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112 Another Deadly Lackeys

 Day 6: 7:49 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours and 11 minutes left

Food Supply: Lasts for 1 week

Water Supply: Lasts for 4 weeks

and 4 days

Fuel supply: Medium Amount

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG: 4 crates

Assault Rifles: 10 crates

Shotgun: 5 crates

Sniper Rifle: 7 crates

Pistol: 12 crates

Revolver: 4 crates

Grenades: 300 pieces left


(Kyosei's View)

This was quite a surprise. I have no idea that she is the person who is able to bond with the Virus Galea. But, the question is, how did she managed to escape? From what I can remember, she was well guarded and was assigned on SSS+ security level and in the first sign of breach, she will be shot by a tranquilizer and will be evacuated immediately. Did she killed the scientists and guards to escape?

"How come she is still unconscious?" I asked Chie since she is the one who looked at her.

"We retrieved a small bullet syringe in her shoulder area and we need to lop off her flesh to remove it. She showed incredible regenerative powers and after we lop off the said bullet, her flesh returned back to normal and didn't leave a single scar. We examined the bullet syringe and from what I can see, this is a tranquilizer with a high amount of power to knock out an elephant for a week, it must be why she is still unconscious," Chie explained.

I nodded. So she fought against the guards and managed to escape. I had no idea she managed to last that long without getting asleep immediately.

"We tried to contact Maverick but for some reason, the network is having difficulties in connecting to her and according to Zhao Fang, her base was breached by the dead and she was currently on the run. From what Zhao Fang have said, she is still alive and was currently finding a way to join us and was accompanied by Zecker. America right now was too dangerous now as the Night Rage kept on raging there," Nanami said.

"Alright. Let's not disturb her yet, Miyuki should be the one who will watch her while Cindy will be helping me process your blood Kyosei," Chie said.

"Wait, how will you examine my blood? Even if you have a microscope, you are not a professional doctor," I retorted.

Chie grinned and pushed her eyeglasses like she was a scholar.

"Hmph, don't underestimate me, my father was a doctor and he has been training me to be the next doctor in our family. Of course, I have the proper training. I only go to the laboratory to study chemistry to allow me to mix medicines in the future, also, who said that I don't have a microscope? Yesterday, Souichi managed to pick one when they tried to loot a hospital alongside with Mr. Tanaka and Steven. Since we need it, he decided to bring it alongside with a few apparatus that will help me and the rest to monitor everyone," Chie said in a scholarly manner.

I clearly underestimated this woman. Well, I really don't know her at all since I have no care about whoever it was at school but since I managed to bump into her, she was alive today.

After leaving the infirmary with Nanami, he led me to the kitchen. The twins were currently washing the dishes. The group finished eating earlier so nobody is eating right now. Miss Haruna was currently checking the food stocks and list out the remaining stocks left. Risha, Yuko, and Risa were washing clothes. Of course since hygiene is also necessary. I did not took a bath for quite a while since I was always busy. I should take one later.

I looked at the hanging clothes and quickly spotted my beanie and uniform to the clothesline. Risha smiled at me when she saw me looking at the clothes.

"Don't worry, we just washed them since they got dirty when you arrived. Don't worry, we didn't took of your undies. We still have to respect privacy," she smiled mischievously.

I snorted on that though she is right. I will be embarrassed if they take it off without my permission. I will change my undies later after I take a bath.

I eat breakfast and Laika, the dog was currently looking at me for food. Of course, I gave her some of my leftover food after eating. After eating my fill, I immediately go to the armory. There, I saw the boy who was driving the prison bus the other night and the four girls who he rescued, Nejima was also there and checking the guns.

"Hey, Kyosei right? We already know that you are the leader here. We never expected that you managed to run the group by yourself. By the way, I am Shu, the four girls with me were Sakura, Mirai, Penelope, and Chihaya," The boy named Shu introduced himself.

"I am Sakura," the girl with short hair said as she bowed down.

"I am Mirai," A girl with a ponytail hair said as she smiled.

"I am Penelope," another girl with eyeglasses and nerdy aura shyly nodded.

"And I am Chihaya! Nice to meet you!" A girl with a short stature and cute face said as she smiled with dimples on both her cheeks.

I nodded at them all with a stiff look, not even bothering to smile. To bothersome indeed.

"I am Kyosei, I might be the leader but I really have not a good leadership. Everyone just helps each other here so that there are no complications here. I don't have the time to chat so please continue your work, I still need to get my equipment," I said.

Shu twitched his mouth hearing that, looks like he was startled by my reactions. However, he quickly recovered.

"This way, your equipment is here," Shu led me to the table and sure enough, all.of my weapons are here. The brass knuckles with the motocross gloves, the body armor for motorcycle riders, the kukri, the hidden blade, my grappling hook, the Balisong, and the Colt 45 pistol.

I quickly geared up and nodded. After equipping it, I still heard Shu whisper to Nejima.

"Is he a strict guy? He seemed to be not happy that we are here?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it, he was always unhappy we got used to it already, but don't worry, he don't chase away people without a cause," Nejima reassured him.

"Really? He didn't even smile!" Shu was not convinced.

"Yeah, you would be the first person to see Kyosei smile if he ever smiled. Nobody have seen him smile, so we are all equal on that," Nejima said.

I didn't bother to listen anymore and decided to go out the mansion.

Along with Laika, I arrived into the courtyard and looks like it was improving. The platforms on the walls is enough to be used to walk around to survey the streets. Also, everyone was armed. Sena and Souichi were the watchers while the bald man and the former moustached guy were helping Steven and Nathalie. Snow was currently helping Okabe building a few plots. Possibly for the garden.

The prison bus and the truck were parked outside the base and looks like they have secured it already. I looked up the sky and contemplated. The world is changing but I hope that we still remain safe and no one will die in the future. I might have no idea about the future but I just needed to make sure that we will live. This is our new age. The new age of the undead era.