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109 Operation Dead Diversion

 Day 4: 12:49 A.M

Osaka: Kita-Minami- Osaka- Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 11 minutes left


(Kyosei's View)

We didn't escape immediately, instead, we used the chaos of the undead to go to the armory of the mafia and we also need to arm ourselves properly if we want to live through the Night Rage. The undead are all dangerous at Night Rage and their is a chance of mutated ones to appear.

"I never expected that you already have the plan ongoing while we are talking earlier," I said to the moustached guy.

"Of course, as a special operatives specializes on besieging, we have already done the basic things to use the danger to our advantage," He said, his voice seems proud.

I only know that the driver who drives the prison bus earlier is the one who sabotaged the Electric Fence, causing its failure and the dead to get in. He was also the one assigned to take the hostages out of their prison cells while the chaos is still ongoing.

We arrived on the armory that is located in the very lowest floor of the building and I was surprised to see lots of high caliber guns on the walls. In my imagination, the armory is just a small room cramped with guns. I was surprised to see that the whole floor was filled with guns. There are also boxes of bullets and a few explosives in crates. There were also crates of bullets in the box that I really need to fill the Colt 45 and the AR15. The armory was also the parking lot of a container truck.

What is going on? Where did the guns came from? Japan is quite strict in guns and this is naturally true. That is why I am startled to see why there are guns here that are all high calibre.

"Surprised? I told you, this mafia group, is holding those high calibre guns illegally. They smuggled it from America and I heard that they paid a hefty sum of it. If the law of Japan still exist, these guns should be immediately confiscated. However, we really need these guns for survival now. We can't survive at all if the guns existing right now only exist in forms of pistols," the moustached guy said as he holds his moustache slowly.

Yeah, guns were quite in need in these apocalypse. I already knew how hard it is to rely only on melee weapons but still I can do without a gun. But using one to deal with a horde is quite good too. I have already gathered a few guns in the base but not all of them are totally high calibres unlike the guns that are displayed here.

The moustached guy look at me and asked.

"You seemed calm despite on this situation. Are you perhaps able to experience this?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am. I was currently leading a small group for now. I looted a base of cult a few days ago and managed to pick up a few Springfield M1903 model sniper rifles and a few AR15 guns. I was also planning to look for a big car to gather and go to a safe place out of those undead," I said.

"Why don't you make a caravan?" the bald man who is currently taking guard suggested.

A caravan? Yeah, in this apocalyptic situation, moving from one place to another is the best way to find a place safe from the dead. However, the downside of a caravan is that they need to have consume diesel and gasoline to keep the cars running. It is still early in the apocalypse though so that problem is not yet obvious to see.

The moustached man throws a rifle towards me. I hold it tightly in my hands.

"That is a Military and Police custom version. We usually call it M&P 15. You can see in american movies these guns a lot. A soldier's best friend in the battlefield," Moustached guy said.

Yeah, I have seen it before. There are also airsoft guns in these form that I once held. It was quite heavier than the airsoft gun version but this one is more lethal than the airsoft version. I reloaded it immediately and cast its bolt ready to shoot. The bald man nodded. Looks like he was an enthusiast in guns.

"You look normal on it kid. I thought its your first time holding one," he laughed.

"Yeah, its the first time. However, I can adapt immediately," I answered.

The moustached guy touched his chin.

"You will be a good soldier in war with that kind of mindset," he said and continued to put the guns inside the truck.

The process took quite a while before he pulls out a mini gun. I was startled to see this beast. It was a mounted mini gun version. I have seen these in the past in the movie, the Purge: Anarchy. Having this is quite menacing in the streets, shooting enemies without care in the world.

The moustached guy helped me climb up the back of the truck while the bald man decided to take the front wheel. The moustached guy is the one with me and the girl is settled inside, leaning on the crates of bullets. The moustached guy saluted in front of me and he grinned.

"You said you were a leader? If I was satisfied with your leadership then my service is yours then. In an apocalypse, having a trusty leader is hard to find these days," He said while holding his moustache.

I nodded without reaction. Of course, loyalty is earned, not given. I hold the gun

hard, as the engine of the truck revved up, a hellish daylight will occur in the streets..