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117 The Deadly Assassin

 Day 6: 4:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 2 hours left

Food Supply: 1 week and 1 day left

Water Supply: Lasts for 4 weeks

and 4 days

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG: 4 crates

Assault Rifles: 10 crates

Shotgun: 5 crates

Sniper Rifle: 7 crates

Pistol: 12 crates

Revolver: 4 crates

Grenades: 300 pieces left


(Kyosei's View)

The blazing sun earlier is no longer emitting the hot weather it gave earlier, it was replaced by the dark clouds that are stretching as far as the eye can see. Although there were no signs that it will turn into a downpour, the girls laid down the water collector and a few clean tarps with a few barrels and containers which will be acting as the container of the water collected if there will be a rain. Many also hoped for the rain to occur as Night Rage usually calms down the dead and they don't usually exhibit the dangerous behavior they usually gave every night time.

My mind is in shambles as I stroke the chest area where Miyuki said to be the part where a hole appeared suddenly. There were no evident sign of the hole that Miyuki was talking about on my chest and whatever inspections I do, I see no signs so I gave up looking. However, my Kirishima High School uniform was the proof of that and I was stunned by this. I have no idea it occurred. I checked the hole and it was not made by gunshot, or being purposely made by using scissors and I also doubt the household group who are handling the house works do this. They knew my temper, doing this can only invoke my anger to them. I stroked the soft fur of Lina who is currently squatting beside me, looking at the yard where Souichi and Sena finished installing the garden.

Still, the sudden revelation that I was infected really stirred up the group especially the newly joined people like Shu and the four girls he rescued the other night. I was also shaken by the news. The little girl was really unpredictable which I have not really expected. She even calls me Dad and Miyuki as her mom making it more awkward.

According to Chie's examination, the virus complemented properly into my body. It merged with my immune system and instead of becoming infected like how the undead do, it only enhances my physique and movement. It was already a miracle and according to Nanami and Cindy's observation, my genes are almost identical to the genes that the little girl named Eve had. Eve said that I was immune to the virus.

Though everyone has a troubled look knowing me as an infected, they still nodded and still understood immediately. Tanaka and Suzuki were the first to understood. Since they were the SDF who mainly handles evacuation, they have clearly seen the fast necrosis effect of the virus once it got to the body of a human. It was not a laughing matter because according to them, a single bite can cause the bitten person to turn into an undead in just a ten minutes maximum or less, depending on how deep and severe the wound is.

I did not believe myself to be immune and according to Chie, my blood is quite special and it might help her finish the vaccine she was trying to make so that many people gets to immunize themselves against the virus, so that the attacks won't of he dead won't be really severe. But according to Eve, even though I was immune, it doesn't mean I can take excessive amount of virus into my system. Being bitten is still a big no as it was still dangerous. She said that it might cause the dormant Virus Galea to awaken and might force my necrosis instead.

Hearing this, I was a bit troubled. I am no longer a human huh? I might be still human but my body no longer resembles to he normal Human. I groaned as I wear my uniform again. The twins, Rin and Ren made my uniform okay again after patching up the hole and my beanie was already good to wear again. This uniform is still the best and most maneuverable clothes I have right now.

This uniform have seen many battles I have in my lifetime and accompanied me to almost every brawl and even the one protecting me to the harsh times during then first day of the outbreak.

I loaded all of my weapons and look around. Due to the postponement of my scavenging job, I decided to continue. A few of the others also did a scavenging to the surrounding area as they said that the. Night Rage is almost here. They wanted to secure the perimeter as soon as possible so that the Night Rage is much peaceful than the past nights. The rain is more likely to pass by and won't be occurring so doing a clean sweep is much more easier to do. Also, they wanted to find food as soon as possible as they can't be sure what kind of circumstances will occur in the future and they also don't want to keep me burdened by this task alone which made me a bit happy hearing that they wanted to lighten up my workload. Still, I still needed to do this job. I just can't keep myself holed up in this mansion.

Everyone are no longer wary of me being infected after Eve explained that I was immune. Rather than fear, I can see jealousy on their eyes. Of course, I will bear the source of jealousy. Being immune was a very useful trait you must have whenever an apocalypse occur. Unfortunately, not everyone can have immunity. Also, we can't relax still. Knowing that our fuel supply is still not enough, Shu, Okabe and Steven prioritized on siphoning the diesel and gasolines on nearby cars to help add on the supply of fuel. With the fuel too small, how can we conduct a search operation to the parents of my fellow classmates? Though I still don't feel so trusting on these guys, I have no choice. With the role of me being the leader of the group, I had to do it. There are still a lot of problems around us.

The first problem is the threat of the Behemoth. According to Nanami, the Behemoth is growing too fast and dangerous. Also, adding the new mutations of the surrounding creatures, it starts to get dangerous. Sena even mentioned that even a fly might be very dangerous in the future. Chie stated that she already experimented on the flies and. a few maggot samples and found out that they really contained the Galea Virus in their DNA structures which made many Chie frown. I might be hearing things but I don't know if that is really happening, I am too busy with the food supply that I have neglected my surroundings.

After leaving for another quick scavenging hunt, I move fast around the debris as usual. The pungent smell of the dead still lingers. The flies are also flying around the dead people and Ivan see a few maggots walking on the rotten corpses of the dead. As expected, the maggots looks bigger than usual but I dismissed the idea. Might be due to the abundance of dead people on the streets that caused them from being so bloated and bigger than usual.

I still made my move around. Entering a few houses of interest, I only managed to find a few items and a few canned goods that are still out from expiry date. I still made a few scavenging process but I should say that it was not really that easy to find good food and good salvageable food. There are some houses that got pillaged by people due to the huge signs of forced entry and hasty movements.

I frowned since most houses are empty. I groaned to this. And move a bit further to the houses. Just as I was around a few meters away, I saw a guy in a hoodie from afar. He wields a machete and also has a katana on his back, with the small backpack on his shoulder, he looked like a wandering survivor. But what made me caught my attention to him is due to his swift and abrupt movements. Those strikes of the machete that he was holding against the undead, the precise strike and the depth and the strength, it was all professional. I can say that it was very professional due to the reason that I knew how combat works.

His movements are much more fluid than mine which more focused on taking down enemies in brute force. His attacks were clearly disciplined version and was more effective. I did not approach him and only observed him in the distance as he was killing undead without difficulty. In this world were people who can kill efficiently is very rare as most people are most likely self taught or just adapted to the dangerous situations. Those movements of the guy in hoodie is quite nice to look, kind of similar to those Assassin's Creed movements.

He seems to be looking for something and constantly looks into his phone and shook his head. He kills the undead again and again and once he was finished on his slaughter, he will begin to pull out his phone, and somewhat start looking back and forth to the face of the undead he is currently looking and his phone. And after a few times of doing that, he will begin shaking his head before moving to another undead.

Though I don't understand his behavior, I think I have an idea what he was doing. He was looking for someone. I don't really care who he was as long as his target is not me or a few people in my base, I won't hesitate to kill.

I still have not trusted to talk to that person yet but recruiting him won't be bad. His fighting skills are definitely worth to look at and as I can see, he is very necessary and very useful during Night Rage. I still have trust issues on him but once I verify this guy, he must be a worthwhile candidate for survivor recruitment.


Thanks to Kaito_Daiki's suggestion, I got to use the character he suggested to me in time. Looks like a new character will mix in to the troublesome life of our MCs! Hope everyone is okay! Have a happy day!