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107 The Mafia and The Child of the Dead Part 3

 (The story will now switch from third person to first person view. This views are sometimes switched to another character depending on the situation. I find it hard to continue on third person view)

Day 3: 11:30 P.M

Osaka: Kita - Miami: Osaka-Namba Area

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 30 minutes left


(Kyosei's View)

The area is not so familiar to me. I am not sure where I am but this place seems near the Shinsaibashi Area though it should be considered quite far. From what I have remembered, it was still 7 in the evening, but when I looked at my wristwatch, its already 11 in the evening. 30 minutes left before midnight.

We are currently inside the building and we are still on a hallway. From what I can tell, this building is once a business enterprise, only got abandoned after the outbreak. I still have no trust on these people and whenever I am ready, I will pull out the Colt 45 or do a strike using either my Fist with Brass Knuckles or the Kukri.

"Where are we?" I need to gather a few Intel on these people.

"We are on Namba Area. I don't know where you are from but we are quite sure that the freaks are not going to breach this place. In fact, we are quite secure in this place," the moustached guy said as he puff out some smoke from his cigar.

I stayed silent for a bit. For some reason, I have a bad feeling about it. Its not something that I randomly feel but I usually have a good way of knowing bad things.

There are people on the hallway who seemed to be on guard on us. I was carrying the girl in my back and if I escape, I need to bring this girl away from this place. And I am sure that if I have to escape, I won't get to escape unscathed.

From what I can see on these people, they are the mafia. Though they look menacing, they seemed to be not harming me and the girl. My only guard is the thin guy. He keeps on looking at our way and frequently licks his lips which I found disgusting. If not due to the fact that there two big guys before me that I am holding back.

We rode on an elevator. The elevator is a see through. The exterior is made of glass and you can see what is going on outside. Due to the lights on the area, the dead are all moving in the area though they seemed stuck on a fence that seems to be running with electricity as the dead that tried to get intact to it gets burned to death. Flesh pops and some of the dead exploded due to the intense electricity running on its frail bodies.

"Hah, those fuckers, they won't get through to us. The fence is running with 10,000 volts of electricity. Its enough to toast them to death though they are already dead," the bald man smirked.

I stayed silent. I have seen this one before. Its on the movie, the land of the dead. This is something really familiar and from what the movie ended, the fence fell and the area was breached. This one is also not good either. The risk is too big.

I am still not convinced on this people since they are also handling some girls like their slaves. I don't really care though, its none of my business. My only goal is to get away from here and save this girl from harm.


An explosion occurred just nearby and the glass shook for quite a bit. I don't know if it is due to the explosion or due to the movement of the elevator.

"Where are we going?" I asked once again.

"We have to let you and the girl to stay here for a while. I will introduce you to the boss," the moustached guy said.

Yep, this is a mafia. I don't attack a mafia group usually as they are much more dangerous to handle as they are holding guns which I have no experience on using. Attacking them only results on commenting suicide instead.

In a few minutes, we arrive on the top floor. I am not quite sure if this guys are strong but I can tell that they have dangerous air around them. My alertness has risen once more and I am ready to strike whenever I needed to.

Just as I was thinking on a plan, I heard a wailing sound of the dead. I reflexively pulled out my kukri but the the bald man stopped me from doing so.

"No, don't worry, no enemies loose are around here," and shows me on the dead that are chained into the wall. There are three of them and they seemed to be battered up. Their bodies are torn and they seemed to be used as target practices.

"We captured a few infected and to train the others using firearms against these guys, a true target is the only solution," the moustached guys explained.

"I see," I muttered. It was a nice idea, however, capturing one has a lot of risk to consider, not only the safety of the captor but the people who will be putting the undead to its shackles. Using that method was totally risky.

I saw most of these people are guys. I did not see a single girl with them. Those must be the reason why they captured those four girls. Anyways, I have no intention to save anyone. I am not a good Samaritan or a hero to begin with, why entangle myself on other people's business?

As we are approaching the boss' room, the thin and skinny guy rushes and move towards the door. I was a bit stunned when the moustached guy whispered to me.

"If you want to escape here, help us. That thin guy must have reported you and that girl as a threat. We are ex-SDF, I can sense you are somewhat good in combat and you have killed a human before. This place is no longer safe for us, if you stay, you will just be risking the life of the little girl," the moustached guy said.

I quickly composed myself. I see, these mafia people are all dangerous and since they noticed the rebellion brewing, they have to cut the roots before it will grow. I nodded and readies my firearm and kukri. Anytime, I can hit and do the battle immediately. Many will think I am a harmless kid but I can definitely bash anybody's head without mercy. As I have said earlier, I am not a hero, but I am also not a saint. However, to escape, there is only one persona I have with. I am Kyosei Ichinose, I am the harbringer of death.

With the plan to escape, that only means facing the boss first. Kill and escape. Whoever and whatever status this boss has, he needs to be put down to death.