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110 Hell in the Deadly Road

 Day 4: 1:23 A.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 47 minutes left


(Kyosei's View)

As the chaos in the building rises, a prison bus and a container truck were speeding away from the chaos. The undead naturally chases the bus and truck.

"Lock and load!" I shouted and pulled the trigger of the M&P 15. Bullets fly and the sound of sever gunfire can be heard inside the container truck. The mini gun that the moustached guy were also roaring as it spit out lead and raises hell on Earth.

As expected, there are mutated clearly chasing us. I can clearly make out that they are Juggernauts and Hurlers.

"Big ones inbound! Prioritized on shooting the tangos!" I shouted.

"Aye, aye!" the moustached guy nodded and aims the mini gun to the juggernauts and Hurlers.

Me on the other hand kills the lesser undead that are still on our tail. They are really persistent.

The truck is a bit shaky, and it is hard to stand fully on the container as the truck is speeding up. However, I can still balance out myself. Mag after mag is wasted every time I reloaded and the dead that are chasing us is getting thicker and thicker as time pass by.

"F*ck, this is getting tougher and tougher!" the moustached guy shouted.

Even the prison bus is quite having a hard time against the dead who are currently still on our trail. From time to time, I need to shoot the dead that are chasing the prison bus to avoid accident that will topple the prison bus out of its momentum.

I looked back at the girl on the crates. She is still sleeping despite having her head kept on being bumped on the crate. If I was the one being in her situation, I might have wake up already.

The truck and prison bus traversed the road from left to right and most of the dead kept on following us. This time around, the moustached guy pull out a grenade from his pocket and pull the pin off, before throwing the grenade to the undead.


The explosion created a shockwave of air, hitting us with a cold but pungent air. Bodies of the dead flew and blood splatters on the road. Quite a gory sight indeed. If a normal person sees this scene, they might puke their dinner out.

I decided to keep the pace going despite my sweat pouring out of my face. Even the moustached guy was sweating profusely. As the minigun ran out of bullets, he faces at me and tap my shoulder.

"Hold the fort for a minute. I need to retrieve the bullets out to reload the minigun!"

I nodded in response. The music in my ears kept my morale high as I kept repeating the same actions. I have no idea how many hours and how many magazines of bullets have been wasted already. What makes the battle harder is due to the Juggernauts ad Hurlers clearly blocking the bullets and are currently taking the bullets in replacement of the lesser undead. The moustached guy returned to the minigun and reloaded it.

"Let's continue the battle!" He shouted.

The undead are still swarming behind the truck and prison bus.

"Sh*t, is this going to end?" The moustached guy was seen with frustration already.


I did not respond. Apparently, I had no idea either, it was also taking a toll to my body and my eyes droop. However, there is no time to relax. Death is looming behind us.

"Graaaaaahhhhh!" I pulled out another grenade from the nearby crate and pull out the pin.

"Stay dead!" I shouted with all my lungs to kept my consciousness intact.

I kept pulling the trigger. Its not a problem with bullets but the state of mind is making me pull back. For the sake that I will survive this hellish night, I will stay up for a while.


Daylight breaks out in the horizon and the dead are slowly getting sluggish. Juggernauts andHurlers are no longer around and the undead are no longer able to sprint. They have returned from the same dumb undead.

I am no longer shooting. I lay down the cold metal floor. Huffing and puffing air on my body. This time, it really made me totally tired. Fatigue builds up in my body and I can feel the heaviness of my limbs. My eyes barely open but I managed to do so. I can't sleep yet.

The moustached guy was also groaning. His arms might be numb from the recoil of the minigun.

"Good work boy," he said, also struggling to stay awake.

As the sun rises up in the sky, it also marks the end of the Night Rage. Another day to face again.

Day 4: 6:00 A.M

Night Rage officially ended for now.