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114 The Gangsters Of the Dead

 Day 6: 11:44 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 16 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Kukri, Brass Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 10 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 10 pieces

(Kyosei's View)


From just the first glance on them, I can instantly tell that they are gangsters and base on their movements, they are already good at this work. Unluckily for them, they are always my prey in the past. Meeting unreasonable people like them are still on my hit list.

"F*ck, you think you are already strong?! Put down your weapons and leave this place or else, I will be destroying that head of yours!" the ugly guy whom I just smacked said holding the shotgun on his hands and pointing it at me.

"..." I did not respond and instead take a glance on everyone. All of them are armed but most of them do not wear any protective clothes like I did and most of them are showing their muscles and their threatening tattoos. Also, from what I can see, they are like barbarians and most of them rely on brute force. Do they think I am intimidated on them? Pft, what a joke.

"Are you deaf?! I seed put down your..." Before he can finish, I spit on his face and my saliva splattered on his face. I instantly provoke him.

"Bastard! You will die!" He roared and was about to pull the trigger.

I quickly rolled away from him and made a quick hide on the shelf before running around and took the other people he was with in a surprise. I pulled out my Kukri and strike the leg of the guy I near me and made a stab on his pelvis.


He shouted and before he can keep on shouting, I used him as a meat shield.


The gangster was killed. I never expected that I will get hit too and I was grazed in my right arm with a buckshot. I quickly rolled away and once again tool a hiding. the others also began to take charge at my location. However, this is still within my capabilities o cripple them.


A person who tried to strike me from behind was struck down by my punch instead, which caused him to fall out of guard. I quickly shot his legs, which will stop him from moving.


My swift movements are hard to catch up and the person who wields the shotgun shot the ammo against me but missed and only a few shelves got struck instead. A few of the good were also destroyed. I didn't bother him at first and take a shot from the shelve I was hiding and pulled the trigger.


I quickly move to the other shelve as I know that the guy who holds the shotgun will shoot me on my current location.

"You are courting death!" He roared an once more pulled he trigger and seeing it miss, he reloaded the gun. I got my chance.

Calmly, I made a swift sprint and targets the nearby person and I quickly stab his ear with the Balisong, causing his ears to bleed.

"My ears!"

He swings his bat to me and unluckily, I was hit. However, it lacked power so it did not get to hurt me much at all. I rolled away and stab the joints of the guy I just pierced with the balisong earlier causing him to get crippled on his movements.

What made me to strike them even though I am alone is due to the fact that they lack the aspect that I was powerless.

Teamwork and Unity.

Most gangsters do not possess them and clearly, they only use their numbers to gang up against helpless individuals that they can see. I usually use their weakness to strike them down. It was their Achilles Heel.

I once again roll away from the crippled gangster and hide again.


The gangster who is holding the shotgun was clearly sweating and he was getting anxious as well as he reloaded the sawed-off shotgun. He never thought that this guy whom they thought to be a weakling is a hidden tiger feigning as a lamb.

Just as he was about to shoot again, I was already behind him and put my kukri on his neck.

"Think you can still kill me?" I smirked.


Before he can even move, I made a move first and punched him hard on his back before slamming the kukri using the blunt part on his head, causing him to collapse. And with that, everyone is incapacitated except for the one that I used as a meat shield and died from the buckshot. Right, I also remembered I got wounded.

I quickly fumble around the convenience store and luckily, I found a bandage and a few gauze and alcohol. I quickly doused the cotton that I found with alcohol before rubbing it to my wound. The wound is not that deep but it is currently bleeding. I can feel the sting of the alcohol seeping into my wound. After the initial wound cleaning, I quickly put a gauze on my wound before wrapping it on bandage.

Since we made a lot of sound, there will be a few ideas bound to arrive soon so I quickly pull out my Duffel bag and stuff all of the canned goods that I can find inside. Pickles, Pork and Beans, Spam can, can of corned tuna and a few other canned goods. That are easy to be eaten. After packing, I quickly go outside the convenience store. I did not bother to loot them and I didn't kill them either, only leaving incapacitated. I am not a killer and I will leave their lives on what the fate will hold. I saw a few undead struggling in the distance. Looks like a horde is forming and will storm the convenience store soon.

I quickly trotted away from there. Looking at the duffel bag in my back, I know that this is not enough for us and the food will barely hold on. Looks like storming a few houses and malls will be a good choice but I am having doubts on the mall since the place might be overwhelming with the undead since it was one of the most crowded places when the outbreak started.

There are a few undead currently attacking me but they are not a challenge to me. For some reason, I felt like I can kill the undead without any problems at all. I am having doubts on this but I seem to feel different ever since I brought the girl with me back to the base. Is this somewhat connected to her? Either way, we have no idea how dangerous she was, after all, she was able to bond with the Virus Galea. As a leader, I need to make rational judgement. Its the only way for me to still continue living as a human being.

Along the way, there are a few people around that I saw scavenging the buildings and after seeing me, they quickly hide, afraid that I was some bandit or some killer. I did not bother disturbing them, its not like I trust them yet. There are other survivors fighting against others for loot but I am not interested in entering conflict. I might be a delinquent in the past and looking for trouble left and right but now that I am managing a group, I can't let myself just stay just like that for the rest of time. The worth to fight are the undead and those who try to harm me and my subordinates.

As it was getting late, I decided to go back home to dump the supplies and do another supply run once again. This amount of food I just got barely last for a single day. Looks like a new work force is needed to be on the job to get some food.