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108 The Mafia and The Child of the Dead Part 4

 Day 4: 12:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion Base

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours left


(Nanami's View)

With the earplugs in our ears, we once again survived the onslaught of the scream. The base was awfully quiet except for the scream that is still ringing. No one of us is currently shooting the undead. I don't know why but there is not a single undead to be found in the vicinity.

"Strange, there is no undead in the neighborhood this time," Pastor Shin said as he holds his daughter in his lap who is currently sleeping.

"Yeah, there should be a few attacks of the dead but there is no undead attack for some reason. Only that strange monster that leader have called as Stalkers seems to be around. As long as the base is filled with light, those monster won't come near," I explained to Pastor.

"I see. Well, these creatures started appearing all of a sudden. I hope that this is not a sign of a bigger trouble," Pastor Shin said.

Trouble huh? Speaking of trouble, we left the school not too long ago and the Behemoth that we left at school should still be wrecking havoc there until now. I have no idea how to kill that monster and neither Kyosei has the way to kill it. He seemed helpless after Teacher Leo died to sacrifice himself. I know that we can't escape that Behemoth and sooner or later, we will be facing that monster.

I looked at the monitor which is showing what Kyosei is seeing right now. I checked his location in the map and he was currently in Osaka- Namba Area. I don't know how he got there but I guess he might drive into that area. I looked at the time, its past 12 midnight. I slowly pull out the earplugs and looks like the scream is over. We arrived to a new day again.


Day 4: 12:05 A.M

Osaka: Kita- Minami : Osaka-Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 55 minutes left


(Kyosei's View)

The sudden scream made most of the people in the building to curl in pain, holding their bleeding ears. Looks like nobody knows how to solve the scream thingie at midnight. Even the bald guy and moustached guy were both holding their bleeding ears. For some reason, the girl that I am holding right now is not affected to the scream. She did not even show the slightest discomfort at all.

"F*ck! My ears are ringing!" the moustached guy groaned as he clutches his bleeding ear. Its quite a damage I see.

I look at them without any kind of sympathy. I am not some kind of person who helps anyone readily as long as there is someone needed help. Its just a minor damage and I know that they will immediately recover from that.

It took them 30 minutes to recover from their bleeding ears. They slowly wiped off the blood on their ears, and even though they have recovered, they still can't stand straight and needed to hold the wall or anything to help them stand up.

"Ugh, that was painful..." the moustached guy struggled as he shook his head.

I look around the place and most of them are slowly recovering. They seemed to look pitiful.

Gunshots rang around the place as the undead below keeps on trying to breach the defenses. They became more aggressive after the scream. Their behavior was quite strange indeed.


As everyone resumes their work, The moustached guy and the bald man led me to the so called "boss" or whoever it is. I am quite eager who is this person to successfully lead a group of mafia successfully in the outbreak.

As the door opened, I saw a grandiose office with a few luxurious items which clearly belonged to someone rich before the outbreak. The walls have been designed with a few paintings and quite a few artworks from different artists that I don't know if they are famous or not. The table was also designed with a few items, a pendulum, a few figurines of a little baby and a few books. Other than that, there is a .38 Special Pistol in the table that looks menacing. Behind the table is the swivel chair that is facing its back to us. Clearly, the person sitting in the chair is looking in the big glass window on the office, nonchalantly drinking his wine.

He noticed our arrival and he turns around. It reveals a young man around the same age as me, however, it shows how naughty and young masterish behavior he have that he have not experience the real blood on the battlefield.

He even looks like he was not affected from the deadly scream earlier.

"Boss, we have arrived," The bald man said as he shoulders the shotgun on his back.

"Mmm, I am informed. So this is the guy? Speak your name," the young boss ordered.

"..." I did not speak at all. Who the f*ck is he to order me around?

The skinny man raised his eyebrows and shouted at me.

"Take that sh*tty *ss headphones of yours so that you can hear when talking!" the skinny man tried to grab my headphone but before he can do so, I punched his face hard on his chin, doing an uppercut. Blood spurt out of his mouth and a few teeth were also broken as a few bits of his yellow teeth flew out alongside the blood he spewed out. Of course it hurts a lot, I used my brass knuckles to punch him.

The skinny man was furious and dizzy at the same time. He never expected to get hit. Even the boss was startled and he stood up from his seat.

"F*cker, you don't know who you are provoking right now," this guy tried to grab the gun on the table but before he can do so, I already pulled out my Colt 45 and points it to him.

"Try touching that gun and a bullet will bury in your brain," I said without any emotion.

"Urk..." The boss who seemed to hold authority earlier was scared sh*tless. He turned to the burly man and the bald man and gritted his teeth.

"What are you looking you two muscle heads? Go and clobber him down!" he ordered.

The moustached guy shook his head and look at the boss solemnly.

"You are on your own there boss," he said calmly.

The kid grinned as he look at me. Seems like he have something on his sleeve.

"Heh, you must be a high schooler. From your looks, you have no spine to kill someone..." He said as he calmly approach the table.


The glass window shattered as a bullet pass through it. It came from my gun. The bullet almost hit his ear and I bet that his ear is ringing by that.

"You think I will hesitate to kill? Dream on kid, you have not seen the violence of the world yet. My hands are already tainted with blood. I already killed a few, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger and implant a bullet in your head. You are just a pipsqueak," I calmly said though I am hurting inside. I wasted a bullet for a pointless crap.

The boy was now sweating bucket load as he stares at me. Fear was currently written all over his face. Suddenly, everyone outside was getting noisy.

"What is going on?" The bald man decided to check it out.

Screams and despairing shouts are heard in the hallway. The bald man returned sweating.

"The undead have breached! They are invading the base!"

I didn't think twice and look at the moustached guy. He nodded in response and before leaving, he took his shotgun and pulled the trigger to the boss.


His limp body slammed on the bookshelves as his body got full of holes after the buckshot scattered on his body. Blood filled the floor. The slim guy scream in terror as I pulled out my kukri and strikes his head hard using it. He did not get to struggle as he died instantaneously. I also did it to the boss as he might rise back up.

"Let's go!" the bald man said leading the way.

I did not forget to pick up the .38 Special Pistol on the table before scurrying out the room. Looks like another inevitable battle against the undead is going to occur again soon as the Night Rage continues to manifest.