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119 Dogs That Want You Dead

 Day 6: 4:49 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 11 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Kukri, Brass Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 10 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 9 pieces


(Kyosei's View)

Now that I was on a vantage point, looking down on the dogs, so rabid to the point that they want me dead. These dogs are not the same dogs I have usually see everyday during the normal days. These dogs are all rotten. Their skins are peeling off their flesh and a few of them have their ribcages visible. They are also thin like they have not eaten for how many months. All in all, they are too preoccupied at me. These dogs are too dangerous. From what I can see, they still retain their abilities of strong sense of smell and they also have sensitive sense of hearing. I shook my head. This will be harder to do now. I still have 9 grenades left with me but I am not sure if I can survive this by escaping them as they still look at me with contempt.

Then, my headphones once again stopped playing the music and Nanami's voice is transmitted.

"Kyosei! You alright? The signature of those dogs have decreased but they are still in front of you!" Nanami was worried.

"Yeah, I am looking at them, right now. I almost thought that I would perish that time," I said quickly.

"They suddenly appeared out of nowhere and from the looks of it, they developed their pack instincts again," Nanami said.

Yeah, dogs came from the family of wolves, one of the dangerous predators in the forest. But since dogs are tamed and domesticated by humans, they became tame and harmless and became one of man's best friend. But it cannot be denied that dogs still retain their wolf blood in their veins which cannot be taken away from them.

Looking at the feral dogs below, I can easily pinpoint that they are now too dangerous. If I stay here a little longer, I might get stuck since its almost Night Rage which is what I was having a hard time now.

"I think I need to find a way to escape. Are there any enemies out from the area I was in?" I asked Nanami.

Nanami was silent a bit, probably checking the CCTV cameras that are still working nearby and hacked them before she responded again.

"No problems. Just come back home safe!" I said to Nanami before her voice faded away and the music once again returned in my ears.

I pulled out one of the remaining grenades in my arsenal and look at the area. I can use the hanging ladder above me. There is also a window just bit higher above my head but I can certainly reach and grab the edge of the window if I jump up which will help me reach the ladder.

I did not hesitate and quickly pull the pin of the grenade before jumping and grabbing the edge of the window.


The explosion this time was near than earlier. The blast was strong and I can feel that the wind blows and I almost slipped away from my grip. I gritted my teeth to pull up myself before leaping out to grab the ladder that was hanging. But I never expected that the ladder was so rusty and no longer stable.

"Blast it!" I cursed when the ladder creaked and almost breaks down. I quickly made another grab on the ladder. It was a very dangerous thing. Below are still the remaining dogs that have survived the blast. If I fell, death was certain. I gritted my teeth, hoping that the ladder I get to hold on won't fall. But that is not the case, the ladder cannot support my weight that it broke down. I made a fast move and used the retractable grappling hook in my arm and managed to hold on through. This time, the platform didn't fell which is good news. I quickly pulled myself up, afraid that the strong grappling hook would snap and might cause my demise. My heart was pounding so fast as I get to reach the platform successfully.

I looked below and I can still see a dozen or more dogs, either injured or still alive and still snarling while still looking at me.

I wipe off the dust and rust in my clothes. That was very close. The fangs of death was grabbing me almost which almost made me dead. I just brushed off from the grasp of death. I just hope that I can still return to the base and see the next sunrise. I quickly stood and break the window beside the platform and entered the place.

I found myself in a bedroom that is covered in blood like something exploded here. Bigger maggots are moving on the walls and I can feel my scalp tingling just by looking at the scene. I pull out my kukri before examining the area. The smell is too bad and if not for the dead and rotten body on the floor, I might say that the smell came from a dead rat. I snorted to get rid of the smell. I did not forget to stab the head of the dead body. It might stood up and attack me out of nowhere.

I pushed the door open and just like the bedroom, the whole place is wrecked. It was like somebody was dragged away forcefully to the living room. I sheathed back the kukri and this time, I raised the AR15 in my arms. Though I am not an expert on this gun, I can still use it without too much difficulty.

Carefully but silently, I move forward looking around the place. There are no items that are beneficial to me. I can only say that this place is already picked clean. Its not worth it to scavenge here. I tried opening the doors I passed by but still the same things, not worth looking. The only thing left for me to look is the living room with the blood patched on the floor that looks a lot like somebody was dragged.

I don't usually feel nervous but now, I can feel that I was actually nervous. Nobody can blame me, after the chase, and the close brush to death, anyone will shake with nervousness. It was already rare that I still hold my courage which could be considered very abnormal.

A few steps more ad I can see the place clearly. The place was torn beyond recognition, sofas being wrecked and destroyed by some sharp claws or something. I made another step and now I can see that there was another being besides me.

Two dogs are eating something that was covered by cloth. One of the dogs perked up its ears and looked at me. That look on its face was dangerous. It only meant one thing: Food.