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113 The Deadly Encounter

 Day 6: 10:33 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours and 27 minutes left

Food Supply: 1 week left

Water Supply: Lasts for 4 weeks

and 4 days

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG: 4 crates

Assault Rifles: 10 crates

Shotgun: 5 crates

Sniper Rifle: 7 crates

Pistol: 12 crates

Revolver: 4 crates

Grenades: 300 pieces left


(Kyosei's View)

I never expected that I will miss out a few of the happenings around just because I was unconscious for quite a while. I even find out that they managed to kill and bring a specimen of stalker in which allowed Chie to progress on her research. I was amazed by these guys. I also get to know the two guys who were former soldiers. The bald guy was Mesau Suzuki and the guy who was a former moustached guy is Furuki Tanaka.

Looks like I was not busy so I decided to look at the situations and in a few conversation, looks like they don't need too much help. After checking, I decided to take a bath instead. Most of them have taken a bath especially the girls earlier since they have not washed for quite a while and so that they can experience taking a bath while they still can.

There are some spare clothes in. the drawer but since the clothes I am wearing is still clean, I didn't need to change. Only the underwear. I take off my clothes in front of the mirror and it made me startled when I saw a strange mark in my left chest. I remembered that I have not done anything that can cause this and I also remember that I don't have this mark at all in the past. I tried rubbing it off but I discovered that this is not a stain in my skin but some sort of mark that is in my skin. I tried looking at it closely and I noticed that it seems to be moving.

I shuddered by the look of it but I quickly took it out of my mind and just focused on cleaning myself.

With that done, I quickly go to Nanami to scavenge. She nodded and she said that I have to prioritize food and a few gears. After picking up an AR15 and another supply of Colt 45 and grenades with me, I ventured out...


(Miyuki's View)

I am currently looking in the window where I can see the gate where Kyosei just used to get out of the base. As usual, I felt worried about Kyosei since he kept on doing reckless things. Also, I felt a bit useless since Kyosei kept on risking his life while I was staying here in the mansion, taking refuge against the dead.

I returned to the chair that I was sitting earlier as I wiped off the sweat on the forehead of the girl that they call the project Eve. I still remembered that when she arrived alongside with Kyosei, I clearly saw that she awaken and have poked Kyosei's chest all of a sudden and causes Kyosei's unconsciousness. We never discussed it to him due to the unspecific things that we have not seen. We suspected that Kyosei is already infected by the Virus Galea. But according to Chie who seemed to be able to research the virus and the symptoms of it, Kyosei is not infected since he did not turn into one after being poked by a girl who is called as a Human Biological Weapon. Just as I was thinking on it, Nanami and Chie returned, all holding a piece of paper.

"Hmm? What is it?" I was confused why they seemed silent.

"Looks like we need to say this to Kyosei," Chie frowned as she hands me the paper. After reading the paper, I was startled. This is different. Looks like something is clearly amiss.

"Let's tell it to Kyosei later when he return," I quickly answered. With the appearance of the little girl, she might be something that we will stir the world.


Day 6: 11:21 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 39 minutes left

Current Arsenal:

Melee: Kukri, Brass Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 10 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 10 pieces

(Kyosei's View)

My ammunition might not be sufficient if I run into a horde but this is enough for me. My only purpose for venturing out is to find food and to destroy a few spawns. According to Nanami and the others observations, most of the spawns that was destroyed by Souichi's party, the houses that usually contains the spawns seemed to ooze out a few gooey substance and a stinky smell. From what I can see right now, there are no houses that seemed to be similar to their descriptions. The streets right now are littered with debris, broken cars, scattered items and a few tattered newspapers that all tell the occurrence of the apocalypse.

According to Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Suzuki, the army was forced to abandon their own troops to fend off from themselves and only a few high ranked soldiers were the one who escorted the higher officials, a few survivors and a few important figures to escape. Tanaka and Suzuki were all part of the platoon to defend the Quarantine Zone during the Night Rage. But after the sudden abandonment and the overwhelming force of the Night Rage, their morale plummeted causing the undead to breach the defenses, forcing the remaining troops to scatter and save their own assess out of the deadly situation they were in. The troops that Tanaka and Suzuki were in did not survive and they are the only people who survive the onslaught. Luckily, they managed to survive after meeting Shu on a prison where they manage to take the Prison Bus. They then decided to go with the mafia until they meet me later on.

So when before the outbreak started, they already did an evacuation to the officials and important people away from trouble, only leaving the civilians to suffer. In the end, they succeeded. After a few days since the outbreak began, I already know how to carefully use a gun properly though I still prefer to use melee weapons. Also, I did not expect I have the way of scavenging. This few days seems helping my physique to get better. I no longer feel tired after a few sprinting though I still have limited distance that I can cover.

After walking around, I managed to arrive on a convenience store. Its clearly looted already but I knew that there are still a few items that can still be salvageable here.

I creep slowly on the entrance. From what I can see, there are no people currently here and I can see a few undead inside. I also noticed that inside of the convenience store, the canned foods are still intact though a few are scattered on the floor. Looks like those people who tried to scavenge here ended up dead. Luckily, those undead are positioned away from each other. Its clearly an advantage to me who specialize in sneak and silent attacks. I look at my Kukri. This will do fine now. Time to get to work.

Opening the door did not attract them at all. They still seems occupied to whatever they are focusing on. There are 7 undead inside, and I can kill them all without problem. Crouching while slowly approaching the undead, as I get on its back, I quickly pull the small hair it has left on its head before stabbing its face, piercing its skull through.

I lay the dead body quickly but silently into the floor before moving to the next target. In a few more minutes of killing, all of the undead are all killed by me. They all lay permanently dead on the floor. Just as I was about to finish my own business here, I felt a cold intent behind me. I did not let it move closer to me and quickly used my kukri to parry the weapon that was almost on my back.

"Wha...!" an ugly man staggered after my sudden attack. I quickly pull out my Colt 45 and also readily my Kukri. This time, it was five men who are clearly not up to something good.