hallway. The other room is a utility room and was already ransacked. Useless, I opened the other door, it was a Comfort Room, another useless room. After checking these useless rooms, I decided to check upstairs.

It was a bit pungent with blood and I can sense that the blood is just recent and it was still fresh. Just like the room I have been in, the stairs also have clear prints of dragged body. I don't really know but I am unsure whether I have to go upstairs or just go downstairs instead. With a sigh, I decided to keep on going. The place was really wrecked and it was a very horrible place. The hallway was covered with severed parts of human body and a few of them have been ripped off forcefully. From the looks of it, this person might be trying to loot the place but only got to be undead food. There are two undead and five dogs currently enjoying the feast. Without allowing them to raise their heads, I raised my AR15 and pulled the trigger.


The gun prattled on as bullets came flying out and rained down on the feasting undead. The undead were killed immediately while the dogs were struggling at first after being shot but after facing a huge barrage of bullets,it wouldn't be funny if they still continue to move. After emptying the whole mag of bullets, I reloaded it and look around. On the very corner of the hallway is an open backpack and it was evident that the backpack was thrown due to the broken vase that might have knocked it down. It was bulging out and I saw a few Chico bars on its side pockets.

Still, I have made myself vigilant. I can't keep an easygoing movement here, we can't be sure what incidents might occur.

With the kukri and Colt 45 ready, I looked around, made a stab on the heads of the dead dogs. If they are the type that has a large tenacity and can endure bullets even when the whole magazine is emptied, it will be real trouble. After performing a double tap, I looked at the backpack. I opened it and of course, it was my lucky day. It was food. Still, I was not that happy. It was only a bit amount of food. I looked behind me and said a small prayer on the dead guy. He helped me this time. Still, it was unfortunate for him to die.

I did not linger around any longer after taking the backpack with me, I hurriedly made my way downstairs. Looking at the time, five minutes left before Night Rage, it will be a hard thing. I have not even reach the mart. Hoping for it to rain but I guess, its just not going to happen.