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111 The Beginning of a Deadly Mutation

 Day 6: 7:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion Base

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours left

Food supply: Lasts for 1 week

Water Supply: Lasts for 4 weeks

and 4 days

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG: 4 crates

Assault Rifles: 10 crates

Shotgun: 5 crates

Sniper Rifle: 7 crates

Pistol: 12 crates

Revolver: 4 crates

Grenades: 300 pieces left


(Kyosei's View)

I woke up in a groggy state. What happened? Even in the groggy state, I can feel myself invigorated and recharged. However, I don't remember sleeping. From what I can remember last is our safe arrival to the base. I quickly got up and I noticed that my clothes are no longer the dirty uniform of mine and my beanie is missing. My headphones and Portable Mp3 player are both turned off but it was quietly taking in the sunlight that is currently entering the windowsill. I looked at my surroundings. This place is the room in the second floor of the base. They have voted that I should be staying here as this is now officially my office as the leader of Blood Battalion but I didn't respond that time.

I scratched my head and saw that the window is still a bit wet. Its not a dew as this usually don't happen so I decided to look down and also noticed that the ground is wet like it just rained. From what I can remember, it didn't rain and the sun was still rising that time. I checked my wristwatch and saw that it is 7:06 in the morning. I forgot to check the time last time but I was sure that when we arrived, the Night Rage just ended. I shook my head in confusion. Better ask someone then, also, I felt like my stomach is churning. I never felt so hungry. Of course, I did not forget to change clothes. I wore the black hoodie shirt with a mark of skull printed in the center and also wore pants. I also noticed that the weapons I have been using is missing. Looks like somebody took them. Before I left, I pick up my Headphones and MP3 player and wore them. Too bad my beanie is missing alongside with my uniform.


As I went down the stairs and go to the living room, I noticed that everyone is gathered in the living room. The first to notice me was Miyuki of course.

"Kyosei! You are awake! Thank God, you are fine!" she said as she approached me and hug me. Of course, I dodge her hug. I don't like it.

Everyone in the room became attentive and look at me when I arrived. I also noticed that the three men and four women who accompanied with the escape is also here. Compared to their a bit of sorry state when they were captured, the girls no longer have shackles in their hands and they have regained color. Looks like they are recovering. Even the three guys are also looking good. The burly man with a bald head no longer look so domineering though he still hold a bit dangerous air, it was already lessened by his normal shirt and calm face. The moustached guy is no longer moustached as he have shaved it and he looks more cleaner now. He wore a camouflage shirt and still holds a bit of danger aura but he seemed to be fine since no one in the group avoided them. The thin guy who seemed to be the same age as me and my schoolmates also turned from ruggy guy into someone clean and tidy guy. His hair also revealed that e dyed it red.

"Boy, you slept like a log this past three days! I thought you were a goner, good thing Chie and the other girls tended you and said that you just collapse out of fatigue!" the former moustached guy said as he laugh.

"Huh?" I was a bit stunned. Did I heard it wrong? Three days?

"You passed out when the truck arrived the base. They carried you in and we examined your vitals and we found out that you just passed out but we never expected that you will sleep for three days," Chie explained.

"What?! That long?" I frowned. I slept that long? I did not remember passing out!

This time, Nanami looked at me seriously.

"We didn't know the reasons but while you were still asleep, we took a few samples of your blood to take a few test. The results will be released later on. Also, from that time that you were asleep, many things occurred. Luckily, we didn't fell from the Night Rages that occurred and managed to fend off the place. But as time goes by, the enemies are getting tougher," Nanami reported.

"What do you mean," hearing that the undead are getting tougher, my eyes squinted and interest is piqued. I need to know what it is.

"The surrounding creatures that kept on interacting with the dead slightly became mutated as well," this time, Souichi answered.

"Mutated?" I frowned.

"Yes, we noticed that the flies that usually gathers around the dead and do some of their disgusting jobs on the bodies of the dead that did not get devoured by the undead at Night Rage have undertaken evolution," Souichi explained.

"The flies have become slightly bigger an now, instead of just landing to the corpse and lay eggs, the flies seemed to devour the flesh of the dead in a fast rate. Their sizes also started to get similar to the Mosquitoes though a bit inferior now. They seemed to be harmless to us in terms of being attacked since they did not attack us but our food source of meat will be a problem right now."

I see, that is right. Flies are known as scavengers and they might be disgusting but they helped on decomposing bodies and other food that gone bad. However, these flies will only bring ten trouble now. If the flies were to land in their food dangerous, their abilities might be a carrier of whatever caused the apocalypse causing unnecessary deaths.

"Also Kyosei, a few birds started to show some of the changes too. I usually see a few crows, left to scavenge the dead. They sometimes eat their flesh and grew satisfied. In just one day, the crows suddenly became much bigger than its normal size. Now, its size was similar to a chicken though they don't look fat at all. Also, they became the natural competitor against the flies and also began devouring the corpses like vultures. I am afraid that they will get to attack us like those carnivorous crow horde that killed many characters in Resident Evil: Extinction Movie," Steven said in straight Japanese. Looks like he practiced well these past few days.

"I agree, its getting dangerous. It's already expected that they will be showing changes as they are eating flesh of the infected but we never expect it too soon," Nathalie chimed in using the Japanese language. Looks like she also practiced a lot.

"This bode some sort of ill event that will soon happen. But I hope that it won't come," Nanami said.

I see. During the time that I was unconscious, Nanami took the role of assistant leader and managed the group nicely. Having these sort of people in the group is quite necessary indeed.

This time, the twins began talking too.

"Kyosei, our food supply might be in dire situation," they started.

"Huh? Why?" I scratch my head.

"Some of the food stored like a few grains if rice and wheat were easily spoiled. They showed signs of decomposition and we never expected that most of the food that we stored are almost destroyed," Rin said.

"We tried to salvage a few but it didn't work. Only the canned foods and a few dried goods were not destroyed and still can be eaten. Those foods in the fridge are still not showing any signs though we need to replenish them as soon as possible, now that we have additional members," Ren continued.

Food supply. My fear comes true. Food is actually one of the fundamentals in survival in an apocalypse. Now that they are showing spoilage, we need to find an alternative food source and secure food to gain advantage on the situation. Every piece of canned goods are going to be needed now and hunting will be also quite feasible. I have seen a few wild animals around the city and looks like they have wandered around or they might have escaped the zoo. Anyway, hunting wild game is also needed too. Fishing seems feasible too as there are rivers around to get started but I also hope that they don't get mutated either.

As the meeting was finished, everyone dispersed and headed to their respective jobs.

As I was about to go to the kitchen, Nanami, Cindy, Chie, and Miyuki pulled me along.

"What's the problem?" I frowned as I was hungry, I am a bit annoyed that they pulled when I was about to eat.

"Kyosei, I know you are starving but we just wanted to ask you about the girl you brought the other day," Nanami started when we were about to reach the infirmary.

Girl? Oh yeah, the girl I saved during the Night Rage.

"What about her?" I asked.

"For some reason, she is still asleep. Also, Cindy confirmed that this girl that you carried along is Experiment Log #9999," Nanami said.

"Experiment Log #9999?" I was a bit bewildered but then, something popped up in my mind.

"Yes, the thing that Maverick hacked and Cindy memorized. She remembered that the file has a photo of the girl experimented. She is 100% sure that the girl in the photo and the girl you brought is the same person," Nanami nodded.

I looked at the girl in the bed who is still unconscious. So this is the successful experiment? But she is just a young girl.