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116 Deadly Revelation

 Day 6: 1:50 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 10 minutes left

Food Supply: 1 week and 1 day left

Water Supply: Lasts for 4 weeks

and 4 days

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG: 4 crates

Assault Rifles: 10 crates

Shotgun: 5 crates

Sniper Rifle: 7 crates

Pistol: 12 crates

Revolver: 4 crates

Grenades: 300 pieces left


(Kyosei's View)

Everyone was gathered in the living room. With everyone of the group gathered in a single place, the living room felt cramped. I felt dizzy just by looking at them. Moreover, I am a bit annoyed and confused by this little girl who is currently sleeping in my lap comfortably. Recalling earlier, arriving after the scavenging part, this kid called me daddy. I must say I think I am hearing things but everyone also nodded that they really heard her call me daddy.

I look at Miyuki who was looking embarrassed. She was the one who is guarding this little girl so she must have information on what is going on.

"Hey, what's with that look?! I didn't do anything!" Miyuki shook her head as she also wave her hands in denial.

Everyone was also confused and currently, the reason why everyone is gathered around is due to Nanami and Chie calling everyone for a meeting. Chie was still holding the records of the infected tissues that she acquired results with and Nanami is busy typing on her laptop and also setting up the projector.

Nanami looked around and after she saw that everyone is already gathered around the place. She nodded and stood up, placing her laptop on the table and spoke.

"I'm sorry if this is too abrupt to all of you but I have important announcement to say to everyone," Nanami started.

Everyone nodded though they have no idea what sort of things are going on.

"Earlier, I managed to establish contact with the Team Alpha and Bravo of the SDF that Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki mentioned in one of our talks. According to them, they are a bit near Kirishima High School as their temporary base was stationed there," Nanami said as he summarized what their talk with the SDF was. Hearing that, Tanaka and Suzuki sniffed a mouthful of air. They never expected that their comrades where still alive and have yet to kick the bucket.

"According to them, they were led by a retired SDF commander and lieutenant and a boy he adopted. They still did not reveal too much info on them. However, after a few times of our conversation, the place kept on shaking like there was an earthquake in their place. I asked them what is going on and they quickly asked for evacuation help. Their cars are destroyed and they are currently asking for SOS to anyone who can help," Nanami continued.

"Wait, what is going on? What attacked them?" Tanaka was clearly intrigued. He already knew Team Alpha and Bravo are strong units and they don't even sent any kind of SOS signals due to their superiority.

"They were under attack by an orange monster that is towering. They said that almost half of the Team Alpha and Team Bravo was incapacitated due to this monster. It was also said that the monster do not only devour humans but undead also," Nanami had a grim look on her face.

As soon as she said that, everyone including me who was present during the escape in Kirishima High School was stunned. What Nanami said the monster was, is also the monster who almost killed us. I sucked in a mouthful of air before I blurted out its name.

"Behemoth," I said with a frown.

The others who only got to join us were confused but as they look around us and saw our indescribable faces, they knew that it was trouble.

"Yes, I already conveyed that we called it the Behemoth and the Team Captain who is called Sgt. Haru also nodded and accepted the name as it currently match the monster," Nanami added.

Shu, who was keeping his mouth shut shook his head before talking.

"We have no idea what is going on. Can someone fill us in?" Shu scratched his head. The others also looked with confusion in their eyes.

This time, it was Cindy who talked. She can currently describe this monster as she memorized its characteristics.

"Allow me. The monster we called Behemoth appeared in the middle of the time where the Night Rage is ending and was formed completely after the Night Rage. This monster is a towering monster which should be estimated around 100 meters tall. We are not sure if we call it an undead but we are sure that it was a humanoid orange jelly monster. It has a structure of burnt around its body and was very dangerous. It always grew in size whenever the monster eats the undead. We managed to escape but it was also due to the sacrifice of one of our teachers that we survived..." Cindy's voice trailed off. Many of us looked down in despair. That was the tale of the tragic death of Leo. The person I looked up as my second father who sacrificed himself for the greater good and the person I was inspired to hold the leadership of the group.

After Cindy said that, everyone who have not seen the monster yet, gasped as this was a very dangerous monster. Just saying that there was a 100 meter monster. Even the Juggernaut that was not that tall wasn't even compared to its shortest tentacle. Nanami chimed in again.

"Just like how Cindy described the Behemoth, it was a very tall monster. However, according to what Sgt. Haru said to me, the monster is no longer that big but was now much bigger. From what he saw on his drone, it was no longer, a hundred meter monster but it was already a 200 meter monster," Nanami said calmly.

"What?!" everyone was shocked. A 200 meter monster was already comparable to a tall building.

"According to Sgt. Haru, they were planning to kill it but for some reason, it was invulnerable to almost all kinds of attacks. They have no choice but to fall back. But due to the danger and the destruction of their escape vehicle, they decided to send an SOS signal though they don't know if someone will take the mission," Nanami said.

Everyone grew silent. Whatever sides they look on, this situation is a suicidal mission. Survival here is almost close to none and this was not a mission that anyone can do. Just as they were processing the information, the girl in my lap opened her eyes and properly sit down on the sofa.

"Daddy can kill it," she said immediately.

Everyone blinked. Even I was confused, what is she saying?!

"He will kill that monster and we knew that he won't fail on this. He is my daddy and he won't easily fall down against it," she smiled innocently.

Chie chimed in.

"Because Kyosei is already an infected?"

Everyone grew quiet. Even I, felt everything spin. I am an infected? When? What the hell is going on?

End of Arc 2


Author's Note:

And here we are at the end of Arc 2 of the story. Though it took me a long time, I did not expect I would reach Arc 2. Sorry for everyone who already knew how slow this novel gets an update. I don't have much time to keep my update since there are still a few matters I have to attend. Anyways, many might get disappointed due to fact that I left the novel in cliff hanger in Arc 2. It will be explained in Arc 3. Arc 3 involves the most dangerous battle of the Main Protagonist and his subordinates. New Characters and also new enemies, humans and undead. Also, the newfound mystery of the little girl will unfold in the next Arc, Behemoth and the Dead.